Sep 21, 2021

An Amazing Knife Sharpener Made in the USA


ow nice does it feel when your knife glides through the food on your cutting board in just one go? Pretty satisfying right? A razor-sharp knife is every professional chef's dream. It not only reduces prep time, but also keeps food in presentable shape. No one wants a square cucumber slice on their plate, right?

Even though knives are likely the sharpest tool in your kitchen, with time, they do lose quality. Repeated use, especially consistent contact with cutting boards, makes edges dull and more difficult to use.

A complete knife block set costs anywhere between $30 to $100. Let's face the truth, no one has a money tree in their backyard. You can't repeatedly replace your knife set when your knives become dull. In other words, your knife needs a hero to keep it in tip-top shape.

Now this is where a Chef's Choice knife sharpener comes into play. The sole reason knife sharpeners were manufactured was to make you feel like your knives are brand new. Without a knife sharpener, your knives are bound to lose life over time, and we believe a knife sharpener is an essential tool in the kitchen.

There are a wide array of knife sharpeners on the market - the most popular choices are:

·       Whetstones

·        Electrical sharpeners

·        Manual sharpeners

Out of these, we love the manual models. Let's explain why:

While Whetstones may give your knife power to cut through just about anything anything, it requires a lot of effort. You have to strike the tool on the stone's surface multiple times and with a lot of force. However, manual sharpeners will give you the desired results with only 4 to 5 strikes.

Let's talk size between the different models. Bulky size electrical models are quite unfit for outdoor use due to their size. Whether you're out hunting or camping, this is another reason why manual sharpeners are our first choice. So, manual sharpeners are here to save the day, whether its indoor or outdoor use.

After thorough research, we have narrowed our list to the best manual knife sharpener. We found Rada Knife Sharpener performance to be extraordinary, and here is why:

Rada Cutlery Quick Edge Knife Sharpener

With the experience of manufacturing over 150 million products in this department since 1948, Rada Cutlery can be considered a leading sharpener producer. Hardworking Americans are part of this industry who are determined to provide customers with the finest products.  

One of Rada's most important objectives is to create eco-awareness. By minimizing carbon imprint and waste, the company plays a vital role in protecting the environment.

That is why we couldn’t stop ourselves from checking out Rada's sharpening equipment. As we mentioned above, Rada Knife Sharpener was the one the stood out. Take a closer look at the specifications below.

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Wheels of the Rada sharpener go round and round to keep your knife in top condition. Without top-notch wheels, the sharpener is basically as useless as the "G" in lasagne. That is why wheels are at the top of our list when checking sharpening items.

Don't go based on the size of Rada Cutlery's wheels. They may be tiny, but they're sure powerful. Constructed from hardened high carbon stainless steel, this knife sharpener will be able to conduct its job for an extended period of time and the material will prevent the wheels from falling victim to rust.

The wheels are located at such an angle that there is an intersection between them. This gives provides wheels with the advantage of sharpening the blade from both sides. You are only required to put slight pressure on the blade and the wheels will do the rest in a few strikes.

Lastly, the wheels were designed to be user-friendly. Believe it or not, there isn't any danger of your fingers getting hurt during the sharpening process. Those who are left-handed will have no problem using this product. Just rotate the item 180-degrees. Easy Peasy!


If the sharpener's body is not as sturdy as the wheels, simply put, the sharpener should be in the trash. It should not only provide exemplary balance to the device but should also be durable.

That is why the nylon body has been included in its makeup. The material won't break into pieces if you put the slightest pressure on it, unlike some of the shiny looking made in china sharpness. On the other hand, it is easy to clean. With just one swipe from a dry cloth and all the dust particles will be gone. Woosh! Just like that.

However, what we really like about the body of this Chef's choice knife sharpener is it's balance. The base is shaped in such a way that it is easy to hold during the sharpening process. As a result, you have no problem controlling the reins of the knife sharpener.


Imagine, you're about to cut through the papaya that you picked up while traveling. You are thinking about its sweet taste when you realize that your pocket knife refuses to go through the skin of the fruit.

We suggest that you take this pocket knife sharpener with you on every trip. Having dimensions of 15.2 x 15.2 x 3.8 cms and weighing 0.13pounds, the sharpener cannot be considered extra luggage. It just needs a pocket to fit, that's it!. In other words, the Rada sharpener can be labeled as one of the lightest knife sharpeners.

The item will also work on hunting knives. You will be able to skin your hunt in no time.


Being an American company, Rada Cutlery stands by its product. They guarantee customers will be impressed with their performance instead of any flashy design.

Rada Cutlery understands their brand will be at extreme risk if even a single product turns out to be faulty. This is the reason that they are offering a life time warranty. They basically guarantee that not a single penny of yours goes to waste. An American company won't make any promise if they cannot deliver on it.


In comparison to other knife sharpeners, this chef's choice knife sharpener seems expensive. The item costs approximately $10.

Nevertheless, its remarkable characteristics make it worthy of every penny. Ask yourself: Do you want a knife sharpener that lasts longer or a flimsy China-made one that last just one outdoor trip?

Good things don't come for cheap. Also, by purchasing this tool, you are also supporting your local industry. When it comes to quality, price doesn't matter. So, don’t stop yourself from buying it for your friends after seeing its abilities.

How to Use Rada Knife Sharpener or any Knife Sharpener for that matter?

Assuming you've been cooking for years, we know that you know how to sharpen a knife. Nevertheless, every product has its secret to success. We are just informing you about a method which can make this sharpener work more effectively.

·        Place the sharpener on a damp cloth.

·        Make sure that they are no bumps in the cloth.

·        It will be better to place the cloth on a hard flat surface such as a marble counter.

·        Place your three fingers on the base and hold it firmly.

·        Place the blade's end between the intersection.

·        Slide the blade a few times from bottom to top.

·        Swipe the knife with a cloth.

·        Voila, your blade is as good as new.

Now your knife is ready to cut vegetables and meat that you are using to make stew.


·   Dimensions: 15.2 x 15.2 x 3.8 cms

·   Weight: 0.13 pounds

·   Color: Black


·        Constructed from durable hardened high carbon stainless steel.

·        The wheels have rust-resistant characteristics.

·        The intersection between wheels allows the blade to be sharpened from both sides without any extra pressure.

·        Zero chance of any injury.

·        Easy to use for left-handers.

·        Sturdy nylon body.

·        Easy to clean.

·        Base's shape to give you more control.

·        Only weighs 0.13 pounds.

·        A compact size makes it easy to fit in the trousers' pocket.

·        It can be used to sharpen both pocket and hunting knives.

·        It comes with a lifetime warranty.


·        It is a bit expensive compared to other sharpeners


As the experts say, sharpening a knife before it is used, increases its life. A knife sharpener will act as a gym instructor for your blade. By putting it between the sharpener's wheels, you are doing the knife a favor, which it will be grateful for. And we’re sure you will be, as well.

The best knife sharpeners do their best to make your cooking experience as smooth as possible. By keeping the knife in shape, you can have more control over it. It will assist amateur cooks during prepping. Next time you use your knife, you will be trimming steak, not your hand.

Before buying, make sure that you purchase from an authentic place. There are various replicas in the market which have hurt the reputation of this knife sharpener!

That’s all for now. We hope that we were able to highlight the major features of this product. Till next time!