Aug 11, 2022

Aquasana Shower Water Filter AQ-4100 Deluxe Review


hat's the first thing you want to do after you come home from a long and tiring workday? Well, I can't say anything about you, but the first thing I want to have when I come back home is a warm relaxing shower. I believe it's an excellent reward after a long day at work. Therefore, it should be as pure and inviting as it can get. However, unless you have an entire water filtration system at home, there's always a chance of more "stuff" lurking in your waters than you bargain for. From dangerous toxins like lead and silica that can negatively impact your health to chlorine that can damage your hair, water can harbor dozens of toxins.

The good thing is, there's a very simple solution to the water containment problem. It's called a "Shower filter". Shower filters use different techniques to purify water. But, not all shower filters are manufactured equal. Some come from third-world countries that absolutely fail to purify water as they cannot judge the different kinds of impurities present in the American waters. Therefore, you need a made in the USA shower water filter system. One that does what it actually advertises and in case of a problem, you can easily contact the manufacturer for customer support. While there are several US-made quality water filtration systems, we absolutely love this Aquasana shower filter system called AQ 4100 Deluxe.

Aquasana Shower Water Filter AQ-4100 Deluxe

The reason being, it’s a very simple attachment to your existing shower and it’s very affordable too. For mere pennies a day you can relish water that smells nicer and feels much gentler on your bare organs. Plus, you can be certain it’s healthier as well. The AQ 4100 Deluxe shower water filter system is economical, durable, easy to install (no tools necessary), and works like a fairytale's charm. Below are the top reasons why we think it's one of the best shower filters for your washroom.

Performance: Better Filtration, No Water Pressure Reduction

Low-quality shower filters available in the market utilize single filtration media. They target only particular impurities. However, the Aquasana Shower filter uses KDF55 along with premium activated carbon. This is the highest level of filtration a shower filter can aim for. Because of this protection, the filter removes all kinds of heavy metals, hydrogen salts, chemicals, chlorine, and other containments. What's more, its shower filter has a very unique design. The upflow construction maximizes contact between the media and water, ensuring maximum filtration. This also discourages clogging in the showerhead. So, your water pressure remains the same even after months of use. Keep in mind, the manufacturer advises a replacement after 6 months or 10 thousand gallons of water use.

Contamination Removal: Extensive

There is no single filter that removes all of the contaminants from your water. Therefore, it makes sense to go for one that eliminates the broadest range of "trouble". The Aquasana AQ 4100 has been tested to reduce up to 91% of the Chlorine. And that's not all, it also removes Lead, Mercury, Iron, Herbicides, Pesticides, Different Industrial Solvents, Hydrogen salts, and VOCs. Keep in mind, it's not a water softener. So, if you have hard water, it won't magically soften it up. Nevertheless, by balancing the pH of water, it does help control the limescale. It also reduces the amount of Chloramine in your water. Some districts in the USA utilize Chloramine in addition/instead of Chlorine.

Capacity: 10,000 Gallons, Most Cost-Effective Cartridges

The capacity of a shower filter is measured by the amount of water it can filter before its filtration media goes kaput. The Aquasana Shower filter AQ 4100 has a capacity of 10,000 gallons. However, the results will vary depending on your water quality. In any case, it should last a minimum of six months period. Because the cost of a filter replacement adds to the long-term cost, their longevity should be your utmost concern. When we compare AQ 4100 to similar models available in the market, these cartridges come out to be some of the most cost-effective ones.

Water Flow Rate: Brisk Without Compromising on Filtration

In the USA, showerheads come with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons a minute. In some areas that are affected by drought-like conditions, the law authorizes as little as 1.8. So, this model from Aquasana is rated at 2.5 gallons. Still, you can pair it with a low water flow showerhead of your choice. In any case, its unique upflow design makes sure the water goes through the cartridges containing the filtration media, preventing any premature clogging and allowing brisk water flow at all times.

Installation: Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeasy

The Aquasana Shower Filter AQ 4100 is one of the easiest shower filters we have used over the years. You can replace it within minutes. No need to play with it the entire day. The instruction manual is really handy as it comes with very precise instructions in a clear English language. You have to simply:

1. Take out your existing showerhead

2. Dry the end of the pipe the makes water flow to your shower

3. Wrap the threads along the pipe in Teflon to avoid any leakage in future

4. Then simply screw in the filter

See, how easy it was!

Help and Support: Readily Available

Aquasana is a very reliable US brand and they back up all of their products with at least a one-year warranty. Their friendly customer support is available all week by phone or email. Just make sure you are not calling them on a Sunday. They are ready to help and replace the cartridges if need be.


• Very affordable price (Filter is also economical when you need a replacement)

• NSF certified filter cartridges

• Simple tool-less installation

• Negligible impact on water flow

• Filter balances the pH of the water

• Comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty


• Slightly fragile casing

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How often do I have to change the Aquasana Shower filter?

A: The Aquasana AQ 4100 has been rated for up to 10 thousand gallons of water. However, the performance of the filter depends largely on the quality of your water. If it's really bad, you may have to change the filter sooner. Still, most users can expect it to last at least six months.

Q: Is the head that comes with the filter replaceable?

A: Absolutely! It is compatible will all major showerheads available in the market. You can easily replace the head with for example a handheld model.

Q: Does it filter out fluoride?

A: While the filter is not certified to filter out fluoride, according to the manufacturer, it does remove 40 to 50% of the fluoride impurities.

Q: Can it turn my hard water into soft water?

A: No. This system is not designed to soften your water. It merely filters out some of the impurities such as Chlorine and Chloramines.

Q: Can it remove Amoeba?

A: No. It is not a pathogen filter and it cannot remove any micro-organisms

Q: Does the shower head water pressure reduce overtime?

A: While the Aquasana Shower filter has very strong water pressure, it does reduce once the contaminations start piling up.

Q: It is compatible with all major shower plumbing?

A: Yes, this filter and showerhead have a standard fitting. These should work like a charm for any US household.

Our Review

The AQ-4100 is nothing short of a miracle. It has been rated one of the best shower filters available today. The reason being, it blends carbon made of pure coconut shell with KDF55 filtration media. As a result, you get outstanding contagion reduction. Each of its individual cartridges is NSF certified for performance. This level of prowess is hard to see in shower filters available today. Only some entire home filtration systems have this ability.

Our only disappointment is the plastic casing of the filter. Sure, it feels sturdy enough and by the looks of it, Aquasana is trying its best to ensure quality control. However, plastic housing has been receiving mixed reactions. Some folks – like us – have no issue with the construction even after months of use, but others have taken notice of the cracks and leaky fittings.

That said, considering its low price, the AQ-4100 is a real deal by all definitions. It offers extensive contamination reduction, which comes in really handy if your water quality is seriously bad. To top it all, Aquasana ships its product with a one-year manufacturer warranty. So if anything goes wrong during this period, you can always get your cashback. It's a well reputable company with a strong market presence. Unlike those difficult-to-name brands from overseas markets, you can easily contact Aquasana customer support via email or phone.

Final Thoughts

Aquasana Shower Filter AQ 4100 offers the most bang for your so-called bucks. It helps you to remove water contaminations and more with its extensive water filtration system and a uniquely designed massaging head that brings a tinge of luxury to every shower you take.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading and stay healthy!