Jan 16, 2020

The finest Baby Hand-Me-Downs That Are NMIC


hina has emerged as the global economic leader in the past century, and it has achieved this position by using all possible means no matter how unethical, unhealthy, and inhumane they could possibly be. From cheap raw material to forced labor and from stolen patents to non-standardized products, China appears to make use of every possible way to crush its competition. The only thing they have failed to achieve so far is to beat the quality of the competitors. No matter how cheap products the Chinese come up with, they are yet to match the quality of the products that are made by the United States, Japan, or EU countries.

Quality is what matters. When it comes to products you choose for your family, especially kids, there is no way you should compromise on quality. I had a lot of trouble searching for good and reliable products in the children's market. Believe it or not, over 80% of the children market is filled with cheap Chinese products and toys that I despise and can never hand over to any kid owing to their cheap built. To find a reliable non-Chinese company for baby hand-me-downs, I started online research. It took me an entire week, but the Swedish company BabyBjörn was totally worth the time. Before I discuss their hand-me-down worthy products, I would like to introduce the company.

Established in 1961, BabyBjörn is a Swedish company that operates in 50 countries and creates a wide range of high-quality Children hand-me-downs. They have genuinely revolutionized parenting for today's parents by launching highly safe, quality, and stylish products. And they have won several awards for their revolutionary designs over the past couple of years, including the Red Dot design award and IDSA's Design of the Decade award.

The BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss

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BabyBjörn's bouncer, also called Bounce Bliss, is the best baby bouncer designed for your little one to lay in and enjoy a comfortable sleep. The bouncer comes in soft and light colors to give a polite impression matching your baby's delicate body. The baby bouncer comes in a soft cotton quilt, an airy and flexible mesh, and a 3D jersey design.

Designed to give your baby the much-needed coziness to sleep peacefully, the baby bouncer is designed with the help of pediatricians to keep the design ergonomic and support the baby's head and back and avoid strain to the little body. The bounder is made to ensure the natural movement of the baby using a baby's movement keeping him comfortable and without restricting his natural tendencies.

This lightweight Babybjorn bouncer can be a life-saver when you need to hit the washroom, but your baby is awake. Simply put the baby in it, strap them politely, and your little one will be as happy as one can be. The unique-built of the bounder allows it to fold, so you take it along while traveling. The Bouncer Bliss can be adjusted in 3 different styles as per your liking.

Made In Sweden

What I like most about this model is that it allows extended periods of use. Due to its unique design, it is a baby bouncer, as well as a chair. So initially, when your child very young, you can use it as a bouncer, but when a baby learns to sit upright, you can conveniently reverse the fabric and use it as a baby chair.

Claimed as suitable for babies aged 0-2 and weight of up to 29 lbs, the BabyBjorn's bouncer is ideal for children within their first year. For children over 1 year, it can be a bit small. The negative side to this bouncer is the price-tag. This one toy will empty your pockets, that's for sure, but hey, nothing comes for free. If you are seeking to get rid of the poorly-made, non-durable, hazardous, and often substandard Chinese products, you have to pay for it. However, let me assure you, Babybjorn bouncer bliss is totally worth the price.

Let's look at some pros and cons of BabyBjorn's bouncer, shall we?


• Made in Sweden

• Portable and very easy to carry

• Foldable design to a flat shape

• Natural moving without any batteries, so you don't have to worry about that

• Ergonomically designed to your baby's delicate built

• Suitable for kids aged up to 2 years

• Comes in 3 variations of the 3D jersey, mesh, and cotton – you can choose one which your kid likes most

• Light-colored

• Space for natural movement of the baby

• Allows long periods of use

• Switchable into baby-chair


• A bit too saggy for heavier babies

• Placement of warning patch could have been better

• Somewhat expensive

The BabyBjorn High Chair

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The next BabyBjörn that you should look into is the Baby Björn high chair. This high chair is my two years old's favorite chair. It comes with an adjustable tray so your kid can eat or play while sitting. But that's not all; the chair comes with a safety mechanism coupled with security strap for the tray, which protects your child from opening it up on their own. The high-chair is a portable hand-me-down with a detachable tray that can be washed in a dishwasher. Apart from the tray, the rest of the chair is designed flat, which does not incorporate a surface for dirt or food remnants, thus making it very easily cleanable. Most of the high chairs that I've researched for earlier were prone to falling due to their unstable structural design. This high chair, on the other hand, is designed by experts, and special care is taken to ensure that the chair does not fall even if your child is in the mood to take a slight swing during his play session.

Made In Sweden

If you want your baby to develop an early habit of joining you on your dinner table, the BabyBjorn high chair is a perfect choice. It is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and a straight posture for your child. This chair can be easily folded into a flat shape; thus, you can easily move it from place to place or just store it away when not in use. The portable design of this chair and its lighter weight make it extremely convenient to use both indoors as well as outdoors.

Furthermore, all parents know how much of a hassle it is to clean all the baby gear because babies sure do make a mess all the time. What I like most about this chair is that there are no cracks, or seams or any other poorly placed safety rings and belts to catch any food or sauce particles. All of its surfaces are very smooth. The tray is detachable as well as fully adjustable so you can fit it well snug against the baby's tummy to prevent any food ingredients from falling into their lap and messing everything up.

The Babybjorn high chair is designed for children from the age of 6 to 36 months, but upon practical implementation, the chair is suitable for six months to 1.5 years. The size of the chair can be a bit smaller if you kid is thicker than average.


• Swedish made

• Child-proof safety mechanism

• Safety strap

• This chair weighs just 5 kg so you can easily move it around the house as you want

• Designed to ensure stability for your child

• Foldable for easy movement and storage

• Dishwasher safe

• Only 25 cm when folded up so it is a great space saver and you can store it conveniently

• Smoother surfaces and easy to clean

• Detachable and fully adjustable tray so you can fix it to keep the mess out of your baby's lap

• Designed kids aged 6 to 36 months


• A bit smaller in size

• Safety Clip can be undone

• It comes in only two colors, white and Gray. I would have preferred a more colorful chair to attract children's attention.

Before I landed onto the Swedish Baby Björn company, I had plenty of opportunities to stroll through the Chinese hand-me-down for kids. Most of the products appeared to be made in haste using a common mold with no finish and an extremely rough edges. Secondly, the built material, especially plastic, was sub-standard. During my research, I found that certain Chinese companies use plastic recycled from unscrupulous sources, which may contain extreme toxicity for your child's health.

Similarly, in cheaper made high chairs, the locking is nothing more than a joke. If you are looking for hand-me-downs for your kids, the Swedish BabyBjorn high chair and Babybjorn bouncer bliss stand at the top of our list.