Jan 17, 2020

The best hair clippers made in the USA


ho doesn't want to look as cool as Brad Pitt or Premier League fans' very own David Beckham? Everyone does and I bet you do too. But you cant spend your hard earned money on expensive hair stylists all the time. The solution? Buy a professional hair clipper set. The best part of using your own set of clippers is that you don’t have to spend money on styling your hair every now and then or even stepout of your home. Indeed, it all comes with ease unless you're caught up with some boisterous Chinese hair clipper having zero efficiency. The hands-on experience of mine realizes how tedious all it got when I was setting lines with the Chinese variant. Thanks, Jesus, what if I was up manscaping it would have taken forever. My jarring experience can lighten up your way when you're looking out for the best hair clipper kit in the market.

We have jotted down some tried-and-tested Hair Clippers – of course not made in China for everyone, no matter if you're short or long-haired.

Best Clippers of 2020 Features, Pros & Cons


Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

So,you're finally tired up tossing your mane, or they are just getting weaker around, and someone suggested to go bald. We'd also ask you to do the same, not as a remedy for getting thick and shiny hair back, but to go out of the box adoring yourself in this way too. The professional-grade 5-star balding clipperis powerful and with its seamless flow, it gives you a hair-free (bald) day.This one touted as every barber shop’s must-have comes with as easy as 1-2-3functionality. Though it's quite sharp and speedier than pivot motor, still alog inside and a tutorial video can help you master the art.

Comingalong with two blade settings (1/16th and 3/16th), Wahl 8110 is on a mission to leave with tiny hair on the head or get you in the clan of Vin Diesel. It comes with a 8ft chemical resistant cord. And that's when poorly manufactured cordless Chinese balding clippers aim to takeover with spending big moolah on the marketing. Before you fall for their selling claim of portable and easy carrying, get it right. Those balding clippers are weaker and not durable either. The battery gets dumped within a few weeks and makes all the clipping process full of errs as it gets heated again and again. The sudden breakdown will interrupt now and then alarming you to give it a rest.

On the other hand, Wahl Professional hair clipper set keeps going flawlessly without lagging for awhile, and that's what makes it one of the best clippers money can buy. The precision it offers with the help of V5000+ electromagnetic motor is matchless to get you the fades that suit your style. What works as an icing on the cake is all the required branded accessories included in the package (2 attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush, and red blade guard). What’s more, it makes the entire process so much enjoyable. You won’t get tired of using this device. That’s for sure!

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Wahl Professional Series Detailer

Professional barbers know that trimming is entirely different from shaving. And, of course, it requires your hair clipper kit to have more aesthetics and functionalities to lock your day with style. Now, this is one machine that gets you some trendy beards, stylish hair-dos, and sets up artwork with linings around your face. This detailer lives up to the name, as of course, it is more than a mere trimmer, thanks to an extra-wide adjustable t-blade. The rotary motor deployed in this detailer gives all that the power of a trimmer and handovers the ultimate control in your palm. Just weighing 6.9 ounces and standing at 5-inches, this robust machine offers everything that you need for close cuts with accuracy.


Wahl Professional Series Detailer #56188 - With Adjustable T-Blade, 3 Trimming Guides (1/16 inch - 1/4 inch), Red Blade Guard, Oil, Cleaning Brush and Operating Instructions, 5-Inch

The extra-wide blade at the helm steers to get you right even at those sharpest edges. Consequently, keeping you fast-paced with those changing fashion trends every now and then. This detailer may not have the way with the beginners as it requires some pro-level expertise to go ahead with sort of sharp covering it offers. Barbers across the US prefer this detailer all the time, and being a hairstylist, I also feel it as my type of thingy. If I'd be asked to sum up what this machine is only in two words, I'd straightaway say power and artwork. The point is once you get familiar with that, it kicks off your way to experimenting with the facial hair, lining, and bald fades too.

Unlike Chinese multi-function-do-nothing trimmers, this one comes with a Lithium-Ion Cord that offers the necessary power to get you done with your aesthetics everytime. The small size and less weight make it too good to carry along even when you're on the move. The T-shaped blades of this trimmer create a wide-angle that is established for zero overlaps. The three attachment combs and other essentials in the hair clipper kit elevate your hairstyle game to the next level. Just in case you're curious to know, this premium-quality clipper is used by the best hair tattoo-makers in the business.

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Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Finale Finishing Tool

When you're done with the shaving and trimming stuff, still there's something important left. For me, it's something must-have to get rid of those stray hairs and not so perfectly cleaned necklines. As a barbershop in the US is incomplete without a Wahl brand product, the same way my hair care regimen is lost without this final finishing too. It may fall in the least priority section for many of the stylists, but the delicacy it tunes the leftovers to is out of the world.


Even a perfect shave and a trim leaves the void for the finale finishing tool, which can be a game changer inclusion in your wardrobe. It works effectively all around and pricks the unjust and stray hairs. Especially, those around the necklines that don't require the power of a shaver. That's when this finishing tool jumps in to get you over the line. This product works miraculously, and I get to know about its accuracy once I am done. I usually check its efficiency by rubbing my hand over the skin, and that bump-free shave makes me go nuts over this tool. It should be noted here that this ingrown hair or razor bumps can lead to some serious allergy if left on their own. But this hair care regimen tool guarantees you ultra-close shave with ease and without much effort. What more can one ask for?

Before you start relating this hair clipper set with some store bought, cheap finishing tool that leaves red rashes on your skin, this one has hypoallergenic gold foil on the charge that caters to the need of all types of skins, including the sensitive ones. Moreover, to keep it going on with all the rhythm, the professional-grade Lithium-Ion battery keeps its back. The one-time charge gives you almost 90 minutes of a super close shave and precise cuts across neck, head, and face. This package includes foil guard and professional-grade to help you carry out the best use of this tool. Overall, the 4.6" long Wahl finishing tool is easy to hold,and gets the job within minutes.

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Wahl Professional New Look 5-Star Legend Clipper

This is made for a busy barber or someone who wants to tame the speed and precision in one go. Thanks to the crunch blade technology for making this beast stylist's very favorite. The eight different combs attached in the package make sure you get the shave and smooth cuts with real ease. The slightly sharp performance powered up by the v9000 motor leaves the standard clipper at least a mile behind with pace and precision. This clipper is widely acknowledged as one tried-and-tested fading clipper that ensures the fine texture of the leftovers and also the skin beneath.


The stagger tooth-blade on the front gives a crisp-full sound that alarms the barber when he's rapidly doing so. That’s what makes this clipper my personal favorite as it's a perfect one when it comes to blending hair and scalp cutting. With the various comb and cut options barbers get ultimate freedom to fill in the demands of different clients without changing the clipper time and again. Making it simple, this clipper has different modes on offer, and with innovative deep-tooth, in front, it aims to create an elegant touch for all sorts of hair. As the name better suggests, it's the legend clipper in the Wahl Professional series, no Chinese manufactured product can challenge the finesse and accuracy it offers.

Once you're up using this hair clipper set, you'll explore endless features of this stylish clipper that will make you look dapper for sure. The easy thumb click allows you to adjust for texture and fades while on the go. This not only saves time but make the professional barbers more productive at the end of the day. At the same time, with a multitude of options in the shape of combs, it also satisfies the customer eyeing for something out of the box. So, with this hair clipper kit, you can have an efficient hair-cut without any obstruction.

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