Mar 4, 2020

Car accessories that stand the test of time


oad trips are fun. But they also mean you will be spending a lot of time behind the wheel. Which can get exhausting at times. Fortunately, there are several ways to enhance your driving experience. Stay with us and read on as we review the top four cool car accessories that will enhance your driving experience no matter what vehicle you are driving.

1. Soft99 Fusso Coat Vernis Clair Car Polishing Wax

The few things that come with road trips are dirt, bird droppings, along with many other unwanted residues. Cleaning your precious car can become a hassle on long travels. More so, if you can't afford a car wash service a couple times a week.  That's where a high-quality car wax comes into play.

Tha Hanou’s fusso coat series contains PTFE resin that is often used for Teflon pans. Its main strengths being Oil/Water Resistant, UV Resistant, Temperature Resistant, Dirt-Resistant, and Scratch-Resistant. Due to the Fluorine polymer’s anti-fouling ability, it protects the surface from acid rain, dirt, UV radiations, and gases, etc. Therefore, after applying Soft99 298 fusso coat, you aren't just getting a shiny like-new car, but a shine that lasts much longer (6-8 months).

This exterior car accessory provides a deep gloss. Especially on dark-colored cars. The glossy finish is visible even on deteriorated car paints and old vehicles. So it doesn’t matter how bad the paint on your car is. Moreover, it makes a very thin layer, which is very easy to wipe off if you are using the hydrophobic type. In our observation, applying more layers won't change the gloss, so only a single coat does the job. In this case, less is more.

Before applying the wax, make sure that your car is clean. Wash it properly. Gently apply a thin layer. Afterwards, you will be surprised at how convenient it is to remove dirt from the surface of the vehicle . Overall, the wax creates a clear high gloss that accentuates your vehicle's color and keeps it shining like new for at least six to eight months. A shine this strong not only looks good, but also helps repel all kinds of debris. Making it easier to maintain and clean your ride. Now you can enjoy road trips like never before!


• Glossy finish

• Protects vehicle against dirt, acid rain, UV radiations, and other unwanted residues

• Effortless maintenance

• The wax layer lasts for at least 6 to 8 months


• Not much wax in the package

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2. JBD CS-X3 CSX3 Empire Eikosha Air Freshener

Air Spencer Cartridge is a kind of air freshener primarily used for cars, offices, and homes. This one of the cool car accessories is specially imported from Japan. The reason being, the manufacturer is a leader in the automotive air freshener industry on the Japanese domestic market, and their product screams quality.

All you need to do is open the Air Spencer Cartridge just like a can of tuna. Then remove the metal lid and carefully dispose it. You can slightly open it if you want minimal scent, or open all the way for a full strong scent. The choice is yours. Lastly, cover the cartridge with the supplied plastic lid and place it anywhere in the car. It measures approximately 3 cm in height and 7 cm in diameter, so it won’t occupy a lot of space.

Typically, the scent lasts for a good 6 to 8 weeks and won't lose its potency as quickly as other low-quality air fresheners. The aroma is soft and sweet. Not too overwhelming to the point of nuisance. However, some people may find the sweetness a little too much. Moreover, it comes in 34 vibrant colors and scents that can suit any car aesthetic and please everyone!


• Available in 34 vibrant colors and scents to go with any car aesthetic and please all noses

• Very reasonable price

• Lasts for six to eight weeks

• Dual side design

• Made in Japan


• The aroma may be a little too sweet for some people

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3. Resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool

The idea of using a tool to escape or break out of a car window can seem very overwhelming at first. However, professional escape tool "Resqme The Original Keychain" make it a piece of cake – literally. It's surprising how simple and straightforward it is to use.

There are two primary functions of this tool. First, it can cut through seat-belts effortlessly. Second, you can break car windows quickly without endangering yourself. The Resqme tool does what it says on the package – saving you and your family's lives without paying extra bucks for peace of mind. It is very well made, lightweight, sturdy, and compact. So you can always keep it within reach and make a quick escape when needed. No installation required. You can even attach it to your key-chain. Unlike other escape tools, it will always be near in the event of an emergency.

But that’s not all. Like other cool car accessories, the Resqme escape tool is easy to use. It has a quick-release feature and reusable design. You can unsnap the clip by pulling it straight using the key-ring or the cable-tie that is wrapped around the loop. Absolutely no effort required. It is also designed to be used more than once. The spring-loaded spike resets after every use automatically, so you can use the tool multiple times.

Resqme specializes in manufacturing innovative solutions that can save lives in emergencies. And, this is their top of the line product. It does what it says – saves lives. We recommend this product, whether you are a professional firefighter who may need it frequently or just an average Joe searching for safety solutions. Its straightforward and simple to use design makes it suitable for everyone.  


• Dual function safety tool

• Quick-release

• Well made, lightweight and compact

• Very affordable price

• Reusable design

• Suitable for professionals as well as novices

• Made in the USA


• The tool is rather small making it easy to misplace

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4. RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier

This "Made In The USA" rooftop cargo carrier is an excellent option if space and price are your fundamental considerations. Manufactured with liquid coated and tightly-knit polyester canvas, its fabric is heavy duty and is equipped with vinyl on both sides. Because of this, it's entirely waterproof and durable enough to last a lifetime. Moreover, it is abrasion resistant, tear-proof, weather-resistant, immune to UV rays, fire/water-resistant, and mildew proof. What more can one expect?

This product is very versatile. It's available in eight different sizes. Therefore, you can be sure to find the right size for your vehicle. Additionally, you don't even need a roof rack since this cargo carrier is specifically designed to function without one. You can even mount it on vehicles with side rails, baskets, or crossbars. Nevertheless, if you want to protect your car, you may have to spend extra on the Roof Bag Protective Mat.

Furthermore, this exterior car accessory has a very secure attachment. The heavy-duty straps secure the carrier even at high speeds. Which is a huge benefit because usually, the cheaply-made carriers have a speed limit to avoid any damage. The Roof Bag Rooftop Cargo Carrier is 3,000 lbs strong,  1.5 inches wide, and has a seat-belt style attachment. In addition, the straps are anti-wick treated to prevent any water from entering. The strap guide fastening system is securely unique, making it superior than its competitors. This way, straps are not attached directly to the carrier. Instead, they slide under the guides located on top of the bag.

The only downside of this product, it's not easily accessible. Be sure to take everything you need out of the Roof Bag Carrier prior to departure. Failing to do so, will have you unstrapping the carrier, just to open the whole thing up. Apart from this minor gripe, this quality American product is a great space saver, easy to install/store, and built to last a lifetime of road trips.


• Very sturdy and easy to install

• Excellent value for the price

• Available in 8 different sizes to fit all applications

• Requires no roof rack

• Secure attachment

• Made in the USA

• One year warranty


• Not easily accessible

• Can scratch the roof

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