Dec 18, 2019

Toughest Cast Iron Skillet and Pans


ou take on cookware as an investment for life, and we at Not Made In China World do the same. Though you don't get many options as once a pot gets under the fire, it just doesn’t stay the same, with cast iron being the only exception. So, it won't be an overstatement to call cast iron the powerhouse of all the kitchen equipment. Therefore, the cast iron pans and cast-iron skillets have become the must-have kitchen equipment.

What makes them stand this much tall is their non-stick characteristic and getting better and better with every passing day. In case you get them to face off with that cookware made up of silver and aluminum, it requires less oil and has low thermal conductivity, which is ideal for searing your favorite steaks or getting sautéed veggies ready in a bit. Cast-iron skillet and pans are the very best unless you choose some poorly manufactured cheap variants.

Now, some other cheaper products may look extra fascinating, especially with that extra luster and seemingly deceptive claims on the packages. But in reality, they could rust easily and alter your food. In addition, replica cookware companies try really hard and get their bulky products disguised to make them look like those made in the US. One notable giveaway is that they have extra weight. In case of Cast Iron cookware, extra weight is never a guarantee of quality products. Therefore don’t get fooled by the bells and whistles.

Made in the USA

Thankfully, we are here to save the day for you. Below are the best cast-iron cooking products along with their details to help you grab one for your kitchen. We chose these products on the basis of weight, efficiency, performance on top of the stove and user friendliness. Read on!

Lodge L8SK3 10.25" Cast Iron Skillet

This pre-seasoned skillet is one to be used right away to get all the tender meat for your empty stomach. Rather than consuming your time and bit of the expertise in seasoning the newly acquired skillet, this one is good to go with already being pre-seasoned. The 10.25 inches wide cookware is touted as one essential kitchen equipment as it's the premium quality made in USA by the renowned US brand Lodge. You may use it in campfires, grills, oven or other cooking surfaces without giving it a second thought.

Lodge L8SK3 10-1/4-Inch Logic Pre-Seasoned Skillet

This has got all the reasons to become your go-to cookware and also of our generations to come as it just gets better with more usage. The more you use, it gets the non-stick surface, which means a cooking experience without the rust and metallic taste ruining your food. The heat retention and the assisting handle just gives you more of the comfort even when you're searing something as classy and difficult as Rib-eye steak. In case you fell for a cheap skillet claiming to be the one made up of cast-iron, you'd witness the performance part gradually decreasing just within several applications. Hapless in the situation, you won't be having many options to look out for at the moment. But if you get this one as an addition into your cooking game, it’d only improve. If not, you have a lifetime warranty to claim at any moment.

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The Lodge L8SK3 edition comes in different sizes and options, and that's what part of the agenda of this prominent US cookware brand Lodge, to give maximum convenience to the customers in the shape of options. The hundreds of top-notch reviews on the world's best market place, Amazon, are testimony to our point of how worth-buying it is. In contrast to it, the cheap products come up with claims but fall wayward short to the point.

The heat retention ability of this product is matchless, and with offering low thermal conductivity, it never lags even when the temperature is seriously highly. Being seasoned with 100% natural oils, this skillet provides the texture that withstands different temperature conditions. Moreover, with more of the use, it just gets better adapted and offers better thermal conductivity and characteristics. What you all have to do is get it seasoned after every use to enhance the longevity of this product.

Lodge L8SK3 5" with Iron Cover

The small variant of the above mentioned 10.25-inches skillet this one apart from being cookware also makes it on the dining table as one artistic utensil.  Just 5 inches in size, it’s an apt skillet for the single person usage. One can perform various functions on it, such as frying eggs and procuring your meat portion for dinner. The non-sticky nature and pre-seasoned surface make sure the minute usage of oil for cooking, making it an ideal skillet for individual usage. The utility doesn't stop here as being small in size; it's easily washable and quickly ready again for the next assignment.

The low thermal conductivity and heat retention is the same as that in the 10.25-inch variant. For sure, you can go ahead with caramelizing your favorite veggies and searing your steaks. This miniature cookware means enough mess for one person cooking as it's taken as a tedious task to clean the cast iron. Just to let you know, this one is dishwasher safe, so you get the hands-free experience when it comes to cleaning it. The pouring lips on either vertical sides of this skillet let you drain out the fat and leftovers with ease.  Moreover, it outlasts the aluminum and stainless-steel variants as it just gets better non-sticky coating with more usage.  

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This skillet also works as one trending utensil for desserts, which most probably includes cookies served with ice-cream. You might have seen precisely this round cast iron product in one high-end eatery nearby upon asking for a perfect lava cake to settle your sweet tooth.  The miniature equipment looks adorable, too, even if you use it as a server on the dining table.

The aftercare once you’re done with food preparation is rinsing it off with the hot water to remove the leftovers and oil on the surface. In case the scraping is required, try doing it with the wooden spoon or a soft sponge.

Lodge L8DD3 Logic 5-Quart Double Dutch Oven

That makes up for your one large family pot with equal thickness at bottom and sides, especially for the slow-simmered finger-licking food. The 5-quart size means this cookware is enough for a family of 4-5 people, even including the leftovers. The aptly fitted lid on the top is also made up of the cast iron that locks in the moisture to enhance the natural taste of your food. These cooking appliances somehow work as a 3in1 tool for all your cooking needs, with acting as a Dutch oven, skillet, and a lid too. Already seasoned with all the natural techniques, this Dutch Oven is all set to get on the stove or oven on the go.

With having this large-sized cookware on your side, you unlock endless food making techniques solely in just one utensil. The art of using this tool is there with the foodie as it can perform various functions like baking, broiling, simmering, sautéing, and searing as well. The dual handle design just makes it easily portable from one place to another regardless of the size. At the same time, heat retention gets the even distribution around the pot to get it fully cooked inside out. This double Dutch oven coming from a renowned brand of US in cookware, Lodge bespoke for the optimum quality and value for money of this product. Even still you ask us about how one cookbook writer gauges this one in front of some cheap variant, this one by Lodge is better by far, hands down.

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The thick vessels of this pot are widely known for offering the low-and-slow heat, which recreates the tenderness and typical juiciness in your food.  Ideal for making strew, or roasting the huge meat cuts. Even the baking it offers is flawless while the lid takes on as a 10.25-inch dual handle pan retaining moisture and creating pressure. The tight-fitting lid on the top of the double Dutch offers an incredible job when it's the meat inside. This cooking variant by Lodge works on this tried-and-tested technique of Dutch Oven, aka Casserole in English speaking countries.

This skillet is a must-have in your gourmet kitchen, and that's all because of the convenience it offers all the way. This one by Lodge is yet another pre-seasoned cookware so you can cook your food without fretting about getting it to stick to the bottom.  Once you're done with your first cooking in this Dutch Oven, rinse it evenly with water when its warm and try using a nylon brush or soft sponge to rub if needed. The next step to get it back to normalcy is getting it dried with some soft napkin or tissue. Furthermore, when using it for the next time, just give the light coating vegetable brushing, and it’s all good to go.

All said in done, the US cast iron cookware is years ahead of the cheap products. We hope that by reading these reviews you must have understood all the differences. Happy shopping!