May 8, 2020

Coin Purses Have Been Around for Thousands of Years


id you know that Coin Purses have been in use for thousands of years?  In fact, Otzi the Iceman is the first known person on earth who carried a coin purse, and he lived 3,300 B.C. Even the Egyptian hieroglyphs show pouches worn around the waistline. Because of their convenience, people of subsequent eras kept utilizing them in various and innovative ways. Today, coin purses are used to carry a lot more than just coins. You can keep your memory cards, door keys, earbuds, credit cards, jewelry, folded bills, or any other small item safe and close at hand with the help of a compact coin purse.

While there are hundreds of purses available on the market, not every one of them deserve your hard-earned money.  That's because they are not durable enough and their zippers give out, or coins create holes in the compartments due to lousy stitching. In this article, we have rounded out two coin purses that are not only made in North America, durable and affordable, but their usefulness have been vetted by hundreds of satisfied customers over the years. Read on to find out more!

Nabob Leather’s Classic Zippered Coin Pouch for Men Made With Genuine Leather

No one likes carrying money around loosely in their pockets and then always having to fish for coins. Because of course, that’s a hassle no one should have to deal with. Nabob Leather’s Classic Coin Pouch is a perfect solution to this predicament. It fits bills, credit cards, coins, keys, etc. Doing so without any problems. But wait a minute, isn’t this what all coin pouches are for? So what makes this brand (and this pouch) so unique? Let’s take a look!

Classic Coin Pouch For Men made with Genuine Leather, Zippered Coin Purse

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Made in the USA

The Nabob Leather’s Classic Coin pouch is proudly made in the USA. That means you get a genuine leather constructed purse that has passed all stringent quality control standards.  Although the company itself is relatively a newcomer to the scene, as it was established back in 2014. However, in such a relatively short period, their products have left a mark due to quality and, "prices that won’t break the bank." This one in particular, is carefully handcrafted with two pieces of 100% genuine leather to ensure the highest quality and durability. Because it is made of leather, there is no slippery feeling of rubber or vinyl. So you get a functional, stylish, and modern purse that will protect your belongings and stand the test of time.


Coin pouches can be used for different purposes. Nabob Leather recognizes this and makes this classic pouch in three different sizes and styles. The smallest pouch measures 4 x 2.5 inches, while the largest is 5 x 3 inches in size – both rectangular in shape. The third is a squeeze coin pouch, it is square in shape and measures 3.5 x 3.25 inches.


This classic pouch has a very basic design to keep things simple. The small-sized purse measures 4 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height – compact enough to fit into your back pocket. There’s one large roomy compartment to keep things organized and within reach. Moreover, it's outfitted with a sturdy, thick, and durable zipper closure. YKK to be specific, the best in the zipper business of course! Side note, YKK is made in Japan. It's refreshing to see an American-made product outsource its zippers from a non-chinese manufacturer. Nabob Leathers and NMIC clearly share the same views. Anyways, now the zipper is the most vital feature of coin purses to consider because it can make or break the deal. Before purchasing, make sure the zipper is well-stitched into the material. Otherwise, it will go bad just when you need it most. This coin pouch has suede on the inside and is not cloth-lined. Therefore, if you are looking for a product that does not expand when filled, then this is for you.  


In case you need a gift idea for holidays, birthdays, or any other special occasion, search no more. This coin holder will make an excellent gift for both men and women. Stylish and compact, this is a very useful gift anyone can use for many years!


Available in bold color options that can go with almost any occasion. You can select over 10 different colors to compliment your style and look.


•        Handcrafted in the USA

•        Available in over 10 different colors

•        Available in 3 different sizes

•        1-year manufacturer’s warranty

•        Suitable for everyone

•        Extremely Giftable Product

•        Economical


•        Only has one compartment for storage

•        No keychain attachment

MooseLand™ Leather Zipper Coin Change Wallet with Key Ring

The second product is GadgetsMaster’s Leather Zipper Coin Wallet. This Amazon bestseller is ideal for people who want more than one compartment in their coin purse. However, that’s not the only reason we recommend this product. Let’s take a look at its features in detail so that you can have a better idea.

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Made in Canada

MooseLand is a brand by GadgetsMaster, a Toronto based company with expertise in electronics, home improvement, kitchen, shoes, jewelry as well as clothing. It is among the top 3000 best sellers on Amazon Canada with overwhelmingly positive user reviews. In our experience, customer service and support are readily available and excellent, unlike foreign brands that are often very hard to get a hold of.

Design and Construction

As noted earlier, this purse has two compartments. The main compartment is large and roomy enough for earbuds, jewelry, memory cards, coins, and other such small items. The manufacturers don’t recommend using this product for credit cards, which is understandable considering its small size. The large pocket is facilitated by a smaller pocket to the front. You can keep change in the front pocket for easy access. Both sections have zippered closures for quick and easy usage. Like the previous product, this pouch is also made of 100 percent genuine leather. This makes it extremely durable. The only difference here is that the inside layer is lined with polyester for a soft and smooth touch.  In addition, the top compartment features a key ring that can be easily flipped in or out depending on use.


Unfortunately, MooseLand’s coin pouch is available in only one size. 10.3 cm x 7.3 cm. This may limit some functionality, but it is by no means a deal breaker. On the plus side, it is incredibly compact, which means you can fit it pretty much anywhere.


In terms of price, GadgetsMaster has kept their product highly competitive. It is very affordable when compared with similar products of other high-end brands.


While many people expect to use a coin purse as a replacement for their wallets, the company explicitly mentions that it is a coin wallet. Which essentially means it will not accommodate any plastic cards. And after using this purse for a while, we can see why. The top of the pouch needs at least two more centimeters to accommodate any cards. This is its major limitation. Our second gripe is related to its limited colors and style. It is available in just two color options and a simple style that limits its functionality on certain occasions.


•        Made in Canada

•        Durable 100% genuine leather construction

•        Two compartments to keep your stuff organized

•        Comes with a key ring feature

•        Extremely soft to touch

•        Very affordable and economical


•        Does not accommodate any plastic cards

•        Limited size option

•        Available in only two colors

Final Thoughts

Coin purses are not a luxury but a necessity. This is why you need a purse that is affordable yet durable enough to stand the test of time. That said, a coin purse is no wallet replacement. So you shouldn’t expect it to function like one. Nevertheless, Nabob Leather’s classic coin purse can take care of some of your credit cards and, of course, all of your coins. In comparison, MooseLand’s purse is a change purse. It is compact and suitable only for coins or small objects like memory cards, medications, keys, and earbuds. We highly recommend these two products because of their genuine leather construction, affordable price, and durability. Coin purses have been around for a very long time. And when you take a look at these quality products, it becomes clear they are here to stay. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the usual space! Thank you for reading!