Jan 2, 2019

The Dewalt Toolbox is made for every do it yourself enthusiast


eep your hammers safe, build a safe haven for your wrenches, a home for the screwdrivers, and keep every tool in your household in tip-top shape with the best toolbox. This Dewalt toolbox gives you easy access, portability and saves time.

Every DIY enthusiast should have some sort of storage for the endless amount of tools and accessories, needed to accomplish day to day tasks or repairs.

To cut it short, a toolbox keeps all your tools safe, in check, organized and protected from the harmful weather elements.

For those who prefer quality, durability and safety, here are two options reviewed below that offer the best value for dollar in the market today. These come at very competitive prices and give similar products a run for their money. Above all, Dewalt is a name of trust. Their products are known worldwide for their quality, durability, and excellence. They have been in the business for almost one hundred years, and are one of the top dog contenders in the market today.

The DEWALT DWST17807 TSTAK II Flat Top Toolbox

This 1.5 kg flat top toolbox, is the ideal portable storage solution. It offers the latest innovation and design in the line of Dewalt toolboxes. It's flexible and allows various different stack-able combinations. For instance, you can stack all units on top of each other for a more sturdy look. This way, you can also connect it with side latches for snug stacking. The fasteners are also very durable. Thus they won't break under pressure. You can use it for storing cordless, as well as corded tools due to its extra large storage capacity. Also, the storage tray is simple to remove. This feature comes very handy when you need quick access to frequently used tools.

In addition, like all Dewalt products, it is very sturdy and well built. It has a bi-material handle on top of the unit for comfortable and easy carrying. Therefore, you can quickly move this piece around without feeling discomfort. The heavy-duty metal latches and hinges are very durable, and safeguard against rust and other weather-induced conditions.

Overall, this product is excellent. Each driver locks very securely. You just have to squeeze the lever located behind each unit to open it up. You can also label each drawer, as there are enough blanks on each case. Capable of carrying 66 lbs in weight, this toolbox is able to work with all the necessary stack gear. You won't find one capable of handling similar weight if it's made in China. Which is why we prefer this model for our day to day use.

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What we loved

• Heavy duty and very durable, has an excellent overall quality

• Has a very reasonable price so that even people on a budget can afford it

• Comes with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime guarantee

• The cases slide very easily

• You can label the cases as per your requirements so that you remember which case holds what bits

• Large capacity to carry cordless as well as corded units

• You can snap together various cases in different configurations

• Made in Israel


• Available in just one color

DEWALT DWST17805 Tstak Expansion Organizer

Quality comes with a price. At least, that's the case with this model. Dewalt's Expansion Organizer gives you top notch quality. If you are fed up with the cheap quality toolboxes you've been paying for, you should try this one. Though expensive, this unit does its job better than anything else out there.

As with other similar Tstak configurations, you can stack and transport various bits easily from one place to another. The lid is reasonably transparent and clear. So you can select the tool before opening the lid. The transparent lid is made of impact-resistant and relatively durable plastic. It is obviously the key to protecting what’s inside the box, and protecting it against the daily abuse the toolbox has to go through. When you remove one of the trays, you can have additional space underneath for power tools and chargers, etc. This way, you can carry different fasteners in a single box.

Once all the fasteners are in their designated place, and you have closed off the lid, the box does a great job of keeping all the bits in their proper place. This is one feature which I loved most. Once a tool is inside and locked, it doesn’t lose its place. You can keep stuff in front of the case, or on the sides. Whichever way you prefer.

The overall quality and convenience of this toolbox is like no other. That said, considering its steep price, the value is worth it. It is sturdy, versatile, durable and convenient. What more can one ask for?

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What we loved

• Has a transparent lid, so you can view the insides without opening it

• The covering lid is made of impact-resistant glass that can surely take a beating

• Has metal hinges for additional durability

• Sturdy, versatile and durable

• Ease of use and transport

• Excellent value for the money

• Made in Israel


• Available in just one color

Being organized is a huge time saver. Any successful DIYer would agree. Besides, organization also translates to higher efficiency. You can work much faster and complete your projects more effectively. Therefore, purchasing a toolbox is the best way to keep all your tools and accessories organized. This way, the tools are less likely to get damaged when they reside in their specific slots. Do yourself a favor, and stay away from cheap quality chinese-made toolboxes.