Sep 7, 2021

Every Kitchen Needs This Walnut Cutting Board


f you spend lots of time in the kitchen, then you'll know proper tools are essential. One of those tools being a cutting board. Let's take a look at this wonderful walnut cutting board!

Sonder Large End Grain Walnut Wood Cutting Board


This genuine walnut cutting board will make a nice addition to your kitchen and there's no chance it will look out of place. The rich brown colour will surely turn heads, yourself included. The swirling pattern, otherwise known as “end grain”, really highlights the beauty of the wood.

This top-notch walnut gives has several advantages. The sturdiness of the material is beyond capable and the material is soft enough for your knives to enjoy.

To conclude, this cutting board is a beautifully crafted piece of wood. A perfect gift for yourself, or for your friends who love to cook.

Self-Healing Properties

This cutting board has self-healing abilities, making it almost impossible for your knives to damage it.

The board consists of several wood fibers, allowing knives to slice between, instead of through. As soon as a knife is lifted off the board, fibers close up, meaning the cutting board doesn’t allow food particles to be stored in small cracks. As a result, there is no harmful bacteria build-up on the board.

Sorting Compartments

We've all come to learn how difficult it can be to keep your chopped ingredients sorted.

Well, good news - this cutting board is equipped with three versatile compartments. These carved compartments are an ideal place for storing prepped ingredients such as onions and garlic.

If you enjoy serving your guests with style, you'll be glad to know that this cutting board can also double as a charcuterie board. Place walnuts, fruits, peanuts, or cheese in its storage areas and give new meaning to elegance!


This special cutting board is equipped with a groove on its edges. Now you might not think much of it at first, but this is an important feature because many essential juices are lost during while cutting meat. This board has the capacity to store more than 3.5 ounces of liquid, meaning you can now add stored juices while cooking to enhance the taste of your meal!

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Safety First

Cutting is a technical process and you don't want your board to slide on the countertop. And unfortunately, slippery wooden boards have been responsible for several injuries in the past.

Equipped with two rubber feet, this board is capable of firmly gripping the work station. Even if your countertop is wet, the board will stay in place.

Not Dishwasher Safe

Hand wash only! Use dish soap and pat dry with cloth or paper towel. Do not leave wet for an extended period of time.

·        Dimensions: 17''x13''x1.5''

·        Weight:  8 pounds

·        Material: Maple Hardwood


·        Beautifully handcrafted design

·        Attractive swirling “end grain”

·        Made from durable hardwood

·        Material is soft enough to not blunt the knife

·        Great gift option - comes with a gift box

·        Self-healing ability

·        Wood fibers make knives pass between them rather than through them

·        No bacteria development as the board rarely develops cracks

·        Comes with three storage compartments for ingredients

·        Can also be utilized as a charcuterie board

·        Equipped with a groove on the edges; preventing wastage of meat juices

·        Rubber feet prevents any slippage, even on wet surfaces

·        The inner handle makes it convenient to carry around

·        Easy to clean by hand


·        Can only be washed by hand

Final Verdict

We've come to learn that many other cutting boards are just not up to par. Simply because they end up storing food particles in their cracks and encouraging the growth of bacteria, which can be harmful to your health.

However, the hygienic capabilities of this cutting board are superior. Wood fibers don't allow knives to create any cracks, preventing the build up of bacteria over time.

This cutting board also became our ideal choice, simply because of the wood material. Contrary to popular belief, plastic boards are more likely to get damaged than their wooden counterparts and knife marks will easily become visible on plastic surfaces.

With its superb quality, this board will deliver on all of its promises. Enjoy your cutting experience with this marvellous board. Bon appétit!