Oct 14, 2020

This German hairbrush is too good to be true


e all know how touchy we all get about the wellbeing of our hair. From hair serums, oils, to protein and conditioning treatments, we risk it all. However, the most basic and foremost item to be taken care of is your hairbrush.

We spend thousands of dollars in hair care products and treatments but pay the least attention to having the right and proper hairbrush. Instead of grabbing the first cheap nylon hair brush, you lay your eyes on in a drugstore; give a quick read to this article instead. Your hair deserves all the time and the care it needs!

Is hair brushing bad for my hair?

There are different schools of thought. Many believe constantly brushing your hair damages hair follicles and renders your hair frizzy and all over the place.

It is better to only use a teen hairbrush when styling or detangling your hair. And for that, you need to acquire the best hairbrush you can get.

What is important is using the right tools. There are many forms of hair, and to suit the different types of hairbrushes and combs comply. A good quality hairbrush not only detangles and styles, but also regulates blood circulation, enhancing hair growth and health.

A high-end hairbrush is your ticket to luscious thick healthy hair. Read on to get introduced to the best in the market.

What Makes A Hairbrush Great?

Many factors condense to form a good quality hairbrush.

Price tag to Style Ratio

An expensive hairbrush doesn’t always guarantee great hair. Neither does a cheaply made version cast any promises. What matters is what style of hairbrush you opt for your hair.

Here is a list of general styles that you might need looking into:

Rat Tail Comb

Not for daily use! It is ideal for delicate use for hairstyling and playing with intricate partings on your scalp to imprint designs. In addition to this, it is also utilized for backcombing and volumizing your hair.

Paddle Brush

Great for everyday refreshing. These are considered the best to detangle your hair when wet or amp up pizzazz is deflated curls. However, fine-haired people might not agree with this.

Round Brush

The blow-drying queen of brushes and a pal to gals with curly hair. This brush can set in smooth curls and give your hair some volumized definition.

Vented Brush

It is known for its quick-drying abilities, especially thick hair. The vented spaces and far-away bristles let air pass in through which brushing.

Boar Bristle Brush

A perfect way to set in a natural and calm look. Not recommended for wet hair or styling, this hairbrush is a strict dry detangle and shiner.

Wide-tooth comb

This comb has the power to detangle wet hair, only if you comb your hair in sections. You can also use it to distribute conditioner in your hair.

Synthetic Bristle Brush

It may look like someone piled up some paintbrushes, but that’s not quite right. It detangles and revamps your style too, though this hairbrush may not be fit for fine hair.

There are just some of the mainstream types. Once you have the 'one,' there's no stopping your scalp from performing its finest.


You may wonder that such a simple item wouldn't need much upkeep. Well, it's the opposite. Besides cleaning and maintaining your scalp and hair healthy, the maintenance of your nylon hair brush is the key to its greatness.

It needs the same amount of love and cares to keep performing at its optimum level. Why so? Well, a hairbrush catches all the dead cells off your scalp, oil, dirt, and humidity clog it all up near the bristle end.

To keep a healthy scalp, clean your brush with your shampoo and leave it off on a towel face down to dry.

This small hack will keep your hairbrush fresh and last longer.


A teen hairbrush comes in all shapes and sizes from Pop-ups, palm-held, and many others. Usually, chin-length hairbrushes are perfect for shorter hair, medium hair needs a tad broader diameter to space out bristles, and lastly, longer hair needs big wide brushes.

The difference in size prevents hair from getting stuck in between bristles.


Generally, wooden brushes have more stability and weight in them. And cheaper materials may cost less and come in somewhat attractive designs, but at the end of the day, great quality is what makes a brush worth having.

Sharp or not?

Your scalp is too precious to throw it under steel bristle brushes. The feel, let alone the sound it makes as you drag the hairbrush through, damaging your scalp along with your inner peace, is just too much to ask for.

A hairbrush with ball-end bristles is your best bet to achieving high-quality massages whenever and wherever you want.

Cushioning also plays a big role when it comes to massaging your head. Brushing isn't something to perform out of frustration, hence a rounded cushion top is what you need to de-stress and relax and let go of your hair for the day. It back up the pressure form the bristles nice and evenly, and doesn’t put negative pressure on your scalp.

Made In – Does It Matter?

Yes, it does! As we stressed above, quality should not be compromised, even if it’s a simple item, like a handy teen hairbrush.

As per our experience, one of the best quality hairbrushes are made in Germany by the brand Fendrihan. They have excelled at making it in line with the key purpose and stayed true and simple.

It is as simple as this when you hear Germany, the nest thought that follows is tough, sturdy, and trustworthy. This is precisely what the hairbrush that we are about to present you represents.

Fendrihan Genuine Boar Bristle and Nylon Hair Brush, Made In Germany.

Check it out on Amazon here

Finally, here is what your hair desperately needs you to buy. A high-end nylon hair brush styled with a classic and simple look but exudes top of the line detailing.

Main Features:

This German hairbrush is fashioned from 100% FSC-certified lacquer covered beechwood. The wood is known for its excellent durable quality and longevity.

Overall, the tough and attractive black wood is contrasted with a red cushion and black bristles. A classic yet eye-catching look backed by extensive detailing to finesse. Brush’s overall body is smooth and has a firm grip. The polished black wood highlights the bright Fendrihan Logo placed at the face of the handle.

Such is the quality that even if you drop it accidentally, the cushion and wood tend to stay intact. This classic brush is not just to untangle your hair.  It is also a great way to massage your scalp and increase blood circulation in that area.

That’s not all!

This brush is made from genuine boar bristles along with nylon pins. The high-quality German Nylon will not scratch your head, as they are tapered/rounded from the ends. The blunt cut makes the overall experience soft, and you will not have to go searching for ball-end bristles. This way, you get a massage and a much-needed scratch at the same time.

Furthermore, this hairbrush rocks a dense layout of bristles, meaning you will achieve sleeker smoother, shinier styles, as well as painless untangling.

What’s the best part?

This German beast of a nylon hair brush comes in three sizes. As we mentioned earlier, that different hair lengths required different sizes to stay tangle and knot-free.

The three sizes range from 7 inches, 8.7 inches, and 9.8 inches. So, order in your right size and achieve a sleek and stylish, frizz-free new look.


• Nylon pins go easy on the scalp

• Increases shine and smoothness

• It comes in three different sizes to suit your hair length needs

• Solid wood offers a stable and firm grip

• Durable and long-lasting, does not shatter into pieces on impact

• The massaging effect equalizes oil production off the scalp

• It has a softening effect on hair

• It can manage daily untangling and styling for occasions, both

• Eco-friendly, as it is made of wood


• It does not come in a variety of designs or colors

• May feel a bit firm or tough on some people’s scalp, but after all, it is a matter of personal perspective


After reading this article, you now know everything regarding hairbrushes, their types, what we recommend, and how to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

A hairbrush may seem like a simple not talked about that much from afar. Still, as you enter the world of follicles and keratin, everything changes.

It is a race against the ticking time clock. If you fail to take proper care of your hair, it is quite challenging to achieve a thick, smooth, and shiny look.

Do know, we concluded that ranking the Germany Fendrihan Boar Bristle would do all hairbrushes justice. As this teen hairbrush isn’t just a healthier option for your hair, but it pulls off a variety of jobs without you having to throw buckets of money. So what are you waiting for? Get your premium quality made in Germany Fendrihan Genuine Boar Bristle and Nylon Hair Brush hair now!