Jul 8, 2021

Heavy hangers are here to help you store almost anything


magine this. You come home after a hectic and eventful nightshift and hang your bulletproof vest and gun holster on fragile wire hangers. At last, you are finally about to get some shut-eye when you hear a loud bang inside your cupboard.

Suspecting an intruder, you quickly brainstorm a master plan. You grab a baseball bat from under the bed and tiptoe towards the cupboard. As soon as you open the door, you're ready to facepalm yourself.

Your pretty little china-made hanger was holding on for dear life. Throwing your equipment everywhere, you now need to organize your closet instead of having that peaceful sleep.

You may be wondering why I am stressing the importance of this insignificant hanging tool. Without heavy hangers, you are at a serious tactical disadvantage. Whether you’re part of the armed forces or not, you have to be vigilant all the time. Your closet will not only look like the chaotic streets of Bagdad, but you won't be able to find your gear in time of emergency.

We decided to give some top-rated Chinese hooks a try. As usual, they didn’t fail to disappoint us, but we did observe that the hangers lost their shape within days.

So we moved on to US manufactured products. We saw some exceptional hooks, but the one that stood out was Tough Hook Tactical Equipment.

Let us look at the features of this hanger and why we are eager to recommend this.

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Tough Hook Tactical Equipment

Who knows better about organizing tactical gear than fellow servicemen and women? The veterans have found a unique way to serve their country. They know about your problems, and they have made sure that Tough Hook Hangers are ready to serve you without a single complaint.

Made to Last

As mentioned above, Tough Hook is constructed to outshine its frail family members. That is why its manufacturers have taken care of every characteristic. To ensure its sturdiness, manufacturers have depended on GP22 high-impact ABS plastic as the primary material in its construction.

As we all know, the toughness of ABS plastic is renowned in the world. Acrylonitrile monomer in ABS  provides thermal stability to the equipment, while butadiene strengthens it. On the other hand, having low heat and electric conductivity makes it one of the safest hangers you can find in the market.

Its resistance against impact is praiseworthy. The hanger will not develop any scratches just because it came in contact with a few rough surfaces.

It's no surprise that these plastic hooks can hold up to 150lb of weight. In other words, the tool won’t bow down to weight that easily.

Design that Can be Relied On

An efficient heavy-duty hanger relies heavily on the design. Poorly designed heavy-duty hangers are customed to fail and won't be able to store gear properly.

The most noteworthy feature is its I-beam construction. This quality provides the hanger with extra strength. The manufacturers really aren't taking chances with its sturdiness.

Another attribute that needs to be talked about is the full-shoulder span. We noticed most hangers don’t have a proper hold on the equipment. No matter how durable the hook is, the gear will fall off due to its weight.

The full-shoulder span will keep the equipment on the hanger, not on the floor. This feature allows for equal distribution of equipment weight on the hanger.

To make sure that there is no slippage, perforations have been installed in the middle and the sides of each hanger. You can also use these perforations to hang tools, such as ropes. They can also serve as a backpack hook.

The hanger's compact dimensions allow it to be fit in even the smallest corner of your closet.

Carry it Anywhere

It may seem to you that these heavy-duty hooks may weigh a ton due to their exceptional sturdiness, but you'll be surprised to hear that tough hooks only weigh 417 grams or 0.91 lbs.

This makes the hangers totally ideal for storing outdoor, as well as indoor equipment. Oh, and another perk? They can cope with any weather conditions, so you don’t need to worry about getting it wet in rain or snow.

To make the transportation process easy, the hanger comes with a handle at the bottom. We know that carrying a hanger loaded with 100 pounds of weight is not an easy task. Equipped with a proper grip area, you won’t experience any back pain while carrying your battle gear from your car to the office.

First Impression is the Last Impression

You don't want a hideous hanger staring at you whenever you open your cupboard or locker. After all, you are utilizing it to store your tactical gear, not a clown costume. Don't worry, you won't be disappointed by the appearance of tough hooks.

Styrene in polypropylene material gives it a smooth and attractive finish. In other words, you can enjoy the appealing finish of wire hangers in plastic ones too.

Oh, and we can't forget to mention the variety of colors it comes in. Whether you like funky yellow, frowning tan or courageous green, tough tactical equipment will not disappoint you in this department.

Resultantly, most users love its dominating appearance. They believe it to be an ideal candidate for their tough environment.

Made for Everyone

The manufacturers' primary aim is to target armed personnel and law enforcement, but that doesn't mean civilians cannot use them.

Take it on a cruise ship to hang your scuba diving equipment or on a hiking trip in Nepal to store your climbing gear. To conclude, whether it is body armour, motorcycle jackets or hunting equipment, it is made for everything.

And who said you need to go on an adventure to buy this product? Why don’t you use it to hang your embellished wedding gown?


You can say that manufacturers are giving a lifetime guarantee. They claim that if the product fails to provide an acceptable result, they will replace it in no time.


Being on duty 24/7, we know that you don’t have time to go through lengthy paragraphs. We jotted down all the exceptional features in the summarized form. We still recommend that you go through details to know more about specifications.


• GP22 high-impact ABS plastic is utilized as the primary material. The durability of the ABS plastic cannot be doubted due to the butadiene monomer

• Acrylonitrile monomer makes it more thermally stable, increasing its resistance against extreme weather

• Low heat and electric conductivity can be considered as a safety feature

• Extraordinary resistance against impact. Consequently, it rarely develops any scratches

• Can handle gears weighing up to 150lbs

• I-beam construction plays a vital role in increasing its strength

• The Full-shoulder span assists the hanger in holding the gear in its place by equally distributing its weight

• The perforations on the sides and bottom are there to their job of preventing any slippage

• The small size lets it fit in even the closet with little room

• They can be considered lightweight because of their 417 grams or 0.91 lbs weight

• Being lightweight and resistant to tough weather makes it a perfect companion for outdoor adventure

• To make its transportation process easy, it includes a handle at the bottom

• Styrene monomer introduces the smoothness to finish of Tough Hooks

• Available in various appealing colours

• You can use it to hang anything other than tactical equipment. Handling hunting equipment and hiking gears are no problem for it


• The hook is smaller than the standard size

Final Verdict

If you want to hang a T-shirt, then use a frail Chinese wire hanger from the store. But real equipment should get special treatment. Your battle gear is with you in your toughest time and it deserves some pampered, heavy-duty treatment.

Tough Hook Tactical Equipment is there to provide you with their service. They are constructed by the vision of US service men and women who are aware of your needs as they are in your shoes.

The hangers are constructed to handle as much weight you can put on them and the lightweight, compact size makes it simple for you to find space for it in the office locker.

Whether it is design or performance, Tough Hook will not fail you in any department. When you go to purchase it, why don’t you select different colors for each week? We know that you will have fun choosing a color that suits your tough and patriotic personality.