Nov 10, 2020

NMIC Kitchen Essentials for the holidays


heap products have taken over the global markets in no time, and the reason, low cost. But how many of us have wondered what brings the prices down in other places? Cheap labor, coupled with subpar and toxic built material. Of all the items, do you want your kitchen to be filled with toxics and want your family to eat off a bowl that contains toxic material? If you care about your family, you need to move off the cheap products and go for quality kitchen essentials made in the States.

Back in the day, the United States of America used to be the leader in stainless steel manufacturing. Over time, starting to prefer foreign products due to their designs and low prices. In our quest to buy that unique foreign product for our kitchen to show it off to our neighbors, we have put a serious dent into the American economy. Remember that the cheap products that you buy may look all good and shiny on the outer, but what comes out after a few uses may not be very attractive and healthy. We believe that each dollar spent on products that are made locally is a contribution to the betterment of our economy and future generations. And it is the sole reason why we have put an effort to find out and bring you the best kitchen essentials that are far superior in quality and built better than their cheap counterparts.

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Heritage Bundt Pan

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The first product we have for you is a lovely bundt, made by Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Heritage. Manufactured using superior craftsmanship and skills, the bundt cake pan is one of its kind that will surely last till your next generation. It ensures ease of use and helps in easy removal of the cake from the bundt. Made using a specialized mechanism in an Aluminum cast and specially designed in a way that avoids the creation of bubbles into your cakes, it gives your cake the much-needed smoothness. The bundt comes with an extremely smooth finish that does not leave any cake residual on the inside. Once the pan is cast, traces of Aluminum are left bulging from the sides. The rough edges pan goes for finishing touch into a chamber containing pebbles of ceramic, where they undergo a calculated vibration treatment. Afterward, the pan is cleaned and coated with a high-quality and long-lasting PFOA-free non-stick coating. The non-stick helps avoid sticking of cakes and ease of cleanup after use. The bundt is designed for hand washing using a slight touch detergent.  Last but not least, the bundt pan is made in the United States of America, and this alone should be sufficient reason for you to buy it.  

Several Chinese Bundt pans were brought in for comparison and quality-check to verify whether the USA-made Nordic Ware Platinum Bundt Cake Pan is better in quality. We found that the Chinese bundt pans were mostly sent to the market without thorough finishing, thus making it hard to remove the cake easily from the bundt without disturbing its shape. Very few Chinese bundt pans come with a non-stick coating that is easily washed off once they are used and washed. Therefore, they are not reliable at all.


Made in the USA

• Made by 70-years old company that specialized in bundt pans

• Made using Aluminum cast

• Extremely smoothened for baking

• High-Quality and long-lasting PFOA-free non-stick coating

• Sleek and unique design


• No suitable for dishwasher

Zeroll Zerolon Hardcoat Anodized Commercial Ice Cream Scoop with a Unique Liquid Filled Heat Conductive Easy Release Handle

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Ice-cream scoops are a must-have for every kitchen. Zeroll has come up with a unique scoop named Zeroll 1012-ZT Zerolon Hardcoat Anodized Commercial Ice Cream Scoop that is ideal for scooping out any ice cream smoothly without any extra effort. Hence it is suitable for mineral and chlorine-rich water-based content. The scoops come with a specialized fluid inside the handle, which allows smooth scooping through the ice-cream. Every scoop is coated with a special anodized coating that reduces the risk of corrosion and oxidation. Moreover, each scoop has a unique color-coding for respective sizes, which makes it easy to identify scoops of various sizes. Unlike the typical ice-cream scoops, which tend to compress the ice-cream by over 20% in each scooping, the Zeroll icecream scoop allows you to scoops 3-ounce ice-cream, i.e., 20% more ice cream, in comparison to the standard metallic scoops, and thus enabling you to scoop an entire gallon in mere 24 scoops. This ice-cream scoop comes with an ergonomic handle, ideal for both left and right hands. Like the rest of the products we shortlisted for this article, the Zeroll ice-cream scoop is made in the US. Need I say more on why you must have it in your kitchen?

To compare the quality of US-made Zeroll icecream scoop, we tested a few Chinese made ice-cream scoops. The raw and unfinished built, coupled with a non-coated metallic design, needed a lot of pressure to scoop out the ice-cream. The Chinese metallic scoop gets cold during the scooping and hence requires additional pressure to be applied for scooping. The lack of heat-conducting material in all of the Chinese ice-cream scoops is a serious downside. That’s why we wouldn’t recommend them for any household.


Made in the USA

• Perfectly round scooping

• No compression of ice-cream during scooping

• Unique anodized ice-cream scoop for durability and corrosion resistance

• Ergonomic design, ideal for both hands

• Highly conductive liquid inside for smooth scooping

• Provides 20% more ice-cream


• Not safe for dishwasher

• Not safe to be exposed to a temperature of 140 F

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters 11-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set with Recipe Booklet

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Are you a cookie lover and want your cookies to look beautiful before you eat them? We bring you the Ann Clark's fantastic set of 11 Christmas cookie cutters. Children often get bored of their routine round cookies, if you want them to like the home-made cookies once again, you should look no further, because the Ann Clark’s cookie cutters set comes with Snowman, Gingerbread Man and many other designs that will make your children like the home-made cookies again. These cookie cutters are tested for food safety and come with a tin-plated steel built to avoid corrosion and rust to ensure food-safety standards. As the name suggests, these cookie cutters are designed keeping cookie cutting in mind, but they are equally efficient for cookie dough designing, cutting of soft fruits, bread designing, Play-dough designing, and cheese cutting. Based in Rutland, Vermont, Ann Clark's factory ensures all food safety standards of the United States of America.

For our comparative research, we checked several of the Chinese cookie cutters, and their metallic and non-coated designs made them extremely vulnerable to rusting, which are highly unsafe for health purposes. Moreover, the rough finishing of Chinese cookie cutters leaves leftover dough on the cutters during the cutting process.


Made in the USA

• 11 different shapes of cookie cutters in one set

• Tin-coated stainless steel built to avoid rust and corrosion

• Tested for all food safety standards

• Also usable for Fruit, bread and cheese designing


• Not dishwasher safe

Whether you are starting your kitchen from scratch or you are redesigning your kitchen, it is essential to keep an eye on what you fill it with. While you can get glittery and shiny Chinese products at a much lower cost, but due to their sub-standard quality, you are going to compromise on the health of your family, and you may have to pay off the same cost later in medical bills or financial losses due to repurchases. The USA made kitchen essentials that we tested proved that the US-based companies have a much better understanding of the quality and standard that a typical US household looks for in their kitchen.

From ice-cream scoop to the bundt pan, every piece of kitchen essentials that we used, we found that they come with special coatings to avoid corrosion and rusting. The finish of each of the products was perfect. Besides all the differences, the Chinese products we usually buy, drain our local economies that we all strive to build.