May 15, 2020

Hygiene products made for men


espite the common misconception, men do care about hygiene products. In fact, a booming male grooming industry paints quite a different picture. While you may not like to smell like a rose all day, no one wants body odor, bad breath, or an unkempt personality. Hence, the market today is teeming with hygiene products specifically designed for men. In this article, we bring you three hygiene products that are absolutely a must-have for any man. So let's get started!

1. 6IXMAN™ - TRAINING DAY - Natural Deodorant

Did you know that a human body has almost 2.6 million sweat glands? An individual can produce anywhere from one to three liters of sweat on a hot summer day. To combat body odor, you need a quality deodorant like 6IXMAN’s Training Day in your grooming arsenal. It keeps you smelling great all day, from dawn to dusk. Its natural odor blockers absorb all kinds of stench and sweat while smoothening the body's skin. Let’s take a look at some features that make this natural deodorant stand way above its competitors.


First and foremost, Training Day is made in USA, which ensures the highest ingredient quality. It is also ISO certified for quality control. So you can be sure that you are not getting a cheap product. Natural ingredients make sure that it won’t stain your clothes or feel sticky.  On top of that, all of its components are entirely free of sulfates, aluminum, parabens, animal products, and colorants.


The thick and white deodorant applies smoothly. Unlike some other natural deodorants, Training Day can be applied to your body with ease and minimal pressure. Use it once, and enjoy a pleasing aroma all day.  Its all-day protection doesn't fade away after a few hours, even if you have been sleeping. Besides, it controls the moisture and keeps you fresh throughout the day.


For aroma, it uses the best fragrances imported from France. If you are really picky about scents, you will definitely like this one.  Its smell is not overpowering at all. Instead, it is very subtle and alluring.

How to Apply

First, clean your skin. Unscrew the top cap of the package and remove the protective lens. Next, twist the elevator located on its base to expose a small amount of the stick. Apply!

Safety Precautions

Some skin types may be sensitive, so always apply a small portion of the deodorant to check whether you develop any rashes or a reaction. If that's the case, discontinue using it. Never over-apply as that can result in irritation. Keep it out of reach from children and avoid any contact with eyes.


• Quality product as it is made in the USA with natural ingredients

• Applies very smoothly

• Cruelty-free

• Keeps you smelling good all day


• May cause rashes and irritation on some skin types

That said, Training Day is a quality natural deodorant and a natural approach to keeping you fresh. So whether you are using it at home, in the office, or for workouts, the results stay the same. You smelling great all day.  

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2. Panasonic ES-RS10-S Men's Pocket Shaver

The second quality product on our list of essential men's hygiene products is the Panasonic's  ES-RS10-S Pocket Shaver. Panasonic needs no introduction. The Japanese manufacturer’s name is synonymous with quality electronics since day one. The ES-RS10-S' retro compact design, economical price, and great battery life, made it to the top of our list of travel shavers. The specifics are listed below.


This model is extremely compact and ergonomic. Although made entirely of plastic, its sturdy finish gives off the feeling of a high-end aluminum shaver. It's so well-made, that you won’t hear any sound no matter how hard you squeeze it in your hand. The on/off switch is located up-front, while on the right is a small rectangular button to release the foil frame. Besides, the striations on the front and back allow for a much better grip. Overall, the build quality is undoubtedly better than most travel shavers made in china.


It weighs around 75g, making it one of the smallest and most compact shavers we have used. Lesser weight makes it extremely portable. You could put it in your pocket, and you wouldn’t notice the weight. Once the batteries are inside it does feel a little hefty, but still lighter than most pocket shavers you will find on the market.


It performs fairly decent for a pocket shaver. For optimal performance, we recommend using it with a pre-shave. On the neck and cheeks, it works very well. But it struggles a little with coarse hair on the chin and below the nose. Therefore, we recommend it for people having light to medium facial hair. Another area where Panasonic surprises you is the level of comfort. While other travel shavers are more aggressive and sometimes cause razor burn, this model works effortlessly. It stays perfectly cool throughout the process and is also very quiet. Moreover, the on/off switch houses a cleverly integrated traveling lock that prevents any accidental usage.

Battery Life

Another area where this model really shines is battery life. It runs on two AA batteries. You will need to buy those separately. They’re inexpensive and available everywhere. You can shave with them well-over a dozen times, and they will still last for multiple shaves. However, mileage may vary depending on coarseness of hair.


• Excellent build quality

• Ultra-portable due to very compact design

• Very lightweight

• Relatively cool and quiet even though it is an electric shaver

• Good battery life

• Travel lock and protective cap for safety

• Made in Japan


• There is no battery indicator for a low charge

• The instruction manual comes only in Japanese

• Not waterproof

As ES-RS10-S is intended for travels, comparing its performance with high end expensive shavers wouldn't make sense. Use it for occasional quick shaves, and you won’t be disappointed by its limitations!

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3. Kai X Finger Nail Clipper

Aren’t you tired of disposing average-made nail clippers every few months? It’s time you get your hands on a quality nail cutter. Kai is a famous Japanese brand known for making fantastic cutlery products. And we can tell you, their nail clipper doesn't disappoint either. It's sharp, economical, and is a great product to have on hand. Most especially if you are travelling.  


The first thing you notice when you hold these clippers in your hand, is the exceptional Japanese craftsmanship of the blades. They align perfectly. They are made of durable and lightweight stainless steel. Due to this reason, they are rust-resistant and retain their sharpness for a very long time.


The blades are almost a half inch wide. As this model is slightly bigger and heavier than ordinary clippers, it is perfect for men's hands. It weighs around 40 grams, making it feel just right in the hands. You won’t have any difficulty even while working with the thickest nails. You can use them for toenails too! We don't recommend using this product for baby fingernails as the sharpness and size may not be suitable for them.


If we had only one word to describe this product, we would have said "sharp." At such a small price, such sharpness is impeccable.  The cuts are smooth. You don't have to use excessive force to cut through nails. Additionally, it is also very quiet and feels like nail-cutting with a piece of cutlery rather than a nail clipper. To top it off, it comes with a robust plastic sleeve over the bottom that catches the nail clippings. So you don't have to pick them up one by one.


Like every good product, there is always one flaw. The built-in file comes embedded in the clippings catcher and is rather small. It's more like a narrow strip of a filing surface, which makes it unusable for short nails.  


• Made in Japan

• Stainless steel blades are built to last

• Large size is suitable for men's hands & toenails

• Plenty sharp


• The accompanying file is rather small

If you have been using a 'toy' to cut your nails while utilizing your sheer force, it's time you try a product specifically designed for adult hands. It is sharp. The blades meet perfectly and correctly cut along the entire edge of the nail, hygiene with precision!

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That is all for now, folks! It's your body and the only one you will ever get, so it makes sense to take proper care of it from head to toe. These products improve men's hygiene on multiple levels and are praised all over the world because of their quality. We hope you enjoyed our reviews. For more reviews and incredible products, keep checking our website!