Mar 2, 2022

A Flatware Set To Pass On To Your Children


hrowing a party!

1) Napkins check

2) Drinks check

3) Food check

4) Fancy Dinnerware check

Now you just need cutlery that compliments the elegance of your table setting. Dump your old silver plated flatware! You don’t want heinous spoons and forks throwing your effort into setting the table down the drain. A vile knife will make your candelabra look like candle stubs. Also, it is not wise to buy cutlery sets that cost a fortune.

What options do we have? We did some research in the market to find budget-friendly tableware set for you. After spending hours, we came across the perfect set for you. Liberty Tabletop Satin Annapolis 45 Piece Flatware ticked all the boxes on our list of ideal flatware. Let us jot them down.

Liberty Flatware Tabletop Satin Annapolis 45 Piece

Businesses that put effort into supporting local talent are rare. Liberty Tabletop is one of those companies which take pride in preserving the traditional craft of manufacturing flatware. They aim to introduce high-class quality products by supporting local industry. However, their management focuses on improving the national economy and providing hundreds of jobs to Americans.

Adopting environmental responsibility has been on Liberty Tabletop's manufacturers' agenda since they stepped into the industry. By avoiding toxic chemicals and installing a filtering system for buffering units, the Liberty Flatware plays a vital role in safeguarding nature. Hence, they are one of the reliable and socially responsible companies you can find.

Even though we love all of their utensils, such as Pearl and Betty Rose but Satin Annapolis 45 Piece Flatware was able to catch our eyes the most. Here is the list of reasons why we love to boast about it.

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As stainless steel has become one of the most preferred materials for cutlery, various composition ranges have been brought into the market. The most common ones are 18/0, 18/8, and 18/10. The last digits determine the nickel composition in the material.

0 means that the presence of nickel is nill, while 10 indicates the highest quantity of nickel. The level of nickel determines the durability of the utensil. The higher it is, the sturdier it is going to be. Fulfilling their promise of providing you with the best quality, Liberty Top chose 18/10 stainless steel for their product.

As a result, the cutlery set has unimaginable corrosion resistance. You rarely have to polish them, unlike silver plated flatware. You don’t need to worry about last-minute guests as the set will be ready for your table every time.


Finish determines the aesthetic attribute of the utensils. Without it, your knives will look like they just have been excavated from the Indian burial ground.

Usually, stainless steel cutlery is either given a mirror finish or a satin one. The mirror finish will have more shine to it, while the satin outlook features a brushed appearance. Being a popular option for few years, mirror finish lost the battle to its rivals.

That is why Liberty’s Flatware and especially this Tabletop prefers a satin finish for this 45 piece flatware set. They may not shine like their counterpart, but their artistic appearance cannot be undermined. They are a competitor that cannot be taken easy.

To achieve the best result in terms of a satin finish, the steel’s surface is polished by using a 120-180 grit belt. Then it goes through softening process by utilizing an abrasive pad. This process ensures that the utensils don’t need much maintenance as it is impossible to see any fingerprints on them. Say goodbye to the wiping process before every dinner.

Washing Process

After every dinner, you have a huge pile of plates that needs to be taken care of immediately. After getting rid of all the pesky salad stains from the dinnerware, you spot that sauce is still sticking to the forks’ between fork’s tines.

You try to wipe it off with your trusty wet cloth. Rub it vigorously with a sponge and soap but to no avail. You put it in the dishwasher while praying under your breath, but the stain is still there.

The fault is not in your cleaning process but the utensil. There has been a trend in introducing utensil sets in the market, composed of low-quality material. Consequently, you have to spend hours trying to get rid of soup stain.

Moreover, the space between the fork’s tines is the best place for food particles to be stored. Hence, bacteria growth in that space is inevitable, which only makes your family and guests sick.

This 45 piece set doesn’t come with such petty problems. You can get rid of most of the stains by just using your hand. However, the cutlery is also dishwasher safe. It means that you just need to put them in machinery and they will be as cleaned as when you bought them.


There are two primary methods of creating utensils which are forged and stamped. Stamped cutlery may have its benefits, but they cannot take the upper hand on forged one, especially this Annapolis set.

Forged knives remain sharp longer than stamped ones. The procedure of shaping material molecules tends to introduce inflexibility in the equipment. Thus, the product has the power to retain its sharpness.

Forging also lets the manufacturer design bolster in their utensils between the handle and upper part. The bolster gives you the advantage of having a proper grip on the utensil. You have no excuse for ruining the ugly sweater your grandma gave you by spilling soup on it.

Serrated Blades

Fancy flatware is not popular for cutting tougher food options. The delicate nature of these knives is only suitable for cutting through softer nature meals.

This is not the case with Liberty Tabletop Annapolis Cutlery. The blade of every knife in the set comes with serrated blades. Therefore, the knives can cut through tougher skins such as cucumber, tomatoes, bread, etc. Accordingly, you can save extra bucks by not buying steak knives, as this set's blades will do the job.


This not-silver plated flatware is all about quality. They aim to make your party memorable instead of creating some unnecessary fuss. The durability and attractiveness make it a dream product for every professional chef.

The only downside of this Liberty Flatware is that the utensils tend to be a bit heavier. Kids may have difficulty in handling them. Otherwise, no defect will make us think twice before purchasing them. You can get such a superior product at such a great price.


• 45 Piece Set

• Total Weight: 5.8 pounds

• Dinner Fork Weight and Height: 8 1/4" 1.8 oz

• Salad Fork Weight and Height: 7" 1.4 oz

• Dinner Knife Weight and Height: 9" 3.9 oz

• Place Spoon Weight and Height: 7 1/8" 1.4 oz

• Teaspoon Weight and Height: 6" 1.3 oz


• 18/10 stainless steel has been utilized in its making.

• The material has the highest quantity of nickel, making it durable and rust-resistant.

• It can be used multiple times without needing any polish.

• Captivating dull shine gave by a satin finish.

• Fingerprints are not obvious on its surface.

• Easy to wipe off stains.

• Tines are spacious.

• This makes it convenient to remove food particles stuck between them.

• No problem cleaning it in the dishwasher.

• The forging process allows it to retain its sharpness.

• Bolster makes it easy for you to grip the utensil.

• Knives feature serrated blades.

• They can cut through tougher skins such as meat.

• Removes the need to buy steak price.

• Pieces can be bought separately.


Weighs a bit heavier.


The tradition of passing fancy flatware to your children is still going strong in America. You love to think about your kids telling memorable stories regarding the cutlery set whenever they arrange dinner in the future. That’s why Liberty Tabletop comes up with products whose durability can be relied on. There should be no doubt in your mind when buying their product. Especially when you are looking to replace your old silver plated flatware.

Liberty Tabletop Satin Annapolis 45 Piece Flatware can be considered as the definition of style with quality. The classic teardrop pattern handle and thin neck make it excellent for traditional setting gatherings. It will be the perfect companion for Valentine's day dinner.

The most attractive feature it has its durability. We want our knives and forks to be part of our table for an extended period. Rusting because of few water droplets is a big no. Also, we don’t want any utensil which demands VIP treatment. No one has time to polish cutlery after every use. Liberty Flatware Satin Annapolis is one of the laid-back cutlery you can find in the market. They will be in use for years before they will need any maintenance.

Now you have a gift for your mom on mother’s day. This utensil has the potential of impressing every lady in your life. Moreover, it is crafted in such a way that it goes with almost every dinner set. We recommend that you do give this product a chance. You won’t regret it as it will sweep you off your feet.