Nov 9, 2020

This top notch metal gas can is made in the USA


icture this scenario. It's an average Monday morning and you're working with some gasoline, taking all precautions, when bang, all of a sudden the gas spills onto your brand new clothes. Now you are destined to walk around all day smelling like gas!

Does this sound familiar? While metal gas can seem fairly simple in principle, it can be really difficult to tell apart a reliable one from the cheaply made and not so reliable ones.  Especially when you are storing a liquid or a gas for the long haul. But don’t worry, we have done all the research to bring you a gas can you can trust. Our pick gets the job done with the help of a few distinctive features you won’t get in any other competitor.

Now, we will get to these unique features and how you too can benefit from them. But first let’s take a look at critical aspects to consider before purchasing a gas can.

Best Gas Can Buyer’s Guide

It’s great that you have finally decided to take back control from the soaring fuel prices and invest in a gas can. When it comes to the best gas cans, there are three absolutely necessary things to consider before making the purchase. These are:

1. Capacity

You can start simple with a small gas can. They are easy to transport, of course. However, procuring a bigger gas can is certainly a more cost effective solution. Yet hauling the can back from the station can become a pain in the back. Therefore, we suggest looking into the capacity you will need and then judging your options. This 5 gallon metal gas can is a good option for poeple looking to carrying more quantity.

2. Equipment type

What type of equipment will you be working with? Whether you will be using the can for powering a generator, fueling any construction engine or any other home equipment like a lawnmower or electric chainsaw. This is important because there is no universal nozzle. Each of these require a different type of nozzle for the gas container.

3. Safety

Do you know that a gas can has to meet certain requirements to be legal? A cheap gas can made of plastic may meet EPA requirements but you should check whether it meets DOT requirements as well or not? Because in our experience most of the cheaply made gas cans don’t. That is why always purchase an approved made in the USA container that has been tested through a certified lab.

4. Plastic Vs Metal Gas Can

While both come with their own advantages and disadvantages, you have to consider the price, flammability, storage time and transportation. Metal cans come approximately twice the price of a plastic one. Second, in case of a fire incident, plastic can will melt while a metal can will explode causing more damage. Third, if you are planning to store gas for a longer duration of time, a steel tank will work best because a plastic container will absorb fuel and other chemicals. This will lead to a decrease in quality of the gas. With metal cans you can rest assured that no such thing will happen. So you can store fuel for longer durations.

Justrite’s 5 Gallon Can

All this discussion brings us to a review of one of the best gas cans available in the market today – Justrite’s 7150110 5 Gallon metal gas Can. It is large; it is durable; has an ergonomic counterbalance design; and comes with enough safety features to give you peace of mind. What’s more, it is made in the USA and properly tested and certified by NFPA & OSHA for handling all kinds of hazardous liquids. Let’s take a look at its salient features in detail.

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Made in the USA quality

The very first thing you notice is that this metal gas can is very well made and durable. Justrite has been manufacturing gas cans since 1906 and the made in the USA quality really shows in the construction of the can. The material is rugged galvanized steel that has been painted with tough powdered paint. Each and every paint unit comes 100 percent tested for leak proof construction. The can seals so well that there are absolutely no smells, even if you fill the container in the morning and leave it sitting in the sun all day, you wouldn’t notice any leaks. Comparatively a plastic can will always split up under these conditions – pun totally intended. While some competing products use plastic handles to carry the container, Justrite has used Steel. Now, this may add some weight to the overall bulk of the can, it ensures even the handle remains durable & usable for a long time. It’s funnel is the only plastic part.

Safety features

As we noted in the buyer’s guide section of the article, safety is a key feature for any gas can and your container should meet the lawful safety requirements. Justrite’s 5 gallon metal gas can far exceeds its competitors in terms of approvals from legal safety organizations. In addition to meeting NFPA and OSHA code requirements, it is also listed safe by the ULC (Underwriter Laboratory Canada) and (UL) Underwriter Laboratory. It is also FM approved for Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene and any other Gas-oil mixture. What this means is that, you can store fuel in it for very long periods of time without any danger of explosion. But that’s not all, Justrite has further fortified the safety features with the help of a safety vent and a built in spark arrestor. This prevents any flame from travelling into the can.  One disadvantage, however, of having a spark arrestor is that it becomes virtually impossible to see how much fuel is left in the can when you are filling.


Like us, if you are sick and tired of hassling with the cheaply made CARB style valves that break after a few uses, Justrite 7150110 brings you good news. This metal gas can has a rock solid choke valve which can take extensive use like a champ. Moreover, it’s handle doubles as the safe mechanism to open the canister. While the included funnel could have been of a better quality, you can lock it up when pouring down or filling up for storage. Therefore, there are no spill overs when you are working with it. Further, if the little opening on the bottom of the funnel seems too tiny, here’s our expert advice to fix it within 30 seconds.  Simply saw off the narrower part of the bottom of the funnel and you are good to go. When using it, we noticed that the funnel does not get in the way of filling. It can be easily removed. It does have a heavy head though which makes filling vehicles somewhat cumbersome. One solution is simply popping off the funnel when pouring fuel into the vehicle.

Additional Useful Features

This gas comes with so many additional useful features. For instance, it has a wonderfully ergonomic counterbalanced design that allows for comfortable gas pouring. This is achieved with the help of the swinging round handle. Besides the 88mm length arrestor offers secure placement of the nozzle. It also has a self-closing lid on top of the container which controls any gas spills or gas spills. For pouring gas, Justrite employs a specially designed and patented safe-squeeze trigger. The pouring mechanism and the funnel work for both small and large tanks. That is, you can fill too fast or too slow as per your requirements. When you are pouring too fast, and the funnel is getting filled faster than usual, it can cause spills. That’s where the self-closing lid comes into play and aids in safe pouring.


• Proudly made in the USA

• Funnel is easily removable

• Suitable for Gasoline, Gas-Oily Mixtures, Kerosene & Diesel

• Excellent seal – no leaks whatsoever

• Safety vent as a protection against explosion

• Comes with a built in spark arrester

• NFPA and OSHA approved


• Dirt accumulates in the funnel which is rather hard to get rid of

• No grip on the bottom of the can

The best gas cans do more than just carrying dangerous liquid around on the go. They keep the gasoline contained and sealed until you are ready for it. Justrite’s 7150110 5 Gallon metal gas Can proves why made in the USA is better. Because of it’s quality and durability, it is ideal for storing multiple gas products like Diesel, Gasoline, Oil and Kerosene for extended periods. The excellent safety features, multiple safety certifications and regulatory compliances, give you a peace of mind that there are no leaks that can prove harmful for you. The auto lock mechanism helps you control the flow of the gas while pouring if you forget to lock it yourself. To top it all off, this metal gas can comes at a competitive price. So whether you want to store gas for a long time or just want a safe gas can for a quick run to the gas station to fill it for your lawnmower, Justrite’s 7150110 is an ideal choice.