Aug 17, 2020

This metal step stool is made with Italian expertise


ooking for stuff in the attic, or even the top shelves of kitchen cabinets can sometimes be a nightmare. Most people don't have the height of basketball players. And even then, some places can still be hard to reach. Therefore instead of climbing the counters like a cat, or stacking furniture, why not purchase a step ladder?  

Formally called a stool, a step ladder is a handy household item that can save you a lot of time (and of course, wasted energy). They are much safer than balancing on furniture or counters. What’s better is they come with various options for weight, height, and storage. So, you can ensure that you buy the correct step ladder according to your needs.

These step ladders are specifically designed to accomplish specific tasks. For instance, some are designed to help toddlers grow with independence; others are used to reach up to a roof, or any other professional job for that matter. Similarly, travel ladders can fit into the trunk of a car. However, today we bring you a multi-purpose stepping stool that can be utilized around the house for most tasks.

In this article, we talk in length about what makes this stepping stool outperform its competitors. However, let’s take a brief look at the buyer’s guide first!

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A Buyer’s Guide to the best metal step stool

It’s important to understand certain factors for purchasing a stool that fulfills your needs. So stay with us and scroll on!


Who will be using the stepping stool? Adults, elderly, and even the kids all need to use it, but obviously for different reasons. If you need it for your children, it should be lightweight so that they can move it around the house without endangering themselves. There should also be 'no-slip' rubber treads on the bottom to avoid any slip-ups.

Adults on the other hand, require a stepping stool for multiple reasons. A versatile mid-weight range ladder, capable of weighing up to approximately 300 pounds should give enough support to accomplish most tasks in and around the house. The elderly are usually less mobile and are less inclined to bend over to unfold a ladder. Therefore, you should consider a stationary stool for them. It should also have a broad stepping base, enough hand support, non-slip treads, and a handle for easy transport.  


One, two, and three-step models are most common in the market today. Single-step ladders accomplish basic tasks like getting stuff down from the cabinets. They are quite low profile and can be kept anywhere in the house, integrating seamlessly with the décor.

To reach ceilings and successfully complete any basic DIY project, like painting the walls etc., you will need a two-step stool. These ladders give you more leeway than single-step ladders. Look for one that can be folded into a compact size for easy storage.

Three-step ladders are most functional. That is why they are best for homes with several different needs. They come with trays on every step for long term projects and are very durable because of their metal frame construction. Due to their large size, they can sometimes be a hassle to move around and store.


Always select a ladder that weighs within reasonable levels. Heavy ladders are a chore to move, so you have to trade the weight of the ladder for its durability. You can go for plastic ladders to keep it lightweight. It is good enough to last a few years but certainly not as durable as aluminum or steel. Nevertheless, if you are planning to use it outdoors, then plastic may not be a good option as it degrades faster than metal when used outside.


The final and perhaps the most important consideration is the storage. Foldable ladders are ideal if you are short on space. You can hang them on the wall, stuff them under the bed, or the back of the door. Their downside? Getting them out and putting back up is time-consuming. Dedicated ladders have a trip hazard, are more convenient, and useful if you don’t have storage constraints.

Let’s take a look at Tivit’s multi-step stool and what makes this purchase worth every penny.

Tivit’s Made in Italy metal step stool with handle

First of all, Tivit’s multi stepping stool is made with Italian expertise. Which means it meets all the European standards for safety, durability, and use. What’s better is it comes in two models, (a two-step and a three-step stool) to cater to all of your household needs. If it’s nothing serious like repairing the roof, we’d suggest purchasing the two-step ladder as it is more versatile out of the two options. Now, let’s take a look at the features of this product that make it better than the competitors and especially the cheap made in china ladders.

Construction: Strong and Durable

Made of stainless steel, the frame of this ladder is plenty durable and strong. It has a maximum safe working weight of 265lbs. However, compared with other low-quality ladders that claim to support over 300lbs, but the entire frame gives out as soon as you put 200lbs on it. This is a lot and enough for a regular household. Stainless steel is known for its rust and corrosion-resistant properties. But Tivit has gone one step further and painted the entire frame to make it more resistant to weather conditions. Additionally, the steps are made of lightweight aluminum that lasts 3 times longer than plastic steps. Therefore as you step onto the ladder, you can cast all the worries about its durability away.

Design: Conveniently Compact

When it comes to design, the ultra-sturdy metal frame has a conveniently compact design. With the help of latch and handgrip, you can easily fold the stool down after every use. Once folded, its width reduces to almost 6 inches. Because of such a slim profile, this stepping stool can be stored anywhere from under the bed to behind the doors out of sight.

Platforms: Extra wide, Comfortable and Safe

The wider platforms offer a safe and comfortable user experience while reaching for those hard to reach areas of the house. The platforms are even large enough to be utilized as an impromptu chair in case you need an emergency seating arrangement for your children or the guests. Besides, once unfolded, the ladder automatically locks to ensure that the steps stay in place the entire time, and you won’t lose footing or balance while on the top step. To add further to safety, Tivit’s stepping ladder has an anti-scratch and anti-slip feel. Hence these features make for a very secure and well-balanced ladder for the price.

metal step stool

Weight: Easy to Carry

It is a known fact that stainless steel ladders are comparatively heavy and cumbersome to move. Nonetheless, this model does an exceptional job of staying lightweight enough to be easily carried for transport. Weighing around 15lbs, the two-step ladder is very easy to move from project to project. And without needing a hand!

Warranty: 2 years limited

Last but not least, Tivit guarantees user satisfaction with a 2 year limited manufacturers warranty. That means if anything goes wrong during transport or use, you can always claim for damages and get compensated accordingly.

Drawbacks: A few but not deal breakers

Like any product, Tivit’s Stepping stool does have a few limitations. Because of the metallic frame, you have to be extra careful if there are kids around. Secondly, because of larger frames, once the ladder is fully opened, it’s base takes up a considerable amount of space. So if you are working in an area of the house with limited space, you may need to find an alternative.


• The ladder comes fully assembled

• Two and three step options offer plenty of height

• Stainless steel construction is strong and durable

• Wider platforms provide a safe and comfortable user experience

• Anti-slip steps lock into place for stability

• Can be used for indoors and outdoors

• Comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


• Due to large platforms, once the ladder is open, it takes up considerable space

Final Thoughts

Balancing on a chair or even on a four-legged table can be dangerous. There are much safer ways to attain the things located beyond your reach. A quality stepping stool like Tivit’s made in Italy model, is one such alternative. It is versatile, lightweight, sturdy, and compact yet affordable. You can use it indoors or outdoors. And, the overall quality is much better than cheap plastic alternatives you often find in the local store. Furthermore, it adds to your convenience without messing up your style or home décor!