Apr 3, 2022

Miele Classic C1 Review: A Vacuum Cleaner for Most Regular Families


f you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for life, then there are only two readily available options in the market unless you want a $200 piece of junk. The first is the Dyson and the second is the Miele. While you can never be sure if an appliance will work for life, very few of them remain functional after 20 years of everyday use. The German-made Miele Classic C1 canister vacuum is certainly one of them. This we can say with certainty from of our extensive vacuum cleaner testing. In this reveal-all article, we will be sharing our findings so you know how C1 stacks up against the C2, C3, and some other competitive brands.

Same model but different colors?

Before proceeding, it is pertinent to mention here that there are two versions of Miele Classic C1 cat and dog vac. Miele launched the first version in the Canadian market and the second was launched later in the US along with Canada. The easiest-to-spot difference is the color. The Canadian model comes in a mango red color, while the US version has a white flush.  Practically, their differences run deep. The USA version comes with a SEB 228 electro-brush along with a Parquet SSB 300-3 head and an STB 101 Turbo-brush. The Canadian version, on the other hand, utilizes the SEB 217-3 electro-brush and the SBB 235-3 tool for hard floors. So, what does that mean when it comes to performance? It means the US version is more versatile. It can clean all flooring and carpet styles. The Canadian version is only limited to low & medium-pile carpets and floors.

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With that out of the way, let's take a deeper look at the notable features, pros, and cons of the Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog.

Salient Features of Miele Classic C1 Cat and Dog

The lightweight and compact Miele Classic C1 is one of the two dozen Miele cleaners available in the Canadian market. Like their siblings, exclusive Canada-only Mieles are categorized in the C lineup. C1 is a compact level which includes models such as the C1 Celebration. In the C2 category, the Canada exclusive models include versions like the Hard Care, Cat & Dog, and Total Floor. At the Classic C1 level, consumers have the choice among  Hard Floor, Home Care, and Cat & Dog we are reviewing in this article today. Then there's the complete C3 level which comes with its own models and version. If that seems like too much, worry not dear reader, We have your back! Just keep reading our review.

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Main Components

The C1 Classic has Miele’s standard 1,200 watts Vortex motor, a 9 meters operating radius, a 4.3Kg Svelte canister, and a 4.5 Liter capacity because of the G/N sized dust bags. The machine is capable of running on six power settings including the super quiet setting. It has different symbols for a variety of applications which makes it easy to choose a suitable power level. It has a very practical locking system for security. The floorhead, handle, and suction tube all lock into one another with a snug audible fit. You can easily disengage them with a single touch of a button.

Filtration System

Like all Mieles, C1 Classic has an exceptional filtration system in place. It has a multi-stage operation that involves the innovative Airclean dustbag, motor safety, and protection filter, and exhaust filter. With the excellent integration and interaction of these parts, C1 makes sure approximately 90 percent of all the fine dust gets filtered.

Ergonomic Handle

Furthermore, we also love how comfortable the handle is during operation. It has a very flexible hose connector that enables ergonomic handling when moving it around the place. Lever action makes the floor head maneuverable readily and without putting any strain on your wrist. Like other Mieles, it also has a small metallic strip in the handle which stops any static discharge between the user and the cleaner.

Active Airclean Filtration System

In addition, the C1 features Active Airclean Filter. It is designed to filter out the dirt and remove any pungent odors thanks to a special layer of active charcoal. This makes the C1 ideal for smokers and pet owners. Its dust bag replacement is super convenient as well. There’s an auto bag closure that traps all the vacuumed dust inside. A strong protective netting makes the dustbag more durable even when sharp objects like glass shards are inside the bag.


What's more, like every other German-made Miele canister, it is manufactured to last for more than 20 years of regular operation. And based on its similarities to the other classic models such as Delphi and Titan, we have absolutely no doubt it will be working like a charm even in 2041 even if we are not around to see that day.

What comes with the package?

The C1 Classic ships with all the standard Miele accessories. This includes the crevice nozzle, an upholstery tool, and a dusting brush. All of these three attach well snug to the canister hose. Unlike the cheap brands, Miele ranks their devices by cleaning head feature. For example, the C1 Classic Cat and Dog is considered a midrange canister in the Miele’s lineup and it is intended for people who clean bare floors, rugs, and low to medium level pile carpets.

In order to clean bare floors, the C1 comes with an SBB 235-3 floor tool. It is basically a Parquet head, they are just naming it differently. It is very useful when cleaning vinyl, hardwood, marble, ceramics, laminates, bricks, bamboo, bricks, and other similar surfaces. It also works really great for low to medium pile carpets such as cut & loop, saxonies, and Berbers.


• It is a powerful yet mostly quiet motor

• Very durable quality (It will certainly last a lifetime)

• 5 level height adjustment settings for different carpet heights

• Height adjustment is super easy

• 6 suction power settings

• Features an active air clean filter that contains charcoal for neutralizing pet hair

• Takes care of all the unpleasant odors in the apartment

• Excellent for vacuuming pet hair

• The extendable wand is excellent which comes in really handy when vacuuming hard to reach areas

• Highly affordable (unless you are into $200 pieces of junk)

• Made in Germany


• Very basic vacuum cleaner

• Not suitable for high pile carpets and rugs

• The wand is heavy which can put a strain on hands

• The cord should have been at least 10 feet long for better operation

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The difference between the Miele Classic C1, C2 Compact, and Complete C3 Cat & Dog Vacs

The primary difference between the three Cat & Dog vacuum cleaners is the cleaning head along with cleaning capacity and other bells & whistles. C2 comes with a much smaller canister (that’s why it’s so compact) but it weighs slightly more (10.8 lbs). It also has a bigger cleaning radius (32.8 feet, in comparison with C1’s 29.5 feet). The Complete C3, on the other hand, improves on both by swapping out the toothbrush by 228 version along with an STB 101 Turbo Brush and a Parquet SBB 300-3 head. Due to this reason, C3 provides convenient cleaning access to any floor (bare or carpet) in your house. Not to mention, the C3 also features a sealed cleaning system, therefore it is a much better option for people with allergies.

Final Verdict

There’s a reason the Mieles are praised time and again worldwide. Since 2005, their lineup of vacs has won more than 60 awards and accolades in consumer tests all over the world. This is all because of exceptional cleaning performance and unmatchable efficiency. All of their products go through extensive quality testing procedures which include checking motor endurance, threshold, cable rewinds, floorhead, and handling tests.

So, here’s our final verdict. While are certainly better options in the market if you have got the cash. For instance, the Miele Classic C3 is a superior option as it comes with more features but it costs just as much. C1, on the other hand, is ideal if you don't have any carpets higher than the medium-pile. Likewise, C2 works best for the same height but somewhat smaller canister. Sure it is more compact, but that gets offset by a greater weight. C3 works on all styles of carpets and floors.

Miele Classic C1 is a humble choice. It is a vacuum cleaner most regular families need. This thing cleans like nobody’s business. It’s reliable to work for a long time, quiet, lightweight, has an attractive color & design. Moreover, it is super easy to use. You can clean all the floors and low pile rugs without needing extra help. It has pretty similar flooring abilities as C2. Therefore, you can get almost the same benefits with this humble option. However, if you have softer or high pile carpets or intend to upgrade your flooring in the future, then we recommend getting a C3 by paying some extra bucks.