Jun 18, 2020

Say goodbye to your ugly manicure with these German products


good manicure is an essential process if you wish to maintain the beauty of your nails. To keep them shiny and fresh, you need to take their proper care regularly. Otherwise, expect unsightly nails with damage and cracks. Besides, prolonged nail damage can lead to infection and nail diseases. Also, paying for an ugly manicure is the last thing anybody wants to do.

An ugly manicure starts with cheap nail tools

Most consumers today realize that these products may come cheap, but they'd rather pay more than use product that can make them and their families sick due to their unhygienic nature. Products made in third world countries, for example, are manufactured for dirt-cheap prices because these factories externalize their costs. Chances are, the materials used are low quality or substandard, the manufacturing methods are sloppy, the waste materials are not recycled, filtered or reused and instead dumped out to the ecosystem. The workers are underpaid and overworked, if they aren’t actually children. Historically we have seen massive recalls of products made in such circumstances. Even products made out of poisonous, unclean, and toxic materials have taught us that it would be detrimental to our hygiene to ever use them. Thankfully, so far in the beauty and fashion industry, most of these manufacturers are sticking to making small time plastic beauty products since these are relatively inexpensive and easy to make.

Quality Manicure Products Made in Germany

Now when it comes to quality manicure products, Solingen is a name that pops up instantly in our head. Contrary to the popular opinion, it is not a company. Instead, it is the name of a city in Germany. Also called "the city of blades," it leads the world in making the finest steel and precision instruments (including manicure products).

All the firms representing Solingen strictly adhere to the superior quality and craftsmanship. That is why Solingen, the name, has become synonymous with excellence worldwide. In this article, we review four professional manicure products made in Germany essential for any manicure kit. Read on for our in-depth reviews!

1. Hans KniebesInox Stainless Steel Nail Nippers

Expertly crafted to remove any ingrown toenails with comfort and ease, the Hans Kniebes Inbox nail nippers are a must-have for a good manicure. They are made from rostfreiInox steel in Solingen Germany from the very start to finish. Therefore you don't have to worry about the quality.  

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Hans Kniebes have flawless cutting tips with narrow pointy blades. They are safely grounded yet sharp enough to grab and cut the ingrown nails effortlessly. These nippers offer a very soft springing action even on thicker nails because of the strong double spring. This spring maximizes clipper alignment and reduces friction. After some time, when the nippers come loose, you can easily tighten the screw get it back in a tiptop condition. The rounded handles fit flawlessly into the hands for much accurate and effortless nail trimming.

Lastly, what makes Inox Steel an excellent option for these nippers is the fact that it is hypoallergic. Which makes it ideal for allergic skins. It can be easily sterilized to ensure personal hygiene after every use. The only downside of this product is that it is expensive, certainly more expensive than those dirt-cheap scissors you can find in your local Target store. However, you get what you pay for. So invest wisely.


• Individually finished by hands

• 12 inches is just the right size for a manicure

• Durable blades that retain sharpness over the years

• Rounded handles for a comfortable fit

• Rust and stain resistant


• Expensive

2. Solingen Professional Nail File

Here’s yet another made in Solingen Germany nail tool for your personal hygiene. Expertly crafted by adult technicians in one of the most eco-friendly surroundings with stainless steel, it's designed to be durable and rust-resistant. This is one advantage of using made in Europe products. You can be sure each and every waste material is not dumped out into the environment but recycled, reused, or repurposed.

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This nail file is a 2 in 1 tool, a non-ugly manicure or pedicure is all within reach when smoothing nails with ease. The 7" file will rid your cuticle of dead skin time and time again. This high quality nail file will help keep your nails looking healthy for a long time.  Overall, the Solingen Professional nail file is perfect for any personal hygiene purpose that requires the removal of dead skin. After using it for a few months, we couldn't point out any disadvantages. Yes, even the price is on point and very market competitive.


• Made in Solingen Germany

• Durable and rust-resistant

• Multi-purpose nail file

• Suitable for men or women


• None, really

3. FINOX Stainless Steel Nail Scissors

The FINOX nail scissor smoothly cuts nails with a minimal need for using a nail file afterward. The heirloom-quality high-carbon stainless steel and innovative design merge to improve upon the traditional Solingen standards of precision, sharpness, and longevity. It blends innovative modern design with high carbon stainless steel frame to make scissors that will last.

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Raw steel is imported in the form of bulk rolls from Sweden; no other steel type met FINOX’s requirements for consistency, hardness, sharpness, and durability. The formation of high carbon stainless steel is controlled in a way that is just as strong as traditional high-carbon steel but also is just as care-free and rust resistant as ordinary stainless steel.

The open joint design allows access for easy cleaning and lubrication if needed. This special beveled area around the joint reduces the frictional surface area of the joint so that there is negligible wear and tear, and movement stays smooth over decades of usage. The screw to hold the two halves of the scissor together is individually set by hand to exact the right tension and lock in place. We don’t recommend adjusting the screw as that will unlock it, resulting in irreparable harm to the shear.

Furthermore, the manufacturers use a star-shaped Torx screw, so this lock isn't accidentally broken, and the scissor retains the optimal tension.


• Handcrafted in Solingen Germany for quality and precision

• It is manufactured with high carbon stainless steel which is rust and stain resistant

• Utilizes a star-shaped Torx screw to protect against breakage

• Open joint design


• The tips are slightly curved which may put off some users

• Pricey

4. Genuine Boar Bristle Nail Brush with Olive Wood Handle

An "icon of style," this German nail brush is a solid investment. It is made of 100 percent genuine boar bristles and an extra polished olivewood handle. The overall design is very chic, contemporary, and smart.

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Now it utilizes two kinds of bristles. First are longer and attached in 8 rows to the bottom of the brush. These are ideal for cleaning your fingers and hands once you are done with a manicure. The second is short and located in the form of 6 rows on the top. They are used for scrubbing hard to reach spots under the nails for a perfect manicure.

We talked briefly about the olive wood handle of this brush previously. It is built and designed to last. In addition, the handle is resistant to the wear and tear of regular daily use. Though we did notice a slight disadvantage of utilizing olive wood for the handle, i.e. when the brush gets wet, it leaches out a brownish color, so we recommend being extra careful while using it alongside the water.


• Genuine boar bristles of two types

• The bristles remain firm even after extended use

• Durable olivewood handle built to last

• Made in Germany for the highest quality standards


• When wet, the handle seeps out the brownish color

• Expensive

Cut your nails like a pro beautician

Manicure is an art, and cutting nails is an essential part of the skill. Below are our best tips to cut your nails like a pro beautician.

1. First, soak your nails to soften them before cutting. It will prevent them from splitting.

2. Get one of the scissors mentioned above. Why? Because they are clean, sharp and can be easily disinfected

3. Cut your nails in a straight motion to avoid ingrown nails. Round them a little from the edges for extra strength

4. Always make small cuts. And don't cut the free-edge. Toe nails, in particular, are oval-shaped, so avoid cutting off the edges.

5. Clean your nails using Genuine Boar Bristle Nail Brush let them dry before filing.

Final Thoughts

It is pertinent to mention that made in Germany products are not gender-specific. Everyone can use them. They are safe, even for kids. That said, all the products mentioned in this article have been tried and tested by hundreds of satisfied customers. You can use them without any second thoughts.