Oct 14, 2020

Nivea cream is a truly amazing German made product


ou've probably come across this simple blue jar sitting on your mom or grandma’s vanity. Honestly, the packaging could've been better. It's rather bland. The ingredients list is equally bland. But when you apply its content on your skin, the result is anything but bland…Spoiler alert, it's incredible!

This German skincare product is truly amazing for everyone – not just those with dry skin. Its continuous use fades any skin discoloration or scars.  Moreover, it's also great for people suffering from eczema or psoriasis as it leaves your skin fully hydrated for hours. In this article, we take an in-depth look into what makes Nivea "Made in Germany" cream a truly amazing product!

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The Nivea Cream Review

Nivea is a creamy moisturizer that locks in moisture and provides hydration to give you smooth and soft skin for hours. Believe it or not, the formula dates back over a century (the original formula was invented in 1911). Yes, you read that right. The formula is that old! This says a lot about the brand's success.


As noted earlier, the packaging is rather simple to say the least. Nivea has been using blue as its package color since 1925. The color has become synonymous with the brand's identity. Because of this, Nivea has kept the same color to date.


The texture of the cream is what you'd expect – thick and creamy. You have to warm it up before applying on your skin, which can be accomplished by simply rubbing the cream between two fingers. Unlike some other skincare culprits, you don’t have to worry about your moisturizer sitting on your skin all day. Instead, the heavy cream is absorbed by your skin very quickly.


If you're a skincare junkie like us, you will instantly recognize the distinctive scent of Nivea. Nivea contains artificial fragrances, so expect a tinge of fresh sweetness. The scent is exactly what you'd expect from a century-old recipe cream. It is flowery, not too overwhelming or underwhelming for that matter. Just perfect!

The Results

It's somewhat surprising that over a century ago, scientists were able to create a formula that still beats modern skincare in terms of results. Nivea is a highly hydrating cream that never feels like condensed grossness. Nivea locks the moisture in. In fact, it's one of the most moisturizing creams we've ever tried. It seeps into the skin. Thankfully, the finish is not oily but slightly satiny. All in all, Nivea leaves your skin shiny, hydrated, and comfortable.


As we all know, a skin moisturizing cream is as good as its ingredients. So let's take a look at the ingredients of this German-made product and see what makes it better than others. The following ingredients are listed on the packaging:

• Aqua: Water mainly works as a solvent for ingredients.

• Paraffinum Liquidum: Emollient and solvent

• CeraMicrocristallinaIs, an emulsion stabilizing agent that controls the viscosity of the moisturizer.

• Glycerin is a natural moisturizer. It also protects against irritation.

• Lanolin Alcohol (Eucerit) is used as an emollient in the cream to soften the skin.

• Paraffin is an Occlusive that prevents water loss from the skin.

• Panthenol, also called the  Pro-Vitamin B5 primarily used to moisturize the skin.

• DecylOleate is yet another Occlusive

• Octyldodecanol: A slightly yellow and odorless oil, Octyldodecanol is a  medium-spreading common emollient. It makes the skin smooth.

• Aluminum Stearates is a texture enhancer

• Citric Acid is a defoliant that can lift off dead cells from your skin and make it fresh as new

• Magnesium Sulfate is a unique viscosity controlling agent

• Magnesium Stearate has high absorption and disinfectant properties

• Parfum is used to make the smell of the cosmetics pleasing to the senses

• Limonene is a common fragrance enhancer

• Geraniol is yet another fragrance enhancer. However, it has a distinctive rose-like smell

• Hydroxycitronella has a sweet scent somewhere between fruity melon and lilies

• Linalool is also a very common fragrance enhancer. It can be found in 90 to 95 percent of prestige perfumes

• Citronellol, A fragrance enhancer with a rose-like aroma, naturally found in rose oil (i.e., about 25 percent)

• Benzyl Benzoate, A fragrance enhancer with a balsamic smell, also works as a solvent against microbes

German Nivea Vs. American Nivea: What's the difference?

The primary difference between the two comes down to the ingredients. The German Nivea does not contain any mineral oil, petroleum, or microcrystalline wax. These ingredients add to the greasy feel of the American version. In addition, the German-made product ends with the ingredient known as Cinnamyl Alcohol. On the other hand, American Nivea ends with Methylisothialinone. Because of these different ingredients, the cream acts differently on your skin. Here’s what we came to understand.

The German Nivea is much more firm in feel and texture. It's also slightly thicker. The fragrance of German Nivea reminded us of citrus assorted with vintage smelling flowers, like lavender or rose. It is floral, yet not fruity. The cream absorbs into the skin fairly quickly and leaves it smooth, fresh, and soft.  

In contrast, the American (Made in Mexico) Nivea has a thin texture. It is shinier and turns kind of soupy in the middle of the jar. It also leaves a slight luster, even after being absorbed into the skin. The German-made cream has a matte finish once absorbed. The fragrance of the American Nivea feels a little unnatural. Yes it is sweet, but a little too strong.

So if you're sensitive to fragrances, we would definitely recommend opting for the original made in Germany Nivea. Overall, the American version is definitely hydrating. But, the German-made Nivea is even more so.

Spotting the real made in Germany Nivea

There are so many versions of Nivea moisturizing creams in the market that it sometimes becomes hard to identify the real made in Germany version. If you're also having trouble finding the real deal, then we are here to help. The most significant factor of authenticity, is to notice the aluminum seal. For over a century, Nivea tins have had aluminum seals. Secondly, the original moisturizer is hard to spread on the skin. That's why it is used in the form of placing small dots on the surface, and then rubbing it in.


Finally, let's talk a little about the price of this fantastic product. At $9.25, you get a 13.5 ounce jar. This is certainly an affordable option, especially when you take into consideration that one jar lasts a very long time. In comparison, LaMer's face moisturizing cream costs upwards of $100 (0.5 ounce jar) and it gives identical results on dry skin.

Final Verdict

Whether your skin is dry, damaged, or you just want that extra glow, we recommend German-made Nivea. Searching for it at your local store can be an inconvenience, but you can always order on Amazon. It's available in four sizes. 75mL, 150mL, 250mL and 400mL. German-made Nivea is paraben and silicone-free. It is very affordable. But, be sure to purchase the authentic made in Germany Nivea. With all that said, it's definitely one of the best moisturizing creams!