Jun 19, 2020

This Pelican Case Alternative Will Protect Your Electronics The Canadian Way


ver face tremendous pressure and nervousness whenever traveling with pricey electronics? Your trusted backpack will not come to your rescue every time you have something valuable to transport. You'll need a case specifically built for electronics to handle the trek.

Read on to discover impeccable cases for all your electronic gear. These will not only add to safety, but will also perk up your style!

Why do I need a storage case?

Keeps Everything Organized

How hard is it to keep your cords organized? Especially when all your electrical stuff starts mixing with other things. A better-quality case, such as the Canadian ones mentioned below, keep every cord stacked.

It saves you time and keeps your mind clear of unnecessary concerns and allows for easy, quick, and hassle-free access.


Canadian Cases for electrical gear add in the safety factor too. How many times have you gotten a valuable stolen from your backpack? Adding to it, you can't always trust electronics with your main luggage. The chances of it getting misplaced or battered are way too high.

In order to attain the best electrical gadget cases for a worry-free trip, here are some factors every great case must have!

Size and Weight

Bigger may be better, but make sure whatever case you opt for, matches and can carry your required weight of items.

If you accidentally purchase a smaller version, having a case may not be as efficient as it should be.


An excellent electrical case will not only be spacious but will also be cleverly designed. It always helps to have pre-made compartments or layers to help sort your stuff according to need.

Compartmentalization in the form of layers or pockets, means your items are further safeguarded from potential impacts or blows.

Material and Durability

The building base of the best cases will be lightweight, along with being sturdy. Remember, your main aim is to safeguard and protect your essential electronics from external factors. Do not fall for the cheaper flimsy and short-lived versions. As they will only waste your time, money and potentially your electronics.

Moreover, keep the changes in weather on your mind. While traveling you may face all kinds of potential mud splotches, rain or puddles, and the dreaded heat. The most vital detail of all is that it must be shockproof. Whether you're going through baggage clearance or a busy street, the material must be able to withstand any bump or blow it may face. Be it any mishap, the integrity of your gear must never be compromised.


Feeling good while using your case is an important fact to consider. Buying a specific electric case for your items certainly doesn’t mean it has to be plain or ugly.

We have gathered three different designs of Canadian Electrical Cases that come in a variety of colors for you to choose from!

Made in Canada

Why do we recommend a Canadian-made case? To be straight forward, they're far better than the typical chinese-made ones. They're made at a higher grade and are much more durable. Also, the amount of choices in colors and designs will leave you satisfied.

Cheaper versions may try to lure you in. Though, they will lack significantly in quality and finesse. From the zippers to the ever-trusted wheels, every component of these Canadian-made cases exude high-end status.

#1 Nanuk 910 Waterproof Hard Case with Foam

Presenting you the first specimen, a hard case beauty by Nanuk. It’s a briefcase-style electrical case, carrying a vast range of colors for you to be excited about.

Check it out on Amazon here

Main Features:

This pelican case alternative stays shut with its patented two power-claw latch. These are no ordinary ones, but are a triple-action design made from the ever-tough Nylon, which ensures the case stays shut.

This case measures interiorly, L 13.2” x W 9.2” x H 4.1” and exteriorly L 14.3” x W 11.1” x H 4.7”. Furthermore, it comes in various colors and sizes to match all needs.

Moreover, the case is compression resistant. Meaning, it stays shut even at large impacts. The NK-7’s impact-proof surface makes sure all your sensitive electrical equipment and all other essentials stay safe.

The exterior is an IP67 rated Waterproof surface. Dust and splashes of water will be the least of your concern. It's equipped with an automatic purge valve, that happens to divide the pressure inside and out equally.

The overall product measures 1.6 kg in weight, and is able to carry any load safe and sound.  


• Lightweight, won’t be a burden to the user.

• Impacts cannot sabotage the lock, stays shut no matter what.

• Heat, water, and dust cannot penetrate inside the case, ensuring the safety of items inside.

• The sturdy handle can withstand all sorts of weight

• Variety of colors and sizes to suit different needs


• No layering or compartments

• No cushioning for materials provided

#2 Nanuk 950 Waterproof Hard Case with Wheels

A Canadian masterpiece with wheels. This case is the definition of organization and convenience.  

Check it out on Amazon here

The Canadian Nanuk measures interiorly, L 20.5” x W 15.3” x H 10.1” and has exterior dimensions of L 22.8” x W 18.3” x H 11.7”.

The most intriguing feature is that it carries a three-layer cubed foam along with a base and lid foam. This adds much-needed layering and renders sorting your items easy. Not only does the foam layering keep things in place, but it also absorbs many impacts.

Nanuk’s case surface is IP67 patented waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.  It carries an automatic purge valve that aids in equalizing pressure from the inside while traveling.

Furthermore, the case has a travel-friendly design. Carrying two-stage retractable pull handles that are operated from a push release button. The case is carried on two tough polyurethane wheels.

Lastly, to keep it sealed shut, there are two triple-latch Powerclaw fasteners. These are crafted from Nylon, making them flexible to compressive forces and enables it to maintain a solid seal.


• Solid and spacious, can fit a lot of items.

• Foam layers add security and safeguard the integrity of items.

• Wheels and pop-up handles add convenience when traveling.

• Secure lock keeps intended items safe and anchored.

• Can be carried conveniently two different ways.


• The case isn’t compact enough.

• Bulkier feel when carrying a smaller number of items.

#3 Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-On Hard Case With Wheels Empty

This Pelican carry on hard case alternative lives up to the expectations of style, class, and functionality. It's built so well that you can even sit on it while you wait in line at the airport.

Check it out on Amazon here

Main Features:

Dimensions of the interior are, L 22” x W 14” x H 9”. While the exterior measures, L 22.5” x W 11.3” x H 7.5". This Nanuk electrical case has been approved by the FAA as a maximum carry-on case. It's quite spacious and equipped for heavy-duty use. This case comes in 6 different colors for you to choose from.

This case is water-resistant, dustproof, and shockproof. The IP67 rated purge valve keeps the equilibrium of pressure inside while the case is on the go, or even upon impact.

Made from long-lasting, impact-resistant resin, backed by two polyurethane hooded wheels and a retractable 2 stage pull handle for better handling, this is a solid investment! It remains shut using the triple action Powerclaw latches made of patented Nylon. Hence, it's extra durable.

Lastly, the case comes with a useful padded divider, lid organizer, and a 'pluck-and-pull' cube foam, measuring 1cm by 3cm. This compartmentalization comes handy in keeping your stuff sorted and prevents them from getting tangled.


• The external environment doesn't affect items carried.

• Travel friendly with extendable handle and wheels.

• Powerful latches keep the case closed even when compressed.

• Pluck & pull foam add layering and compartments.

• Hasps can be secured through added padlocks.


• The foam can be pulled out in columns, not in cubes.

• May not be suitable for people who require a smaller option.

Final Thoughts

These are the ever-trusted Canadian built hard cases. They manage to keep your stuff organized and are ready to be set up anytime, anywhere. With the Canadian built electrical cases, you don't need to worry about durability. No matter what impact is thrown at them, they always pull through!

Don’t waste your precious time and money on cheaper versions. You'll regret it the day they fail you. Invest in quality for peace of mind. That's all for this article. See you next time!