Jan 24, 2021

This German dog leash has what it takes


long dog leash is critical for both you and your dog's safety when you're going on a walk. While traditional ropes come by easily, they lack several features you find in a Flexi dog leash. In terms of benefits, functionality, and ease of use, retractable dog leashes are far more reliable and effective. That is why many dog owners all over the world are using them!

Regardless of the price, below are the features you should look for in a retractable dog leash.


Years ago, all retractable dog leashes used to be cables that get attached to your pet's collar. After repeated incidents where dogs and their owners sustained injuries due to the cables, manufacturers switched to ribbons. These ribbon-style leashes, even when wrapped around your pet's body, cause little to no harm. The flat surface of the leash reduces any frictional cutting force that could occur with a cable. So always look for a ribbon-style retractable dog leash.


Even when you're giving your pup an extended distance to roam, it's vital that you and other walkers can see the leash. Opt for a long dog leash that has bright visible colors. This will make your dog visible, even in low lighting conditions, and avoid other people from tripping over it.


Typically, the housing of the retractable leash and its handle are not cushioned. Therefore, you should look for a model that has an ergonomically designed handle. This will assist handling your pet without hurting your hands.


The swivel clip attaches the leash to the dog's collar. Make sure it's easy to open and close. A secure and well-constructed clip will ensure that it won't break if your pet starts jumping around.


Your retractable dog leash should hold up to heavy and extensive use. You don't want it to break when your dog jerks around or when you accidentally drop the leash on the ground. Simple enough.

The Giant Retractable Flexi Dog Leash Review

The Flexi USA is among the pioneers of retractable dog leashes, and their experience speaks volumes in this product. The Giant retractable dog leash is manufactured to keep large dogs at bay. The 26 feet long dog leash can hold up to large dogs up to 110 lbs and stands up just fine to one of the strongest pullers of all dogs, the Siberian Husky. Still not sold on its quality? Read on for our in-depth review of this quality product.

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User safety: First and foremost

Most people don't use a retractable leash for their dog because they can be somewhat dangerous to the owners. Flexi is perhaps the only retractable leash manufacturer that realizes it and puts so much emphasis on user safety. Their product comes with special precautions and directions booklet that offers detailed instructions about how to use retractable leashes. It lists all the potential hazards in an easy to read way. Additionally, the product comes with a safety collar specially designed to keep the retractable leash from falling back if the pet's collar comes apart.

Build: Strong and durable

Right off the package, the first thing you will notice is how big this Flexi dog leash feels. It is a rather heavy unit made of ABS plastic. The more weight gives you the much-needed peace of mind when your favorite pet starts building momentum in a particular direction. The leash itself and the internal retraction mechanism are quite stout and durable. During our experiment, it took multiple hits from our 60 pound bear while fully extended like a real champion. We dragged it through the mud amidst the bushes and down the gravel driveway – and this beast is still holding steady. This speaks volumes about the build quality of this long dog leash.

Open Leash Roller

The belt slot is molded in a "U" shape to avoid twisting the leash while it is being reeled in or out. Because of this prevention mechanism, the belt stays entirely flat and doesn't jam up the internal wheel. Moreover, the roll of the material hangs down than out in the front. This makes it much smoother and easy on the wrist when the leash is retracting. The internal wheel itself is only partially internal because the open leash roller can spool out like a well-oiled turbo machine when your dog sprints off into the distance.

Handle: Large and comfortable

Now, when we first came upon the Flexi dog leash and read the online reviews, one of the major complaints was the smaller handle. In our experience, all such complaints may hold weight if you are over 6'5" tall and have significantly larger hands. For ordinary people, the handle is big enough to accommodate even gloves during the winters. Besides, it is rubberized to give you a comfortable hold.

Locking mechanism: functional and easy to use

Onto the locking mechanism, which is considered critical, especially if you have an excited pet. Flexi has a unique locking mechanism that allows you to lock the leash at any specific length you find appropriate for the dog. The panic locking clicks in without showing any signs of breakage or wear and tear. In addition, the 2 stage lock mechanism is fairly easy and straightforward to use. All you have to do is push the main locking button with your hand's thumb and then push the secondary button forward with the help of fingers. And you are done. To unlock the leash, simply slide the secondary push button back to its original position.

Colors: Bright and reflective

The ribbon of the retractable Flexi dog leash is neon yellow in color, and the handle itself has neon yellow reflective side stripes, providing additional safety. Because of the neon yellow color, the retractable leash is visible even in the low lighting conditions or when you are walking the dog at night. Besides, if you're not a fan of yellow, then the outer casing is available in five other optional colors. These are Olive Green, Black, Petrol Blue, Orange, and Red.

Size and length

The Flexi Giant tape leash extends up to a distance of 26 feet (or 8 meters), which is more than enough when you are walking your dog in an open space or a park. What's more, it weighs just 1.6 pounds, which can be considered very lightweight compared with similar retractable leashes like, for instance, products by ThunderWorks. So if you are searching for a lightweight retractable dog leash, Flexi has got your back.


The product comes with a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty, so you're covered in case it gets damaged from typical use. Keep in your mind, however, that the manufacturer's warranty does not cover your dog chewing the leash.

Final thoughts

All said and done, if you have your own pet beast, the Flexi dog leash can keep it under control, if you need to pull your truck out of the mud, this long dog leash might just be able to help. The build quality is excellent. The German workmanship shows in every corner of the product. It is exceptionally strong and will be the last leash you will ever purchase. If you don't believe our words, try it out yourself! We have used it in freezing winters as well as sweltering heat of the summer, and Flexi's Giant Retractable Belt Dog Leash never disappoints. Yes, it is somewhat pricey, but if you want to control your big ass dog, you need a reliable and robust product that doesn't give out when your beast starts giving 'er. Overall, it's well worth the price.