Mar 1, 2022

Fletchers' Mill Border Grill Salt Mill Sprinkles With Ease


salt mill is one of the most critical tools in the modern-day kitchen. For every kitchenware, there are hundreds of products available in the market that claim efficiency and durability. However, in today's world, everyone is busy. You cannot go for the hit and trial method to get a suitable product. The manufactures, therefore, analyze the needs and circumstances of the end-users and come up with the most efficient solution. All you have to do is to analyze your needs and choose accordingly. From a patriotic perspective, you have to keep the USA-made label in mind.

Finding the right salt mill for your kitchen can be hard, especially when there are so many options. We value your time and hence carried all the needed research from different online forums to suggest the best possible solution. The following article will suggest the salt mill, which will surely prove the end of your salt mill search. Being USA-made, this mill is perfect for everyone.

This article also entertains all those readers who are short of time for any reason. If you are also one such reader, then the quick outlook section is for you. Take a quick look and save your time!

Fletchers' Mill Border Grill Salt Mill – Why you should consider it?

Fletchers' Mill Border Salt Mill is one of the friendliest accessories in the modern-day kitchen. From saving time to providing multiple settings, this salt mill fulfills all the sprinkly demands of a modern-day kitchen. Why? Because it is designed by Josh Schweitzer – renowned chef and TV personality. What’s more, Its manufacturers ensure that the user gets the most bang for the so-called bucks. One of the reasons why we prefer it is its USA origin. That’s because only a local manufacturer can fully understand the needs of the local customers. In the upcoming section, we will give a brief introduction about the makers and a review of the Fletchers' Mill Border Grill Salt Mill.

About the makers:

This salt mill is by Fletcher's, which had its humble beginnings in 1971. The brothers, Earl Fletcher and Wayne, wanted to start a business. But the shortage of resources made them mortgage their homes for starting their passion. They first took ownership of an antiquated mill that was operating as a blacksmith shop. The Fletcher brothers started with baby steps and started making tool handles, wooden nickels, and toy parts.

Through all these years of struggle, the 2nd-generation of Fletchers came up with excellence in their business. The brothers themselves know everything from top to bottom. Today it is a company of around 100 employees working for Mills, custom moldings, wood turnings, and finishing, along with custom-made wooden file handles and related accessories. From raw logs to the end product, every step is performed in-house and under strict supervision.

About the product:

The Fletchers' Mill Border Grill Salt Mill is an attractive and functional spin for the classic salt mill users. Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken, both being the professional chefs, own Border Grill. They have experimented a lot with the virtues of freshly ground salt, intending to look for the equipment that can last for a long time. The owners are on a mission to make US products that can compete with any other product in the world.

Fletchers' Mill Border Grill Salt Mill has been designed by Josh Schweitzer, who is an internationally acclaimed chef and architect. These salt mills have been equipped with a precise control achieved through a patented lock and grinding system. This USA-made unique mechanism provides consistency in operation. You can earn a perfectly fine grind for your fish cuisines or a homogenous medium grind for savory gravies or even a coarse grind for all your meat marinating. The mill has been made under quality control standards to make it user-friendly. It is a dream product for all those ambitious chefs who need complete control and a professional approach towards their cooking and seasoning.

It is one of the best products for all those patriotic chefs and even home users who need to invest in USA-made products. Investing in such products is surely a patriotic step to encourage the production of USA-made products.

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Salt Mill Features:

It is USA Made

All of the Fletchers' Mill solid wood products are specially crafted in the manufacturing facility of New Vineyard, ME. Especially Fletchers' Mill Border Grill Salt Mill is professionally made with sustainably harvested cherry wood. All the specially made Fletchers' Mill products are made to provide the best quality tools, including a salt mill, pepper mill, rolling pin, and many other gourmet cooking tools. Not only do these products provide excellent cooking ware opportunities for US markets but the manufacturing of these products serves as a source of generating American businesses and employment opportunities.

It follows Forest to Table approach

One of the most revolutionary trends in the restaurant industry is farm-to-table. The restaurants and other dine-in facilities offer locally grown food straight from the small farmers to the tables. The same is the case with Fletchers' Mill, which has been using this same approach. The company makes sure to utilize. All of the wood from sustainably harvested sources. Apart from providing quality products, the company also looks to pursue corporate responsibility with full strength. Consequently, all of the scrap wood and sawdust is recycled to make a wide variety of quality products.

More Grind settings

This professionally made salt mill provides almost 33 grind settings. One of the most remarkable features of this mill is its Locking Crown Nut which locks in the choice of grinds and saves you from the hustle of changing the settings again and again. These salt mills also have a modifiable nylon crushing system. All this comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Easy Cleaning mechanism

The salt mill is considered best among all other related products because of the inherent pop-out mechanism, which ultimately leads to easy cleaning. Thank you, Josh Schweitzer! There is almost no other brand, especially the USA brands, which can offer this feature. Those of you who are into cooking and managing the kitchen or related to the food and kitchen business on a professional level must know how much hustle cleaning is. So the makers of this mill have addressed the cleaning issue to make the product more clean-up friendly.


Fletchers' Mill Border Grill Salt Mill is introduced by the company, which has won The Maine Wood Products Association award. The Pine Tree Award is awarded to the most innovative Maine Wood Products manufacturer. By selecting this salt mill company, you are actually making the right decision, already endorsed by professional authorities. Moreover, Down East Magazine also awarded Fletchers' Mill with the 'Best of Maine' award in the Kitchenware category. It means the manufacturer has been able to prove its excellence on professional platforms.

In a Nutshell

If you have very little time to make the decision, then this roundup section is surely for you. Take a look at the pros and cons to make the most practical decision.


· Exceptional quality

· Made in the USA

· Optimum value for money

· Made from the sustainable natural resource of cherry wood

· Comprises of patented locking crown nut system

· Extraordinary grinding mechanism comprising of stainless steel parts

· Multiple grind settings providing almost 33 different settings

· Consistent in terms of grinding results

· Easy to clean

· Easy to wipe dry

· Available in different colors

· Available in multiple wood grains


· A bit expensive as compared to other salt mills available in the market

· Takes a while to achieve the right grind

· Does not contain a peppercorn viewing window

Final words

This 'made in the USA" kitchenware set proves that the local market best caters to local customers' needs. This award-winning 8-inch salt mill from Fletchers' Mill is a nice and stylish addition to your kitchen to start an exceptional grinding experience. It is a product made with the view of serving the local market with the best quality. Consequently, you will experience a professional grind as the 2-step mechanism of the mill is comprised of stainless steel parts to enhance the flavor of salt. As you get around 33 different settings, it is a complete solution for all the salt grinding purposes, whether you need it for a professional kitchen or a domestic one.

The makers of the mill have kept the assembly of this product very simple and user-friendly. All you have to do is turn the nut at the top crown in the clockwise direction for a finer grind. If you aim at a coarser grind, you need to move the nut in the counter-clockwise direction.

The "locking crown nut" is the most innovative feature for users. With this feature, you can easily lock the choice of grinds to ensure consistent salt grinding results. Being artistically crafted by Josh Schweitzer, this salt mill is the right choice for enhancing the kitchen's beauty along with the chef's efficiency. Its smooth surface entails a comfortable feel in your hand. Get this USA-made mill today and enjoy quality and efficiency.