Oct 16, 2021

Shears That Bring A Whole New Meaning To Metal Scissors


ommon mistakes in the kitchen are often associated with using metal scissors instead of shears for kitchen tasks. Here's why you shouldn't fall victim to this.

·        Shears pivotal point is located near the blade, away from the handle compared to scissors. This allows you to apply less force when cutting through tough material like chicken bones or rosemary stems. Most scissors won't be able to perform this task.

·        With scissors, food residue gets stuck between the blades. Shears are capable of the blades separating, making clean up a breeze.

·        Household scissors aren't food grade.

Every kitchen should be equipped with Zwilling Multipurpose Kitchen Shears!

Zwilling Multipurpose Kitchen Shears

Located in Solingen Germany, Zwilling J.A. Henckels has been making quality cutting equipment since 1731. They offer various shears for different jobs; however, here's why their Multipurpose Kitchen Shears can do it all.

Stainless Steel Material

The most common materials used when manufacturing shears, are stainless steel and carbon steel. While carbon steel has its advantages, it isn't considered superior to stainless steel.

In comparison to carbon steel, stainless steel has more corrosion resistance. Juice or any liquids won't make it rust and humidity is no match!

That is why Zwilling prefers stainless steel for its products' blades. Since stainless steel weighs more, you'll have more overall control. As a result, it’s easy to make precise cuts!

Process of Creating Blades

The manufacturing process of shears plays a vital role in its performance. Which is why Zwilling utilizes a proprietary four-step ice hardening process, called Friodur. This involves freezing the steel to -94°F, making an extremely hard and corrosion resistant blade that retains its sharpness and edge.


These shears are more than just a cutting utensil. They also serve as an opening device. You can open bottles, screw caps, lift jar lids easily. Just to name a few!


The blades of shears have two types of edges. The straight plain cutting edge may not make any sound, but micro-serrated ones hold the 'edge.'

Micro-serrated blades feature tiny grooves from top to bottom. These grooves can hold the food item in its teeth properly.  Hence, you can cut through meat with a single snip. On the other hand, the serration also protects the blade. Keeping its edge and staying sharp!

It's important to keep in mind that micro-serrated shears are difficult to sharpen. We don't consider it as a disadvantage per se. Blades with grooves rarely go dull, anyway.

Remarkable Handles

If you don't consider the handles of the shears before purchasing, then you're making a big mistake. Handles are responsible for making your cutting experience smooth and unchallenged.

Keeping this in mind, Zwilling boasts ergonomic handles with their product, giving you a firmer grip. This way, the blade won't slip when cutting through tougher food products such as meat. Furthermore, its smoothness won't strain your muscles. You can work with it for hours without resting your hand!

Bright Red Color

The bright red handles make them easily stand out in a kitchen full of equipment. We're basically saying they'll never go missing.

To ensure the shears keep their lustrous color, be sure to thoroughly and regularly clean them. By doing so, the blade will look as good as new for many years. Moreover, it'll play its part in improving the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

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Too busy to read the entire article? Don’t worry! Simply skim through the pros and cons.


·        Dimensions: 35.7 x 70 x 0.5cm

·        Weight: 157 grams

·        Material: Stainless Steel


·        Made from stainless steel, great for corrosion resistance

·        Humidity doesn't damage the blade

·        Having more weight, stainless steel blades allow for more precise results

·        The shears are manufactured through a Friodur ice-hardening process

·        Stamp blades are cut off from the stainless steel to make them flexible

·        The material is ice-hardened at -94 degrees Fahrenheit for durability

·        Perform multiple functions, such as bottle and screw cap opener and lid removal

·        Micro-serrated blade gives a proper hold on food, which results in no slippage

·        Doesn't damage easily when in contact with hard surfaces

·        Rarely becomes dull

·        Its handles allow a firmer grip to the user

·        The smoothness of the handle allows for easy operation

·        The red color makes it easy to locate


·        Hard to sharpen

Final Verdict

Finding a pair of shears ideal for your kitchen is never an easy task. First, you have to observe the quality of the material. Shears with cheap construction are likely to become trash in no time.

Second, the handles should not only be roomy, but they should also protect your hand. This means they should have enough room for your fingers to be comfortable. Moreover, they should let you exert pressure without hurting your hand.

Third, rust is the enemy of your blade. Becoming a victim of rust means that the kitchen shears have no room for recovery. Therefore, the blades should also be made of a material that has exemplary resistance against rust, stainless steel.

Fourth, shears should be all about convenience. They should be dishwasher-friendly!

Zwilling Multi-Purpose Shears are fully equipped for most tasks. While other cooks spend hours prepping their meals, you don't have to thanks to these shears. We recommend you get them as soon as possible!