Mar 1, 2022

This Bifold Wallet Can Be A Perfect Gift to Your Loved One


hoosing a gift for your loved one is as hard as choosing between a Macro’s Pizza or a Domino’s Pizza. You not only want it to be special but also one that they remember for a long time. I faced the same dilemma when I was looking for something memorable for my husband to give him on our anniversary.

After going through several e-stores in these times of the Pandemic, I came across a perfect gift idea that will surely bring a smile to his face. An old-fashioned but a slim bifold wallet. You may be asking why I spend money on a wallet when modern technology has introduced digital versions of them.

First, the stores that support the use of digital wallets are limited. These wallets aren’t able to gain the trust of most businesses. Till the rise of the popularity of the virtual pouch, we have to rely on traditional options.

Also, digital wallets depend on the network connection to handle your money. Just think that you are just about to check out. Your phone suddenly loses connection to the internet, or the battery dies. You will be standing there like an idiot who can’t even make a purchase.

Another point to be noted is that digital wallets encourage shopaholic behavior. If you don’t know the exact amount in your pocket, you will likely spend more than what you have. It is very tempting to buy a Tommy Hilfiger shirt.  Before you realize your mistake, you may be swimming in debt.

Hence, I went for a wallet that has a physical presence. In the market, the one who could catch my eye was Main Street Forge Bifold Wallet for Men. After reading the review, you will come to know why I made this choice.

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Main Street Forge Bifold Wallet for Men

The manufacturers of Main Streer Forge believe in keeping the originality of the products. They accept the fact that products made in the old days are better. On the mission to let their customers enjoy the features, they want to uphold the old ways. This is what I find to be highlighted in their wallet.

100 Percent Leather

Most individuals have adopted the notion that pure leather means animal cruelty. To get leather items, the industries mercilessly slaughter endangered exotic animals. This notion has been harming leather industries for decades to facilitate the increased production of faux leather.

Most of the time, real leather comes from dead animals. The animal was either sick or had an accident before his hide was taken off. Nevertheless, I still ensured that no animal in the making of this product. They will believe in protecting nature so coming generations can relish it.

Genuine leather has several advantages over PU ones. First, they are more durable than their replica item. Being made of 100 percent leather, this bifold wallet has developed exceptional resistance against wear and tear.

Still, scratches and scuffs will only add to its beauty. Real leather has the ability to showcase imperfections as a piece of exquisite art. It will mold every scratch to allure you away from other wallets.

Another thing that makes me prefer genuine leather over faux ones is the texture. 100 prevent leather feels more smooth and soft. Roughness is nonexistent, and it feels more natural. It will be hard for you to stop yourself from touching it repeatedly.

Full Grain Leather Wallet

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of full-grain and top-grain leather. Manufactured from the hide's upper layer, a full-grain leather wallet is the finest quality of leather that you can find.

With time, the full-grain material beautifies its appearance. Every mark on it becomes a story. They take the shape of an artistic impression.

As it contains more grains from the skin than other types of genuine leather, it can be labeled as more durable. However, they can be more breathable. No need to worry about moisture destroying your cards and banknotes.

Stitching: So That’s What’s Special

You may laugh at me for giving importance to the quality of stitching. Well, you see the pieces of strings hold your wallet. Compromising on their quality is like taking your life for granted.

As mentioned above, Main Street Forge is adamant about reviving the old ways. Therefore, most of their products are handcrafted. They don’t follow the mass production policy of China. This way, the producers ensure that every stitch is firm and unbreakable. They take care of it like it is their child. Hence, the sturdiness makes it ready for tough use.

Slim Bifold Wallet

With such great options in trifold wallets, you may be thinking, why did I go for a bifold one. Trifold may have more pockets, but in other areas, they fail to impress.

Bifold wallets have a slimmer design. They can fit into any pocket with ease as they do not adopt a bulky appearance. Just like shoes, the slim bifold wallet will break into you. It will fit into your front as well as a back pocket without causing any discomfort.

Furthermore, these wallets are a great place to store documents. We all know that we want documents such as a birth certificate to be in their original state. You want all information on the piece of paper to be clear and readable. You don’t want to fold too much as they will develop creases. As you have to close the wallet with one fold, the documents will not go through any shape-changing process.

Having more pockets doesn’t mean that a wallet has more space. Usually, trifold’s pockets have limited space as they have to be folded in other words, not the best place to store identity and credit cards. As the bifold doesn’t require much folding, you can enjoy the maximum space of its pockets.

Manufacturers kept these points in mind when choosing bifold features for this money storage. I believe they made the right choice.

Ample Room to Keep your Stuff

The Main Street Forge Wallet constitutes six pockets that have enough space for your cards and cash. A single card pocket can entertain two cards together. Consequently, the maximum number of cards that can be stored in it is eight. Furthermore, Part of the cash pocket’s bottom has been left unstitched, so it opens to its full capacity.

The only downside is that the slim bifold wallet does not have any coin pouch. You can’t put them in your cash pocket as they will slide out. Nevertheless, you can store your change in your jeans pockets. Just remove them from your pocket before washing your pants.


• Dimensions: 8.25x3.5x0.5 inches

• Weight: 3.2 ounces

• Colors: Tobacco Snakebite Brown, Avalanche Gray, Bootlegger Brown, Charred Oak, Midnight Black, Rio Latigo Brown, Whiskey Barrel Brown.


• Made out of 100 percent genuine leather

• No live animal was harmed in the making of this item.

• Durable material

• Scratches enhance its beauty.

• The material feels smooth and soft.

• Pleasant smell

• Dependency on full-grain leather taken from the top layer of animal skin

• The material makes it more attractive.

• It is sturdy due to having more grains than other materials.

• Breathable

• Protects the content of the wallet from moisture

• Stitching is done by hand.

• The company does not focus on mass production.

• Stitch is almost unbreakable.

• It can be used in tough conditions

• Being bifold makes it slimmer.

• It can be fit in any pocket

• Breaking ability does not make you uncomfortable.

• Perfect place to store your documents

• You don't need to fold the document multiple times.

• Doesn’t limit the space in pockets as it only needs to be folded once.

• Has six pockets

• Card pockets can hold two cards.

• Part of the bottom of the pocket is left unstitched for more space.


• Doesn’t have a coin pouch

Final Verdict

We have so many days giving tribute to our favorite man. Anniversaries, Father’s day, birthdays, husband appreciation day, etc. It becomes quite a headache to choose gifts to remind them how special they are for you.

The safest option is to go for the object which comes into their use daily. What can be a better option than wallets? Men require it to store not only cash and cards but to keep the photos of you in a safe place. That is what we love most about them.

Mainstreet Forge Bifold Wallet will address all their needs. They will not only enjoy its smooth texture but will also praise how comfortable it feels. Furthermore, they will also love its manly look.

Most men don’t feel comfortable in flaunting shades other than brown, black, and gray. They feel like colors other than these will make them look feminine. I know this notion is stupid, but we have to consider their choice. You wouldn’t believe how many shades of brown, black, and gray this wallet comes in. I didn’t even know that these shades even existed.

Mainstreet Forge's slim bifold wallet will surely impress your man. It removes the hassle of finding a place where a person can keep his documents. Furthermore, it does not need much maintenance. Reasonably priced, I could not make any excuse for not buying it.