Feb 20, 2021

Stereo headphones for high fidelity lovers


n this article, we have highlighted three over-ear wireless headphones for High fidelity lovers. These not only generate dynamic sound quality, but they also tend to be less damaging to the ears as opposed to in-ear headphones.

Since ears are precious and irreplaceable, it is better to accompany them with the best and most comfortable set of sound drivers that deliver a concert-like feel than to permanently damage them with a set of cheap mess.

Stereo Headphones Buyer’s Guide

Before getting to the details of these headphones. One may ask: Who Should Buy High Fidelity Headphones?

High-fidelity headphones are specifically made for music lovers in general. People focus on sound layering and focus on the deep individual aspects of music, rather than just bopping their heads along. If you are into listening or making podcasts, producing/enjoying music, or even listening to audiobooks, such headphones manage to give an excellent experience and make every second worthwhile.  

One may wonder, why not simply buy the first pair of headsets one finds. That’s the thing! Listening to sound uniquely stimulates our brains, which is why we are so particular in buying the right headset.

You could go for cheaper options present at any local corner store. But what's the use? They won’t deliver the in-depth sound quality, as these audiophile headphones will. Know that these headphones also range in their sound quality. That means there are different levels of sound performance, and different drivers exhibit many variations.

Sound Quality

You must decide between certain factors before making a definite buy. Different sets cater to different properties. Some prefer zero sound leakage, while others want a spatial listening experience. Some headphone sets are bass-centric, where dynamic drivers displace sound in a specific way. In contrast, others prefer to single out vocals or instruments.

Overall, you must keep an eye out for minimal distortion and steer clear unwanted frequency response peaks, which are commonly found in cheaper headsets.

Headphone Design

The way a headphone is shaped around your ear affects how the sound reaches your ear. Most importantly, a good hi-fidelity headset must be lightweight, and its cuffs must adapt to the shape of your ears.

It is common to find many headphones that carry smaller earpieces, negating the entire concept of covering the entire outskirts of your ear. Know that audiophile headphones carrying an ergonomic design are your best bet to luxury sound experience.

The ear cuffs help balance, minimize sound leakage, and isolate sound, the key to high fidelity. The cushions must be breathable. Otherwise, it will result in negative air pressure build-up, which is harmful to the ear.

While mixing sounds in your studio and layering in sounds, multi-tasking is key. A swiveling headphone design lets you cover one of your ears, perfect for one-ear monitoring, rather than taking the whole set off for a side task.

The next key feature to look out for is collapsibility. Collapsible wireless high-fidelity headphones are easy to store and have fewer chances of breaking due to the flexible structure.

Other specifics to look out for is an adjustable and comfortable headband. In addition to it, the overall structure must be manufactured from a durable impact-resistant material.

Why Wireless?

In plain words, wireless headphones make your life much easier. You do not constantly roam around in fear of entangling and damaging your headphone wires.

Wireless hi-fidelity headphones are great for workouts or sports. It allows you the freedom of movement and one less item to care about when you're on your way.

A side perk of wireless headphones is a detachable cable. It comes of use when you have forgotten to charge your headset. Have an eye out for these.

Price Point?

Hi-fi wireless headphones do not come cheap. But mind you, it is a one-time investment that goes a long way! These provide quality sound, comfort, and, most of all, consistency, which is vital in a high-fidelity headset.

Made In?

Before you ask, yes, it is important where they are made. If you are looking for a quality product, you likely won't find it in your local big box store.

Music producers, sound technicians, cannot go well with mediocre or below sound quality. If you are to create something worthwhile, you will have to invest in something credible as well. For critical studio mixing and mastering, investing in a German brand is a better option for you.

Stereo Headphones Product Reviews

#1 Grado Wireless Series GW100 Bluetooth Headphones

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The wireless series from Grado is a fine example of a high quality headset. These made in the USA open-back wireless headphones work with Bluetooth 4.2 and they have a wireless range up to 10m. The battery life runs an average of 15 hours if the volume stays 50 percent throughout that time. However, the playtime varies with volume and specific music genres. These wireless headphones are known for their impeccable sound quality, with a frequency response of 20 – 20,000 Hz; SPL 1mW: 99.8dB with a nominal impedance of 32 ohms.

This set comes with a Grado story-sheet, micro USB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, and the ability to call.  


- Go wireless, allows free movement, and saves time while setting up.

- It has ample Bluetooth distance.

- Long battery life.

- It can also be used for calls through a built in microphone.


- These aren’t over-ear, but on-ear headphones.

- They do leak some amount of sound.

#2 Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Open Studio Headphones

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Another competent buy for mastering professional mixing, layering, and editing is the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. it comes in three attractive shades of silver grey, grey and black. These studio headphones give off rank-worthy bass and treble and churn the sound to create a transparent and spacious feel with an accurate flat response. The Beyerdynamic is the definition of over-ear headphones. They create a silky soft circumaural boundary over the ear through the replaceable velour ear pads, making them super comfortable and perfect for long hours of work.  It carries a frequency response of 5-35000 Hz with a sound pressure level of 96dB. This set is connected to a single-sided 3.0m cable with a nominal impedance of 250 OHMS.


- Ear cushions are comfortable, they bear the load of the headset without fatiguing your ears.

- Carries tonal depth, to catch minor acoustic changes.

- Open back design allows spaciousness and depth.


- The headset grip is quite constricted and may be uncomfortable for some users.

#3 Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Studio Headphones

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When it comes to professional studio recording or sound technicalities, Beyerdynamic is the German brand to steer towards. The DT 770 PRO is a stylish and comfortable over-ear hi-fidelity headset, coming in attractive colors of black and metallic grey.

It's hi-fidelity sound is the main selling point that makes it great to work with, especially amongst music producers. The reason behind this is the flat frequency response ranging from 5-35000 Hz. The headset has a single-sided 3m cable to allow the wearer to easily move around without worrying about wires.

This version features a closed over-ear style, managing to isolate the user from its surroundings and focus on any intricate sound details.


- Comfortable and non-fatiguing earpads.

- High frequency promises high sound quality.

- These are strong and durable, perfect for long-term use.


- They do not have a collapsible design, storing them can be tricky.

- The headband might fit tight if you have a big head.

Final Thoughts

The headphones mentioned above aren’t just for professional musicians or music producers. These hi-fidelity headphones provide the best sound quality for their price, period. These headsets impart fine details and variations to your ears, leaving you immersed in the the beauty that is sound.