Jun 2, 2020

Making Perfect Tea With A Japanese Tea Kettle


piping hot Kettle of soothing tea or delicious green tea serves as the perfect start or end for day to day activities. Imagine starting your day (or evenings for that matter) without having a nice cup of this elixir of life. Yeah! We can’t either. Making tea, of course, requires boiling a pot of water first. While using your instant electric kettle for this purpose is undoubtedly convenient, it's never as calming a ritual as with a whistling Kettle. Why? Because whistling kettle lets you know when the water is ideal for pouring over your favorite tea. You don’t get that flair with an ordinary Kettle, do you?

Reader Note; If you don’t want to read through the entire article to know the advantages and disadvantages of this model, be sure to check out our Pros and Cons section at the bottom for a quick review.

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Reasons to get whistling Cattle

Apart from the classic ritual of stovetop models that makes us come back to them, there are other reasons too. For instance, they are a lot more durable and can easily last for a decade. No Jokes! You can bang them on the walls (though we wouldn't recommend that), and these Kettles will simply shrug it off.  They are also comparatively economical. This means you get more bang for the bucks.

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to find a Kettle that isn’t made in China. Sure, they are cheaper. But they don't last much longer. Besides, a low-quality kettle will develop bad odors that will seep into the water every time you boil. Luckily we came across one Kettle that not only exceeded our expectations but lasted longer than any other competitor. Yes, we are talking about the symbol of Japanese workmanship Yoshikawa Yj1943 Whistling Kettle.

About the Manufacturer

Based in Tsubame Japan, Yoshikawa has been a leading metal manufacturer of fine cookware for the past 70 years. Tsubame itself is a seaside town with a tradition of metal works dating back to the 1600s. This was the era when the locals started using Iron nails to protect their properties during the times of floods.  Today, Yoshikawa carries on that enthusiasm and manufactures all kinds of household and industrial products from stainless steel.


The kettle has a very simple, straightforward, and traditional design with no overly stylish contours. Yet its simplicity is attractive. It has a stainless steel body, a flat stainless steel bottom, and a wooden handle plastic whistle and nylon 66 resin. Even though the manufacturer claims it has a 2.5-liter capacity, we recommend using it for only 2.25 liters of water. The nozzle pours tea very smoothly without any drips or splatter. Moreover, there are two things we absolutely love about this model. First, the spout stays up until you close it down. Secondly, the handle moves out of the way, which makes filling it with water very easy.


In terms of performance, the most important thing to consider is how much time the kettle takes to boil the water. Sure thickness plays a significant role in this regard. Too thick, and the pot will take forever to boil the water. Too thin, and the base will give out after a couple of months due to heat. Some high-end models in the market are instead very thick. They take forever to boil water. We believe no one should wait for their tea too long. Luckily, this particular made in Japan model is neither very thick nor very thin. Its size is 23x18.9x24cm which can be considered ideal for all Kettles. The red warning triangle under the base lets you know the exact spot you should be focusing your burner on while using a gas stove. As gas stoves produce a lot of heat, we always advise not to turn up the heat all the way to avoid any damage to the base in the long run. This kettle is also compatible with induction stoves.


The Yoshikawa Kettle is made of stainless steel. Its body, as well as the bottom, has been labeled 18/8, which means it consists of 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel. These inert metals create a non-oxidizing and natural surface making the kettle highly resistant to corrosion and rust. While Stainless steel isn’t really a good conductor of heat, it’s thinness counteracts this limitation. Resultantly, the kettle heats up at a very decent speed. What’s more, it also ensures that no impurities end up in your boiling water. On the other hand, low quality Kettles made of Ceramics, cast iron, Aluminum, Copper and plastics contain many impurities like lead and other neurotoxins that can adversely impact your health. With Yoshikawa, you can be sure that your kettle is free of all these harmful metals. In addition, the whistle is made of durable plastic with a matte finish. Therefore, it matches the appearance of the handle and lid.


The Yj1943 is a very lightweight model. Its bodyweight is just 18.34 oz. That means even when the kettle is filled to the brim; it remains lightweight enough that you can dance around your house while holding it without any fear of ruining your carpet. Alright, I may have digressed a little, but you get the gist of what I am saying, right?


Because it is made of stainless steel, it won’t rust. Not unless you leave water sitting in the bottom for several days. In that case, you know who to blame. Rust seriously affects the durability of your kettle. Lesser quality Kettles tend to rust even after a few uses leaving you looking for another Kettle.  With Yoshikawa Yj1943 Whistling Kettle, rusting is never a problem. Hence, you will easily be able to pass it along to the next generation.  


Most of the people purchase a whistling kettle for, well, whistle. So it is pertinent to mention the sound waves it creates. Now, a quality whistling cattle may not play Beethoven’s symphonies, but it should be at least pleasing to the ears. With Yoshikawa, we are pleasantly surprised by how gentle yet clear the whistle is. It is not one of those shrill, annoying whistles you hear on most Whistling Kettles that makes you shut your ears. Instead, it is more like a pleasant harmonica note, gentle, distinctive, and sweet yet clear enough that you can hear it from afar. Furthermore, it slowly increases in volume after a while to make sure that the whistle is heard even if you are busy in another part of the house. Oh, and make sure the lid is closed correctly. Otherwise, the whistle won't blow.


That brings us to the most essential feature of any Kettle – handle. The last thing you want is reaching out to grab your boiling kettle on the stovetop and finding that the handle is almost as hot as boiling water. That's pretty painful, unsafe, and an easy way to ruin your morning (or evening). Luckily the handle of Yoshikawa Yj1943 is made of wood painted black. This means they don't get hot even for a moment. What some modern low-quality kettle manufacturer's do is, they manufacture the handle with wood but keep the spouting cap as metal. The problem with this design is that even if you can comfortably lift the kettle, the lid gets too hot, and you can't open it. This brings you back to square one – a burning hot kettle. Therefore the spouting cap should also be made to stay cool materials. Here, Yoshikawa has ensured that not only the handle but the lid and even the whistle is made of wood. So you get the most comfortable experience you can hope for.


While this whistling kettle is dishwasher safe, we recommend washing it with hands. This is because it is equally easy to clean by hands. Simply use soap and water, white vinegar, or a stainless steel cleaner to get the job done.


We have discussed the features in detail, now let’s take a look at the limitation. Some tea kettles come with a built-in infuser. Although very small in size, the infuser holds tea in the water and conveniently lifts off after a certain period. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t contain an infuser. You will need to use a separate tea infuser after purchasing this model. This is the only limitation of Yoshikawa Yj1943.


• Simple and traditional design

• Very lightweight, even when filled to the brim

• Stainless Steel construction is rust and corrosion resistant

• Heats up water quickly

• This kettle works on all stove types

• Has a pleasant and unique harmonica whistle

• Wooden handle stays cool

• It is dishwasher safe


• The instruction manual is all in Japanese

• Catches rust if the water is left in the bottom

• Has no built-in infuser

Final thoughts

Just get yours now. The Yj1943 Whistling Kettle is an excellent bang for the bucks. Yes, it does cost a little more than the usual made in china models, but it is much more durable. And considering its useful features, this whistling kettle is a must-have for any tea lover.