Feb 4, 2022

Top Outdoor Equipment That Brings Convenience To The Wild


on’t you feel like leaving the hectic schedule of urban life behind and becoming one with nature? Nowadays, most people dream of moving to the wilderness to enjoy the serenity, which has become rare in cities.

Even though the Australian Tourism advertisement has shown the composed side of nature, living in the Daintree Rainforest is another story. The reason is that we have gotten used to the comfort provided by modern technology. For example, our body is not capable of handling bacteria-ridden water anymore.

Realizing human beings’ connection with nature, several companies have introduced trekking equipment that makes your trip to the wild similar to the life you are living in your apartment. Here are a few of the products that will pique your interest.

Sawyer MINI Water Filtration System

You went to Santa Fé do Sul to catch a fish, not to catch an incurable disease. Bacterias and viruses such as Legionella, poliovirus, and E.coli consider unfiltered water to be their resting spots. One sip, and you will spend the rest of your vacation in the bathroom or, worst-case scenario, in hospital.

Also, you are visiting another side of the world to explore every inch of it instead of spending hours boiling water and cooling it down.

For an unlimited supply of fresh and clean water, we introduce you to Sawyer MINI Water Filtration System. Collaborating with churches and NGOs, Sawyer has been on a mission of providing fresh water to individuals belonging to less fortunate areas.

What can be a better option than a business which is upholding such a noble cause?

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Fiber Membrane

The fiber membrane is an essential part of the filtration system. For best results, the manufacturers depend on hollow fiber membrane for MINI. Containing micro-pores not bigger than 0.1 microns.

The only thing that will enter your mouth is water. These pores will not permit microplastics, bacteria, and viruses to have easy access to your body.

Strength of the Membrane

If you think the MINI’s membrane will break under a small amount of pressure, then you cannot be more wrong. The combination of thick fiber walls with a small inner diameter strengthens it more than most hollow membranes.

Moreover, proper encasing of hollow fibers protects them from damage. That is why a single MINI filter can clean up to 100,000 gallons of water before it needs replacement.


Sawyer knows that living in the wild can be unpredictable. There will be several situations where only a filter system won't be enough. Hence, Sawyer has included several accessories which make you ready for anything.

MINI has the capability of filtering only 0.5 liters of liquid at one time. That is why it comes with a 16-ounce pouch for storage. After emptying it, you can roll up the pouch and store it anywhere. You can also fasten the filtration system on disposable bottles with 28mm thread.

If you need water in an emergency situation, then rely on its 7-inch drinking pipe. Just attach the filter to the straw and drink directly from the water source. You will feel like you are drinking from Crater Lake.


• Dimensions: 4x3x8 inches

• Weight: 2 ounces

• Color: Blue


• Cleanse water from microplastics, bacteria, and viruses due to its 0.1-micron micropores.

• Having more durability than most of the hollow fibers as it has thick fiber walls with a small inner diameter.

• Encased hollow fibers.

• One product can filter 100,000 gallons of water.

• Includes easily storable 16-ounce water pouch.

• 7-inch drinking straw for drinking from the water source directly.

• It can be fitted on bottles with 28mm thread.


• Can filter only 0.5 liters of water at one time.

Lightning Nuggets N100SEB Super Economy Fire Starter

Why do you think Zeus punished Prometheus for stealing fire and giving it to mankind? He believed that fire will give hope to mankind and will reduce the importance of god in front of feeble humanity.

Fire can come to use in several cases when you living in the wilderness. Not only it may be your only source of light, but it will keep you warm in colder climate places. Furthermore, fireworks perfect for scaring away wild animals.

If you want to have a party with nature then why don’t you arrange a bonfire? Therefore, Lightening Nuggets N100SEB is a great addition to your backpack.

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The manufacturers have chosen pinewood as a composition material for their product. Pinewood tends to start a fire at a faster rate than other materials. The reason is that this wood has a lower density.

Another advantage is that it can produce heat in a shorter amount of time. In other words, you will be cozily snacking on marshmallows as soon as you start a fire. This doesn’t mean that the heat will last long. Being a softwood, the material isn’t able to retain heat for an extended period.

Smells Nice

Wouldn’t it be nice that your camping area fills with pleasing aroma whenever you start a fire? Lightning Nuggets N100SEB is on duty. The smell of nature mixing up with barbeque is something you will never forget.

Protects Environment

You spend money to start a fire, not buy extra products. These lightning nuggets will burn wood without any need for additional products such as kerosene or newspapers.

This way, they also protect the nature that you love. Kerosene fumes can cause dizziness and drowsiness. If not treated, it can lead to loss of control on muscles and coma. Similarly, burning paper releases gaseous pollutants into the atmosphere.


• Dimensions: 1.25x2x2 inches

• Weight: 6 pounds

• Quantity: 100 pieces


• Made of pinewood which has a low density

• Easily burns up

• Has attractive aroma

• Doesn’t need the assistance of kerosene or newspaper.


• Doesn’t produce heat for a longer time.

Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool

Your car went kaput in the middle of nowhere, and you don't have enough tools to fix the minor fault. Another situation can be that a bunch of berries just caught your eye but picking them up is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

As you have to pack light, you need a product which consists of every tool that you may require on your trip. You can say Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-tool is the answer to your prayers. Containing 18 tools, you can travel around the world without any worries.

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All Locking Feature

You are about to perform a complex procedure of cutting a wire. You are just to grab it in the jaws of a wire cutter that suddenly the bottle opener decides to come into action. In other words, the most multi-tool mechanism can become a nuisance.

The All Locking ability of Leatherman Wave Plus will keep the tools in check. You can also put pressure on the tool, and it won't move an inch from its place.

Outside-Accessible Capability

Wouldn’t it be nice that you can access the tools even if the equipment is closed? This feature will be a blessing if you are working in a limited space. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers have included this feature in their products. Resultantly, Leatherman Wave Plus mimics the functionality of pocketknife.

One-Hand Operation

Working in the wild requires multitasking. You may have to cut down the branches while clearing out some spider webs. You have to use your hands to their full potential.

Leatherman tool is made in such a way that you can use it with one hand. You can mix the ingredients of your soup while cutting down some vegetables. Multitasking will never be a problem.


• Dimensions: 4x1.5x0.8 inches

• Weight: 11.2 ounces

• Material: Stainless Steel


• Contains 18 tools

• Tools can be locked in place.

• They can be accessed without opening the device.

• It can be used one-handed


• Pilers are not springloaded.

Sierra Dawn Campsuds Outdoor Soap

Our innocent-looking household soaps and detergent can have adverse effects on the environment that you can’t even imagine. Most soaps are not bio-degradable and release cadmium and arsenic when coming in contact with water sources.

However, it is impossible that you travel without cleaning anything. Reusing clothes and utensils without cleaning will only make you sick. Furthermore, you don’t want to kill forest residents with your bodily odors. The best option you have is to purchase Sierra Dawn Campsuds Outdoor Soap.

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It is composed of cleaning agents extracted from vegetables, purified water, and essential oil. The natural ingredients give it the capability of biodegradability.

Just dig 6 to 8 inches deep hole in the mud. Pour the soapy water inside the hole and let the mud bacteria do its magic.


The soap can be utilized for multiple purposes. As it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, it is an ideal choice for being used on the skin. Furthermore, it can get rid of tough stains such as grease from clothes or ketchup from dishes.

Sierra Dawn doesn't throw fit regarding water's temperature. Whether it is cold or hot, the soap will give its best result. Moreover, it can also perform while being in contact with saltwater.


• Dimensions: 5.16x4.21x1.81 inches

• Weight: 9.07 ounces

• Bottle Color: Green


• Made up of harmless vegetable-based ingredients, purified water, and essential oil

• Biodegradable

• Can work on skin

• Removes tough stains

• Work with a wide range of water temperatures.


• Produces pungent smell

Final Verdict

For a trip to African grasslands, you have to pack light. You can’t carry an electric stove on your back when jumping on the fallen branch in Isidenge forest. This means that you need the urban facilities in small packages.

Therefore, this Amazon camping equipment should be part of every backpack. These products will let you enjoy your trip without you worrying about necessities. You can say they are the best companions you can ask for.