Mar 4, 2022

This Outdoor Charcoal Grill is perfect for all the Patriotic Chefs


ood is both a necessity and a luxury for modern humans. With advancements in technology and change in human tastes and needs, you can see plenty of new inventions both for food making and processing.

Whether you need some food equipment for domestic purposes or you are in search of professional equipment, there are hundreds of options available in the market. From electric kettles to fryers and grills every piece of equipment comes with enhanced features day by day. The same is the case for a Charcoal grill. Just as the trend of healthy eating is increasing the need for grilled food is also at its peak.

When you search for cooking grills you will get bombarded with hundreds of options. To ease the way we have carried research to help you pick the grill, you can trust. Our top pick is one of its kind with all the remarkable features you would not find in any other Charcoal grill claiming to be the best.

You will surely like this unique charcoal grill once we discuss its distinctive features. But first, let’s take a quick review about the critical features one needs to consider before making the purchasing decision of a charcoal grill.

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Buyer’s Guide for Charcoal grill purchase

If you are yearning for some delicious food straight off the grill then you need to invest in a quality product. Here we have summarized some key features which you need to consider before making the purchase.

1. Gas or Charcoal

You must know what you want from your grilling experience. In the market, you will come across both gas and charcoal grill. However, the charcoal grills come up with more savory options because of the smoky effect from the coals. Although advocates of the Gas grill highlight the time savings of gas, if you invest in a good quality charcoal grill, your food will heat up more quickly.

2. The frequency of use

The frequency of usage is one critical factor that will govern the ultimate buying decision. If you will be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs on special occasions then it is not advisable to invest in an expensive grill. However, if you are a regular cook or you are a professional chef then investing in an expensive option is a wiser decision.

3. Cooking surface

Another critical factor is the cooking surface of a particular grill. If you are frequent in large cookouts you need to have a grill that can provide enough surface area on your grill. It will save your time as you will cook large numbers at once. On the other hand, if you are a small family or you use grill rarely it is not worthwhile to spend extra bucks for extra space.

4. Storage and accommodation

When you are bringing the grill at home then you must not only focus on using the grill but also on its accommodation and storage, especially when not in use. So ask about the covers to protect your grill from the effects of heat and moisture.

If you are purchasing the grill in an area with lots of snow and grill then look at a grill with good sturdy handles and wheels that will make the movement of the grill easier. There are portable grills available in the market which can be folded right up for easier storage.

5. Miscellaneous Features

Temperature control must be in your mind. Grilling the food demands efficient temperature controls to ensure lip-smacking food. Before buying a grill look for its temperature control options. Other features to consider include the dampers, thermometers, lids, and ash removal mechanism.

The market is full of options for good purchases for experienced cooks who want much greater flexibility and the latest grill technology. But do not get trapped by these add-ons. You may end up paying extra for the features which are of no use to you. For learners or new users extra features may become confusing so it is better to buy a grill with user-friendly features. Look for a grill that can serve your grilling needs at a much reasonable price. For this, we have researched a product for you.

Weber Original Kettle 22-Inch Premium Charcoal Grill

The Weber Original Kettle Premium, invented by Weber’s founder is loved all around the world. It is s ultra-durable, featuring a porcelain-enameled lid and bowl to retain heat, with the dampers providing precise and consistent temperature controls. The grill is smart for everyday users with its One-Touch cleaning system to avoid the fatigue of cleaning after a tiring day of grilling. The Weber Original Kettle Premium will always be the best choice.  

This grill is about 25 inches wide, 22 inches long, with a height of around 38.5 inches. It comprises a porcelain-enameled bowl with a matching lid having glass-reinforced nylon handles. The bowl grill has a fine steel finish to make it resistant to moisture, rust, and wear and tear.

Let’s look into detail about its prominent features making it the best choice for charcoal grill buyers.

1. A proud making of USA

The most prominent thing you notice in the first look is that the grill is very well made. Its durability speaks for its quality. The manufacturers of this grill are a prestigious name in the food processing industry, hence all those people who have been betrayed by the low-quality China products can find the rescue by buying this product.

2. Easy To Clean

Its unique One-Touch cleaning system is liked by most of the users as it entails a hassle-free cleanup of all sort of debris especially charcoal ash by swiping it directly into the ash catcher which itself is rust-resistant.

3. Precision in Heat Control

You can precisely control the temperature even without lifting the lid. The easy-to-use dampers are made to ease the temperature control functions. When you close the dampers completely, it will cut the oxygen flow so you can extinguish coals quite conveniently.

If we give a detailed look at the overall structure of the Weber Kettle Premium grill, the porcelain bowl with the synchronizing lid looks like an apple-shaped pot. Its safety handles are a plus. The making of the bowl is carefully researched hence its porcelain enamel can endure a temperature as high as up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Withstands High temperatures

You can easily opt for either indirect or direct grilling. The option to arrange charcoal on the fuel grate can give a variety of grilling options.

5. Durable Wheels

Its durable wheels enable you to easily move the grill all around the yard. It also presents an additional feature of withstanding the elements.

6. Durable Cooking Grate

This grill is known for its plated steel cooking grate which is highly durable and easy to clean. As the grate is durable so you can ensure constant heat retention and consistent grilling.

7. Superior Heat Retention

The lid is a Porcelain-enameled lid that retains heat for consistent temperature throughout the cooking. The finish of the lid and bowl also prevent the grill from cracking, rusting, and peeling even in the high grilling temperatures.

8. Shields Handle from Heat

The grill is equipped with a heat shield which prevents the lid handle from getting too hot.

9. Convenient Lid Placement

This charcoal grill comes with an angled lid hook, the signature feature of Weber Original Kettle Premium so that you can conveniently hang the lid on the side of the grill. Placing the lid directly on the ground can turn into mishaps so the features provide extra safety and convenience.

For a quick overview here is a brief account of its pros and cons


• Made in the USA- the ultimate option for patriots

• Has a Charcoal Grill which stands as a winner in all of its competitors within the Weber brand itself.

• Contains an inbuilt thermometer to provide precision in the cooking temperature

• Contains double plate steel cooking grates

• Presents a triangular design of the grill making the structure stable, sturdy, and strong.

• Can cook a versatile variety of food

• Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl Retain heat, and won’t rust or peel

• CSA listed and ANSI certified


• The thin metal finish has been found to transfer heat to the surface

• Hand gloves are needed while lifting the lid


Next time when you plan for a feast with roast turkey, beer can chicken, or braised hams, you must know what you should be opting for!

Imagine your back yard all full of a loving crowd full of laughter and giggles. All you will need to enhance your enjoyment will be the perfect charcoal grill and the purchase of Weber Original Kettle Premium Grill will make your dream come true. Presenting a 10-year warranty,  CSA listed and ANSI certified there is nothing more reliable than this purchase.

With an even heat distribution, slow and steady heat retention, and with a larger cooking space than its contemporaries, this Weber Original Kettle grill fits your brief of an ideal charcoal grill. If you are a patriotic buyer this grill is surely your next purchase.