Jan 9, 2020

Durable screwdrivers that will last generations


ome people think that screwdrivers merely stand as a gadget for tool junkies, while others who are smarter and make the best use of a screwdriver consider it as a basic home necessity. This screwdriver set takes DIY projects to the next level as you can manage household chores such as installation and repairing with much ease. These screwdrivers come in an array of sizes to help solve all those small-time tasks on your end.

Wiha and Picquic Screwdrivers & Tools Will Last Generations

The modern world is getting more DIYey with time. Therefore it is necessary to have a set of tools to rely on. Tools like screwdrivers are high in demand because of this reason. But having a screwdriver is not enough. You need a set that is durable enough to fix issues with ease, as well as one that lasts a long time. If you're really curious to get your hands on the best screwdrivers available on the market today, the very first thing to keep in mind is, never go for the cheap variant. More often than not, cheap import screwdrivers are poorly built and hence become less reliable. Even though they claim to offer multiple functionalities on the go, they fail to fulfill the essential functions when you need it the most.

Before that time arrives, you'll be glad you read this article. This write-up aims to end your quest for the most durable screwdrivers. Ones that won’t leave you in the dark. At the same time, the screwdrivers mentioned below offer the best functionality and value for money. So let’s get started with our reviews.

Wiha 26190 Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver set

There are 7 screwdrivers of different sizes and functionalities in this set. And it gets even better with the 6.3 inch long nose pliers, to pluck and yank with ease. Thanks to German Technology for bringing out this durable screwdriver set. It is made of chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel. What makes it great to use, is staying corrosion-free and offering the best wear resistance for ages. The chrome finishing on this toolset makes it very durable with an everlasting luster. As simple as can be, there is no rocket science when it comes to using this tool set.

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Made in Germany

The premium-quality, cadmium-free plastic on the handle offers maximum grip and smooth rotation. Similarly, the machined tips have been made with precision. The tapered shape of the screwdriver gets it all done effortlessly. Unlike the cheap variants, which end up taking more effort and wasting time. At the end of the day, it's all about working smarter, not harder.

Picquic 88001 Multi-Bit Screwdriver set

What if we hand you over the instant solution for all your repairing and installation needs? Along with not having to change your screwdriver every other time. That's what PicQuic (pronounced as Pick Quick), aims to do with this magical tool. The Canadian brand names this variant as, 'SixPac Plus' as the seven bits included in the package help you with multitasking on the go. The ergonomic grip allows you to have all the control by your side, so you go care-free without giving any sudden slip a thought. Equipped with the instant bit storage and change system, makes all the processes of using this tool super convenient.

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The full size 7 - 8 inch shank offers the torque you need, and with having it by your side, pulling out the toughest screws becomes effortless. The Anodized Aluminum Alloy Shank is corrosion-free, and that's the kind of quality that enables manufacturers to offer a lifetime guarantee. At the same time, the multi-bits are precision-machined to withstand all the tough and tedious tasks that you'll get into.

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Made in Canada

Picquic aims to make a difference with this tool, both for your home and professional use. Furthermore, this toolset leverages maximum efficiency for all sorts of tasks. Moreover, the instant-bit change system and storage right there in the handle, make it all enjoyable with ease for the non-professionals at home. It just makes everything much easier as you don't have to compart space for 7 different screwdrivers for various tasks.

Wiha 40010 Magnetizer or Demagnetizer

You might be struggling with yanking a screw or fixing one. This hopeless situation perpetuates, and only worsens the harder you try to fix it by using your brute force. So, here is a pocket-sized shatter proof box to power up the screwdriver with a magnetizing or demagnetizing function. This small gadget is straightforward to use.

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This product is compatible with parts and tools at least 1.35" in length, and 1/8" in diameter. Also, it's a professional-grade tool providing you with a helping hand in all minor and major repairs. Shock-resistant in nature, this compact gadget is a great deal when you're dealing with stubborn screws or failing to align them. Apart from the screws, it helps one with the blades and tweezers too.

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The only solution to durable screwdrivers is to buy a set by the best manufacturers in the business. The likes of Wiha and PicQuic offer maximum comfort and convenience to professionals, by providing an ergonomic design. Moreover, the anodized aluminum shank offers one of a kind resistance against wear and tear, and corrosion.