Dec 12, 2019

Baffin Boots are the most functional pair of women's winter boots


rafted in the cold winters of Canada; that rival those of the Antarctic, Baffin Footwear Apparel has been over-engineered to perform even in the harshest conditions. When crafting these northern marvels, a combination of elements, layering systems, comfort, and compounds are considered. This has allowed Baffin Boots to achieve a rating of -100°C. The lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth is −89°C, at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica, on July 21, 1983. That’s over-engineering for you!

Made in Canada

Company statement and a brief overview of philosophy:

Since 1979, Baffin has crafted products in Stoney Creek, Canada – with its core focus and expertise being technically advanced, top-notch quality apparel. Baffin formulates, develops, inspects and manufactures one of the world's top-performing cold-weather and full-season footwear and apparel products. Whether it's an outdoor adventure or an industrial safety application. Everything they do is with a purpose.

Brands survive and thrive on stories that create the brand image. Baffin has such a symbolic story that cannot be ignored. In the early 2000s, Paul (the CEO of Baffin) was challenged by a friend to really put his boots to the test. Sure, Baffin products were put through the rigorous test in factories and labs, but how many Presidents and CEOs take their products out themselves and make sure that they perform well in the natural environment?

In 2006, Paul Hubner wore his -100°C insulated winter boots to both the North and South Poles in the same year. Despite intense temperatures, exhaustion, wet ice, dry ice, wind, and snow - the boots endured the elements. “Polar Proven” was born and remains at the core of Baffin’s product philosophy today. This portrays the commitment of the brand, and its CEO to the products that they create.

Product Description:

Baffin Boots Chloe is a woman footwear apparel product that boasts temperature ratings suitable for everyday winter wear. Baffin’s proprietary inner boot layering technology guarantees to keep you warm during moderate to high activity in temperatures as low as -40°C. This product has an Arctic Rubber Shell, EVA Midsole, and Polar Rubber Outsole specifically designed for a women’s foot. If you are looking to tread outside in the winters without worrying about the temperature and snow conditions, then this product is for you. These boots are available in five colorways.

Features and Benefits That Make Baffin Boots Chloe Superior to Its cheaper Counterparts:

Being manufactured in Canada - one of the coldest countries in the world, only adds to the strength of this product where the quality is truly apparent. The same cannot be said for other manufacturers and brands who look to only copy and mass produce products without giving any serious thought to the practicality. Some of the highlighted features of Baffin Boots Chloe are listed below:

  • Temperature Rating: -40ºC/-40°F
  • Liner: Removable, Baffin multi-layer inner boot system
  • Base: Arctic Rubber Shell, EVA Midsole and Polar Rubber Outsole designed especially for women's feet
  • D-ring front lace fastening system
  • Faux-fur collar and sidepiece
  • Waterproof suede, leather upper

Baffin Boots are created from a combination of special polymers as well as waterproof suede and leather, which can last you a lifetime. Several layers of cold protection are incorporated as well as a waterproof suede and leather piece, that is used in the upper portion to prevent snow and water from sticking to the Baffin boot. Now with Baffin Boots, you can hold onto your toes and look fashionable!

What are my views about Baffin Boots Chloe?

I usually hate winter boots. They're big, bulky, and feel clunky walking around in. But Baffin boots have completely changed my outlook. They're comfortable, waterproof, light, easy to put on in a rush, and they look good too. I am extremely happy with the way these boots perform. Made in Canada is the way to go.

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Cheap Fabrications:

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Don't be fooled by the, "similar quality" other cheap companies claim to offer. All of the materials they use are compromised. Especially the rubber used for the outsoles.

Final words...

Hopefully this article was able to guide the readers to a better market for winter boots. Baffin boots can be considered the 'King' of winter boots. Not only providing protection from the harsh winter, but also being lightweight and comfortable! I definitely recommend them!