Jul 28, 2020

The best leather belts from around the world


leather belt may seem like an optional accessory for your outfit, but everything will seem incomplete until you put one on.

A great quality leather belt goes a long way to seamlessly tie an outfit together. Not only do these contraptions serve their purpose of holding up your pants, but they also accentuate your style and add some pizzazz to your overall look.

People who wear good leather belts are taken more seriously. As opposed to the shaggy looking folk, who has no belt and looks extra plain Jane. All you need to do is invest in a great quality belt that compliments your outfit and style.

Men's belts for any occasion

There are different types of belts, suited to different occasions.


These are usually patterned, in line with fabric shoes, or are made animal patterned and usually not made from full grain leather.

Formal Wear

We all know and love the glossy leather belts with shiny shoes.  Formal wear is simpler and usually varies from matte to shiny.

After choosing the desired type of belt, there are many other factors that you must consider before pairing it with your ensemble of choice.


The face of a great leather belt is its buckle. There are mainly three types. These include Frame, Box Frame, and Ring Style. It depends on the person’s own personality when it comes to choosing one. Though, large and round buckles are considered casual, whereas slimmer alternatives fashioned in gold and silver are considered more formal.

There is another detail you must keep in mind. A single leather belt can have more than one buckle. And this is made sure through a snap-on buckle. It lets you change style according to the occasion. People even tend to pay more for snap-on buckles on their leather belts as opposed to the stitched-on forever ones.

Stay away from the cheaper brass ones, they will lose their color and stain your pants.


Your strap type is another clear indicator. Though a great quality leather is considered timeless and goes with whatever ensemble you pick. However, there are straps of other materials too to mix and match. Leather belts with ribbon style rims are also a great way perking things up. Beware, your pick will make or break your entire look.


Your leather belt will only look great if it fits great. There are two sizes that you need to take care of. The waist and the width to fit the loops in your pants.

You can always choose the right size by wrapping the belt and testing it out. Though when purchasing it online, buy the belt labeled 1-2 inches higher than your waist / pants size. This way you'll end up with a better fitting belt, and be able to wear it in the correct position too!

Buying Tips

Here's where it gets serious. Grabbing the correct belt. Although made of leather, things can go either amazing or horribly wrong. Beware! A cheaply made belt may look and feel great, and even stick with you for one to two years. But no more!

The perfect leather belt will have neat and clean stitching, that too on both sides, with no lose strays hanging around. If you see the leather glued together, don’t buy that cheap mess!

The fine tight construction of a belt with no loose stitches or ends is the key to a great leather belt.

Flex the belt to check the age of leather. Leather that cracks or is brittle is a clear indication of it not being genuine. True leather aces the fingernail test. All you need to do is scratch the belt to see if fine lines are left. Good textured leather will not wear away that quickly.

Your belt must have an adequate number of holes. At least 5 to assure quality. The rip offs often only provide three holes, as their 'leather' tears away if more holes are punched. You know what to do when you see that junk!

Lastly, a great leather belt will have an easy to open buckle. Smooth workability is what you require. Swiftly working latches make a great leather belt!

Made In?

If the wave of information about leather belts has managed to make an impact, you must be wondering why we refer to relying upon genuine products.

Well, the reason is simple. Cheaply made products will ultimately result in your money going down the drain!

We present you the finest of leather belts crafted in Italy, Canada and USA. Not only do they perk up your style, but are also guaranteed to last!

Reviewing some of the Best Men's Belts

#1 Cowhide Leather Canadian Made Belt - Brown

Canadian Mens Belts

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Made in Canada. This belt has managed to excel within all belts we reviewed.

Main Features:

This sleek and stylish belt is crafted from genuine Cowhide. So, you don't have to worry about quality when its Canadian-made. You will be mesmerized by the raw beauty of the black and brown leather offered.

Available in a wide range of sizes, these leather belts range from size 30” to 44”. The belt’s width is around 40mm. So it will pass through any pants' loop easily, that too without getting stuck.

Apart from the 100% leather quality, this belt has a sultry almost matte leather finish. So, you can pair it with any outfit. Irrespective of it being formal or casual.

The buckle is the classic frame type. It’s a smooth and durable piece that will not rust or lose its workability. That is the guarantee these genuine products supply. You do not have any stitched seams, as the leather is raw and present in all its natural form.

The leather belt has passed our scratch finger test with flying colors!


• Genuine cowhide leather makes it durable

• Adequate width to fit most pants

• It doesn't wear away easily, even from repetitive use

• Available in a great range of sizes

• Suits both formal and casual wear


• Not many holes to adjust the tightness (You can always bring it to a shoe cobbler to have more holes punched)

#2 DUDU Full Grain Leather Belt for Men made in Italy

Italian Mens Belts

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Next, we have a two-tone frenzy, DUDU leather belt. From professional meetings to the dance floor, this Italian-made leather belt will stand up to every occasion.

Main Features:

This two-tone leather belt is backed by a California Blue and Deep-set black.

Its material is crafted from Calfskin Nappa Leather, carrying a full and rich grain. A height of 3.4 cm and weighs 180 grams. This is a sharp cut leather masterpiece, so you don’t have to worry about nasty glued on tones you often find at cheaper prices.

This Italian-made leather belt is fashioned from a prong buckle, made from matte gunmetal. The dark matte finesse adds subtlety to the bright color tone. The rectangular frame and dark frame compliment any pant you wear and accentuates the tone of its belt.

A masterpiece made in Italy! This belt has managed to pass our finger scratch test, especially in the buckle area where it faces the most friction.


• Premium quality leather does not shed off easily

• Two-tone, perfect for both casual and formal

• The width sits perfectly through any pant loops

• Gunmetal buckle does not rust or bend from weight

• Non-stitch sharp cut, no need to worry about loose threads


• Only one tone variation is available

• Only three holes (You can always bring it to a shoe cobbler to have more holes punched)

#3 Colonial Belt Company Men’s Made In USA Casual Leather Belt  

usa mens belts

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The third in our famous list of leather belts, is American-made. Another classic style, available in a range of colored leathers to woo anyone.

Main Features:

A great sharp cut leather belt made from 100 percent original leather. This is full-grain leather, that lives up to its strong and durable nature.

The leather is quite soft and flexible, fitting a wide range of waists. This makes it perfect for everyday jeans, or even formal occasions.

How? Because its soft leather finish exudes class and personality. This leather belt ranges from sizes 32” to 44”.

Furthermore, it has a steel broad frame buckle. The silver steel goes well with the matte black finish. Its width matches the wide buckle.

The most intriguing part of this leather belt is its ability to be hand washed. The leather will not deter in quality when exposed to soap or water!


• Made from 100% real leather

• Can be hand washed with ease

• Flexible and soft

• Available in a range of colors

• Sharp cut edges, no excess threads


• Lacks variety in buckle shapes

Final Thoughts

After reading everything we had to say about fine-quality leather belts, you must now be aware of how important it is to buy a genuinely made product!

We say it again! Faux leather or ‘mixed’ leather is just not worth having around your waist. Investing in a great quality leather belt will not only save you money, but it will last a very long time. If not, a lifetime!