Apr 28, 2020

Blu Tack is a Handyman's Best Friend


ho doesn’t love a multipurpose product? Whether you're just a DIY enthusiast, an occasional work-person, a hobbyist, or a master tinkerer, you need a versatile item in your toolbox to hold your back. Blu Tack is a multipurpose product that can solve a plethora of household predicaments within seconds. And we're not joking about it. From cleaning surfaces and cables to attaching lightweight objects to doors and walls, this adhesive putty takes care of everything. That's why it is a must-have item for every handyman. Below are 10 useful ideas to get you started on your love affair with Blu Tack.

Blu Tack is a global leader in adhesive technologies, made in the UK.

Hide the Cable Mess

Cords and cables are an eye-sore in any room. Nothing stands out more than a tangle of wires. Even a single cord has the surprising ability to make any space look like a hot mess. Aesthetics aside, awkwardly placed electronics are also an inconvenience. There is always the risk of tripping over. That’s where Blu Tack comes to the rescue. With its help, you can take cables and attach them to walls or sides of furniture – out of sight. Organizing your cables with putty also makes them easy to access whenever needed.

Make Your Rugs Slip-Free

While non-slip rug pads are a great innovation, quality ones will cost upwards of $100. Of course, it depends on the size of your rug too. But why spend extra money when you can achieve the same effect with the help of a few balls of Blu Tack? In case your rug is on a hard surface like wooden floors, vinyl or tiles, put some putty under its surface to hold it in place. Remember, never use it on carpet as it can result in a tangled gummy mess that will be nearly impossible to clean.

Make Your Furniture Wobble-Free

Every once in a while, you come across a wobbly piece of furniture. While everyone may act like its no big deal, it actually is a major inconvenience. Next time that happens, stick some putty under the wobbly leg. You can also use it to make your home furniture wobble-free. Whether it’s an unstable chair or a table, putty will stabilize all furniture.

Hang Art and Keep It In Place

Blu Tack can be used to hang pictures or art, keeping it secure on the wall. Because it is sticky, remarkably strong, and removable as well. It’s very much like a command hook but a hundred times more pliable and versatile. Use it to hang light canvasses and unframed pictures. Know that if it leaves some residue on the wall, rollover another ball on its surface to pick it up.

Hang Seasonal Decoration

Seasonal décor is usually stashed away and comes out only once a year. Therefore, you cannot use standard wall anchors to hold it in place as they leave holes. Tape isn’t aesthetically pleasing either. In fact, it looks terrible. Your last option is Blu Tack. It works great for holding lightweight seasonal décor. You can affix rubber spiders or Christmas cards with its help.

Repair Holes

Drywall mud can be challenging to apply and a little messy. Small holes can also be a pain to fill and cover-up afterward. Not anymore! Pack some Blu Tack in the opening for a temporary fix. It will stick well for a very long time. You can use blue putty for blue walls and white putty for white. Hence, you may not even need to paint your walls.

Electric Soldering Made Easy

Soldering work can be tricky. You have to hold the project steady while you work. Use a glob of this multipurpose putty to hold the board in one place. Secondly, it also makes component to component soldering very convenient. You can splice two wires together or simply put a resistor to the leg of the LED by holding both pieces in place with small amounts of Blue Tack.

Eliminate Vibrations and Distortion

Vibrations can cause things that are hung up on the wall to go crooked. Especially if you live in a particularly noisy neighborhood, or like to pound the music in your own house. Furthermore, distortion is a vibe killer and is not enjoyable while trying to listen to music. Blu Tack offers great sound deadening properties, due to its pliable and medium consistency. Use Blu Tack to eliminate unwanted rattles, vibrations and distortion found in your house.

Seal and Close Windows Properly

Windows are sometimes hard to seal. You have to be mindful of the materials that are being used to bond and how they react to different surfaces. Enter Blu Tack! It provides a quick fix to seal the windows for a limited period of time. Stretch a piece so that it covers all the sides of the window that allow wind or noise to enter, and seal the surface. Moreover, during the harsh months of winters and summers (or if the window gets broken), their frames tend to contract or expand, making them harder to close. So you can use a few balls to close them properly.  

Use It As a Stress Releaser

Do you know that you can also use it as a stress reliever? Squeeze and squish its surface and feel your anxiety melt away as you try to solve a Sudoku puzzle or any other real-life trouble. What’s more, with this quality product, you can make fun and therapeutic stress relief toys for yourself and your loved one. So that the next time anxiety hits, you know exactly what to do.

That’s not all. We could only manage to come up with 10 uses, but this stuff has 1000 different uses. That is why we are calling it perfect for every handyman. You just need to be creative enough to solve your problems in unique ways. So what will you use it for?

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