Jun 4, 2020

The world's best pliers


liers are perhaps a handyman’s best friend. They are versatile and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Whether it’s a home renovation project, some DIY maintenance, plumbing or electrical chores, having quality pliers in your tools arsenal means you stay on top of the game.

Today, there are more varieties of Pliers in the market than any other handyman’s tool. Therefore, shopping for the right product that can be used for most tasks around home and the workplace, can be a little hard and time consuming. Professionals usually own more than one pair. But not everyone can afford to have multiple pliers, right?

To help solve this predicament, we bring you the world’s best Pliers for all types of maintenance, renovation, and mechanical work. They are not only versatile but also very durable. Which means they'll be passed down for generations to come. We’re talking about Vampire Tools Screw Extraction Vampliers.

Let’s take a look at the features that make Vampliers an excellent option for everyone. If you don’t want to skim through the entire article, check out our Pros and Cons section for a quick roundup of what works and what you should be mindful of while purchasing this item.

Made in Japan


These pliers are made in Japan, with patented Vampliers technology. The material itself is high carbon stainless steel, which resists corrosion and other weather conditions. It is also hardened to HRC60±2 Rockwell standard for hardness of steel. Resultantly, you get a pair that retains its shape and hardness for a very long time. What’s better, these pliers are RoHS compliant for use by professionals such as high voltage electricians, auto mechanics, etc.


Vampliers are available in two different sizes. The regular model is small and just 6.25 inches. The other called “Pro” is longer lineman type measuring 8 inches. In our experience, the regular Vampliers was small for professional projects, so we kept going back to the larger model. Pro has beefier jaws, but they aren’t unwieldy by any means.


We have talked about the versatility of Vampliiers before. In essence, it is the unique design of its jaws that makes this pair so versatile. Whereas most pliers you find in the market have only a single set of horizontal or vertical grooves to grip the piece, Vampliers have both. Its complex jaw profile allows a user to get a firm hold over the screw from two different directions. The plier’s teeth really bite and are intertwined for grasping small metallic objects. The standard version has very small jaws. But they open much wider than any other of similar size and dimension. The nickel chrome plated jaws have a concave shape that fit perfectly around screws. This is what makes Vampliers particularly great at extracting stubborn bolts, screws, and nuts even when all other parts are rusting.

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For starters, a comfortable handle isn’t the only thing you have to consider when purchasing pliers. The handle must also possess a strong and secure grip, so that they don’t slip from your hand while you're working. Slippage becomes more of an issue when you are working with fluids. Moreover, in case you deal with electricity, the handles should be insulated to protect you from any untoward situation. One of the first things you notice when you unpack a pair of Vampliers, is the smooth and comfortable bright red handle. In addition, the finishing on the handle is excellent, on par with Klein and Knipex. It is T-shaped and insulated with a smooth rubber. The handle comes fitted with environment-friendly elastomer for extra comfort and is ergonomically designed for a secure grip.


Both types of pliers have excellent weight distribution. Smaller 6.25 inches model weighs 113 grams, which makes them one of the most lightweight options available on the market. We wouldn’t recommend it for heavy duty tasks as the adjoining spring between the two handles is prone to breakage. Use them for finer work, instead. Pro pliers, on the other hand, are approximately 290 grams making them somewhat heavy. The weight of the pliers adds more torque in any removal process. Because of more weight, you should expect some hand fatigue if you're using this tool to remove studs or screws for an extended period of time. Despite its weight, you can easily carry them around in your toolbox without any trouble.

Additional Features

That’s not all. These pliers have additional useful features that make this investment worthwhile. For instance, the wire cutter on the Vampliers is exceptionally sharp. The Pro model can cut through all types of wires, including copper and steel, leashing them like butter. The serrations on the body help with any wire pulling task. For instance, when running wire through 2x4, grab the wire to pull it through the holes. Easy peasy, right? Next, its handle has holes for attaching a lanyard if you are working with a scaffold or ladder. To top it off, Vampire Tools provides you with a three year warranty.


We have talked in length about the features going for the Vampliers, let’s discuss some of the limitations. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these limitations are by no means a deal-breaker. By keeping these limitations in mind, you will be able to avoid any disappointment in case you opt for this pair. Alright, so the first and obvious drawback of Vampliers is their higher cost. Both standard and lineman’s version are certainly costlier than the competition. Secondly, while the cutting portion of the jaws are very tight in tolerance, sharp enough to cut even paper, there’s a small gap (almost 1/16 inches) in the biting portion. They should still be able to grab most things, but we felt obliged to mention it nonetheless. Lastly, the teeth are way too sharp. Now, we know sharpness helps with cutting wires or any other similar cutting tasks, but sharper teeth can damage nuts, bolts, or any other item you are working with. Especially if you are using these pliers on a rusted item, be extra cautious. Once damaged, the rusted items are very tough to remove.

Common Concerns

Before purchasing – as we went through the user reviews – most of the complaints had mentioned the smaller size. Some reviewers even mentioned that the Japanese designed these pliers specifically for smaller hands. This, of course, turned out to be hogwash. These pliers are by no means small. Yes, they are compact and lightweight. Ask any professional lineman, and they will tell you the benefits of having a lightweight and compact pair. In comparison with Klein, yes, the jaws are rather small. But they open much wider than any Klein model of similar size and dimension.


• Made in Japan with patented Vampliers technology

• Ergonomically designed handle for a smooth and secure grip

• Very lightweight and compact, so they don’t take much space in your toolbox

• The handle has small holes for a lanyard when you are working from a scaffold or ladder

• Excellent for removing any rusted nuts, screws or bolts

• Can even replace screwdrivers in tight working spots

• Three years manufacturer’s warranty


• Expensive

• The biting portion of teeth have a very small gap

• The sharp teeth can damage nuts during removal

Final Thoughts

In today’s fast-paced world, time is money. These pliers will surely speed up your repairs. They are a marvel of Japanese manufacturing and can be summed up in two words; “Precision Quality.” The robust steel construction, a comfortable and ergonomically designed grip that fits perfectly in your hands, and the best jaw profile you will witness on the market today, culminates in the shape of VAMPLIERS Lineman Screw Extraction Pliers. These pliers are superlative to any other pair out there. That's all for this article. Till next time!