Nov 21, 2019

Simple gifts for simple men


e all want to give our loved ones the best gifts on their special day. Whether it's their birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation or promotion, we gift them so that makes their life even more special. A man plays an important part in one's life. Whether he is a father, brother,son or husband his efforts need to be regarded. So why don't you look for best man gifts when you are trying to think of presenting him with gifts. These wise men gifts will keep your loved one warm in that cold weather that many of us dread.

Stanfield's Men's Polo Pyjamas

These men's pyjamas are one of a best man gifts to give somebody for almost any occasion. The fabric is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, providing you with overall comfort and durability. Most importantly, you won't get itchy after wearing these like you would if you were wearing some sweat shop made products that absorbed the evaporated tears of multiple generations. These men's pyjamas are made in Canada and that adds to the credibility of the product. Canadians even spell the word differently from the American Pajama so you know if has to be good. Right? It has a flatneck trim that makes it even more comfortable while wearing it. The pocket on the left side of the front gives it a fancy look and gives you some utility so you can carry your keys while you make a quick trip to your local grocery store. The lowers have a fly opening so the gift receiver can take a comfortable leak with one hand. These men's PJ's are available in red and blue.

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Stanfield's Men's Two Layer Merino Wool Baselayer Long John

These lowers are the best fit for when the cold weather hits, because nobody likes cold balls. Men appreciate the look because it makes their package look significant. It conforms to the body and isn't all baggy like other long johns typically made in China. The outer layer is 50% merino wool and the inside layer is a cotton polyester blend. Wool is great because it wicks away moisture and even if it gets damp it still provides excellent insulation to keep you warm. You don't need to worry about the quality of the product as it's made in Canada. This particular under garment only comes in a charcoal grey color.

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Stanfield's Men's Cotton Big and Tall V-neck Undershirt

These V-neck undershirts are an excellent source of cheap comfort. That's why they are one of the wise men gifts. The fabric is cotton, but not just any cotton. Combed cotton provided a more silky feel to the fabric as it envelopes your body. The neck and shoulder are taped in such a way that the overall fitting of the shirt isn't compromised even if you wear it a lot. The cheap counterparts have random loose strings coming from everywhere so you should avoid those and get these. These also have no tags so you won't ever look like an idiot with tag popping out of the collar. Throw these suckers in the wash with some bleach and they come out looking like a fresh white tee.

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Stanfield's Men's Thermal Crew Neck Long Sleeve Top

These thermal tops are another of the wise men gifts. They look great as an undershirt or just a regular shirt for the lazy folk. The cuffs are ribbed so this long sleeve would work well under a dress shirt. The thermal waffle knit allows the shirt to breathe while retaining better insulation properties. One great thing about this top is if you roll up the sleeves it looks great and it pumps your bicep up so you look more jacked.

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So which one of these best man gifts will you be presenting to your man?