Jan 30, 2020

Survival products that can save your life


ife is unpredictable. Traveling is more uncertain. Even the most seasoned travelers can sometimes find themselves in a situation where a lack of a single piece of survival equipment can put their survival skills to the test. Therefore if you are an experienced traveler or just want to take some time off from the daily routine and enjoy the wild, you need the right tools in your backpack. In this article, we will be reviewing some useful survival products that can save your life in the time of need.

Now there are thousands of survival products in the market. Some are high quality and cost more. While others cheaply made and are less expensive. At times when your survival depends on gear, it is essential to choose a reliable one. A poorly made product will always leave you in the lurch. For this article, we decided three high quality made in the USA products that are not only highly durable and reliable but also don’t cost you an arm and a leg. So read on for the reviews!

Survival supplies that will save your life in an emergency

1. Survivor Filter Active Filtration Bottle

Let's face it. The essential thing you need outdoors is having access to clean drinking water. For this purpose, Survivor Filter introduced a new method of obtaining drinkable clean water when you are in the form of their active filtration bottle. This bottle has the convenience of a regular water bottle with the added assurance of reliable filtration. In addition, you can also use it if you are too concerned about the quality of tap water.

Using it is simple. Fill it to the brim.Insert the filter and screw in the lid, and you are done. As soon as the filters its between the cover and the water bottle, you have to squeeze the bottle and drink clean water as its passing through the filter. The inside filter provides active filtration up to 100 gallons of water, eliminating the need for purchasing low quality one liter and single-use bottles.

The 30 oz squeeze bottle is highly portable due to less weight and offers you access to 900 ml clean drinking water. You can pack it in your carry-on for international travels or in your backpack for daily use. Moreover, this filtration bottle comes at a very affordable price.You can buy it without breaking your bank account.

It filters 99.99 percent of the heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, lead, toxic compounds, chemicals, and volatile organic compounds. Besides, the ionic absorption filter significantly improves the taste as well. The entire system has been tried and tested to meet all the requirements of ANSI/NSF standards 42 and 43 – levels exceeding home filtration systems.


What's more, the product comes with a lifetime warranty. As a globally recognized company, the Survivor Filter covers all the manufacturing defects and other problems with their 100 percent lifetime warranty, unlike overseas manufacturers that are very hard to contact if something goes wrong with your delivery. Survival Filter is always available with their customer support to make your purchase worth the money.

The only downside of this product we see is that its design is rather simplistic. The water filter sits in the opening of the bottle. There is no mechanism to seal or twist it in. Due to which, when you are brisk walking, the water starts to leak. It won't bother much, but you have to be careful with the bottle if you are running or taking a morning jog.

That said, we will strongly recommend this made in the USA product to everyday travelers. Even if you are a kid, adult, or senior, you can use it effortlessly as the squeeze doesn't require any extra effort. And it’s lightweight too. The inside water feels and tastes fresh even after days. Therefore if you are planning fishing, trekking, hiking, hunting,or a camping trip, don't forget to pack your water filtration mechanism i.e., Survivor Filter’s Active Filtration Bottle. Simply fill squeeze and drink! It is definitely one of the most dependable survival products that can save your life.

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2. PARACORD PLANET 1/8 Inch Shock Cord

The shock and bungee cords are highly versatile products. You can utilize them while camping and traveling or merely carrying in your car for any unforeseen event. The applications are virtually unlimited. Not really if you own a less durable and dependable shock cord. It will break easily, and those extra features won't be able to help much. That is why we always recommend a top class and quality product like Paracord Planet's 1/8 inch Shock Cord. It is dependable, durable, sturdy, and long-lasting for all of your adventures and needs. Available in a wide variety of bright colors, the manufacturers ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

What makes this bungee cord unique is its 100 percent nylon jacket. The nylon Jacket makes it highly resistant to mildew,abrasion, and UV sunlight. Additionally, it is highly elastic and absorbs all kinds of shock and is highly resistant to rotting. The shock resistance of this made in the USA product is hand-tested in the Paracord Planet warehouse to ensure maximum quality.


This 1/8 inches cord is an exceptionally versatile piece of equipment. You can utilize this shock cord for countless ventures like making cargo nets, bungee straps, securing items, transporting objects, traveling,  hammocks for a sunbath, and other similar crafted projects. With a tensile strength of 210 pounds, this bungee cord is one of the best durable bungee cords available in the market today.

So far, we haven't noticed any drawbacks or downsides of this bungee rope, which speaks volumes about the quality. If you are using it to repair old tent poles, then we would suggest stretching it at least 6 inches before tying it off. Let it rest for a day or two as the string tends to relax an inch or two. You can tighten it further afterwards if your cord has relaxed.

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3. Bison Designs Crescent Money 38mm Travel Belt

If you are a frequent traveler, you know how hard it can be to keep the cash and other travel documents safe in an easy to reach space. You don’t want to struggle through the luggage and turn everything upside down just to take out the bills. That is why you need a well designed travel belt. The reason why I said you need a well-designed belt is that there are scores of belts in the market. Some come at reasonably inexpensive rates,but their designs aren't user-friendly. What's the point of a travel belt if your items fall out or they are hard to reach? Or, if every little piece is noticeable under your shirt or if the metal detectors and body scanners keep beeping every time you go through the security check at the airport? That is why we recommend purchasing made in the USA Bison Designs Crescent Money 38mm Travel Belt.

It is very well made and provides excellent quality. The ends appear to be fray poof. The wide zipper pouch feels rather bulgy, but it allows extra room to put bills, credit cards, and other travel documents. Due to its unique design, it is almost impossible to tell if a particular person is wearing a travel belt stuffed with ten or even more bills.  

This crescent money belt offers travel security with style. It has a solid aluminum buckle with durable webbing that ensures that the belt won’t break even if loaded with more than its capacity. The paint on aluminum buckles holds well. We were amazed to notice that even the aluminum buckle makes it through the security checks without causing any trouble. That's unlike many cheaply made belts in the market that always make the alarms ring. Moreover, the plain design of the belt is another plus in case you don’t wish to appear affluent. Due to this reason, it can easily pass off as an ordinary belt. Just make sure to trim and round the ends.

The 38mm wide Travel Belt is large enough to fit up to 42-inch waist with ease. It even has a 30 inches zippered pocket for stashing the currency. The size of the pouch is specifically designed for US dollar bills. Therefore, if you are from any other country that has a large size bill, you may have trouble stuffing it in.


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Durability, extra-wide storage space, and hard-to-notice due to a fantastic plain design are some of the reasons why the Crescent Money belt is a top travel accessory.

Pro tip: Put some Velcro on the end of the belt to stop it from flapping around when you are walking.

That is all for this article. We hope you enjoyed the reviews for these three survival products that can save your life. And you should consider the above-mentioned products for next traveling campaign. What makes these products unique is their made in the US quality, excellent value for the money, durability, and easy access to the manufacturers who have your back if anything goes wrong with your purchase. These qualities are very hard to find in cheaply made products from other countries.