Feb 29, 2020

Waterproof watches that are made in Japan


one are the days when Swiss-made timepieces (or even the Germany made watched) were considered the first choice of every watch enthusiast. Today, people prefer Japanese watches. And their popularity is increasing with each passing day. The reason being, not only are Japanese watches economical and affordable, but they are also more durable and reliable. Now, the most crucial factor to consider while shopping for one is the overall design that should match your personality. Moreover, versatility, price, and quality should also be kept in mind. Extra features like chronograph, alarm, and day/date window are the icing on the cake. Fortunately or unfortunately, there are so many models of Japanese watches available in the market that selecting a decent one can be time-consuming. Therefore, to narrow down your search, we have brought you two best fine watches for everyday use. To know why we are calling them "the best fine watches," you have to follow our reviews. So read on!

Waterproof Watches for Everyday Use - Made In Japan

For simplicity, we will be breaking down each review into different sections so that each feature is given the attention it requires.

1. Casio G Shock GW-5000-1JF Multi-Band 6

Tough solar, simple, compact design and multi-band atomic timekeeping – this is Casio G Shock GW-5000-1JF in ten words for you. It doesn’t need time adjustment or battery replacement and can withstand all the elements like a pro. Do you believe other watches offer these features as well? We think not! Keep reading as we break down this review into different sections for simplicity and explain how.  

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Wow! That was our first impression. Take a look at this watch, and if you have seen watches before, you will get a feeling that this is the queen of G-shocks. The price premium is definitely worth it just because of how it feels in the first look. Put it on, and you will notice how thick and heavy this beauty actually is, obviously because of the stainless steel construction. Besides, the red ring around the watch bezel is also not very noticeable. Hence, its fantastic quality, heft, and subtle looks were our first impressions.


As they say, never judge a watch by its catalog. It appears somewhat different (better) when in hand. It is more sleek, sturdy, and heavy due to the black DLC back. Moreover, because of the metal’s mirror finish, it is also comfortable to wear as the smooth finish doesn’t irritate your wrists. Even the engraved text on the back has a harmonious feel.


If you have used a G shock watch before, you already know that their straps aren’t very soft. However, this timepiece is different. The GW-5000-1JF has a very smooth and “supple” strap. So soft, that you wonder where this thing has been all this time. Also, the wide urethane strap successfully hides the stress marks left by using any previous watch.

MultiBand 6

If you are tired of changing your time every month, then multi-band 6 is the feature you should be looking for. It automatically updates the time whenever you need. In case of any problems with multi-band 6, you can take a look at the very helpful instruction manual. Almost half of the manual deals with the conditions under which the multi-band 6 may not work.  

Auto illumination

The auto illumination is another feature you will love – primarily if you work in low lighting conditions and need that extra help from the watch to see the time more clearly. Turn your wrist to activate this feature and viola! You can witness the time anywhere you want.

Water resistance

This watch is totally water-resistant. Wear it and go fishing or deep-sea diving, and the watch won't care about how deep you can dive. Though we wouldn’t recommend it!

Final thoughts

Overall if you want the best G Shock experience and don’t mind the cost, then the GW-5000-1JF is the ultimate watch for you. It is durable, solar-powered, 200M water-resistant, and versatile. We highly recommend this model for all G-Shock lovers. After all, you can't call yourself a true G-Shock enthusiast, if you don't own a Japan-made model.

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2. Casio G-Shock Men's GMW-B5000-1CR Black/Silver

The second G-Shock on our list is the GMW B5000-1CR. It is a recent model when compared with the previously reviewed watch. What makes this watch unique is: Everything. It is an all-metal, solar-powered, shock resistant G Shock with mobile linking capabilities. Did that shock you? In today’s world, digital watches are meant for nothing more but fun. And this model is pure joy encapsulated in a sturdy piece. It captures the same essence of a G-Shock and gives it a modern twist. Follow along as we delve deep into the features of this engineering marvel.

Design and Display

The front look and the design of this model are very similar to any other classic G Shock, but that's because it was released to mimic the very first G-Shock model released in the market. The rounder face comes with a resin shock-resistant case. You will notice the absence of a red bezel on its front. It has a negative display, which is brighter than many higher-end models. In dark lighting conditions, the backlighting works really well. It illuminates the entire screen so that the dial is easy to read and comprehend.


Now there are various solar-powered models available in the market. What makes it unique is the fact that its solar charging mechanism converts not only the direct sunlight into energy, but it can also convert light from other sources like fluorescent lamps and tubes. Hence it makes for an excellent watch at times when the sunlight is not available. The battery can easily last for more than three years in a go. After that, you will need to replace the batteries.

Mobile linking

The GMW B5000-1CR offers a mobile linking feature. You can connect your watch through its Bluetooth connectivity feature and enjoy all the fantastic features of the latest digital model.

MultiBand 6

Like the previous model mentioned in my article, it also has a multi-band 6 functionality that allows it to update the time automatically. It receives the standard time from radio waves arising from 6 different transmission stations worldwide. Located in North America, Germany, UK, China, and (two in) Japan.


The pedometer on the watch counts very efficiently. It displays the goals for every step and how much progress you have made in achieving your target. In addition, it also shows the step count graph.

Wrist band

The band keeper has a standard black matte finish with a glossy, durable buckle. Nowadays, black color has become quite common, and it follows the same trend. Moreover, it’s width is 25mm while the length is 10 inches – more than enough for the widest wrists in the world. It also has an adjustable buckle at the closure.

Water resistance

Unlike the previous model, this one is water-resistant up to 660 feet, which is more than enough for deep-sea diving. However, we would never recommend using it underwater for more extended periods as that can damage any wristwatch.

Other features

Besides all the amazing features listed above, it also has a backlight display, hourly time signal, multi-function alarm, stopwatch, auto calendar, world-time functionality, auto daylight savings update, and a flash alert to keep you posted.


Now that we are done with the fantastic features, it is pertinent to note the limitations. First, the shockproof and solar-powered features are no longer a draw in these models. Casio needs to realize this fact as soon as possible. There are many travel GPS watches available in the market that offers the same features. Secondly, the price of this model is definitely on the higher end. If you are not a long term fan of G-Shock, we don’t see a reason why an ordinary watch enthusiast will prefer this model over the previous one. Lastly, to complete the watch, you have to purchase the metal bracelet from a nearby Casio vendor that can cost you additional 130+ bucks.

Final thoughts

The Casio G-Shock Men's GMW-B5000-1CR is worth your money if you are a long term fan of the G-Shocks. Though it lacks the additional features of a high-end digital watch, its durability is unquestionable. Furthermore, it is highly waterproof. So you don’t have to worry about water soaking your wrists and damaging your pricey possession. You can use it all the time, and it will hold the wear and tear that comes with a daily routine like a pro without taking any scratch.


All said and done, Kikuo Ibe will be proud today, and he should be. His brainchild G-Shock is an impressive feat of mechanics and engineering- make no mistake about it. It has made a significant impact on the watch world. Though these models cost more than many digital watches available today, nothing can match the timeless qualities of a G-shock. And that is what makes these fine Japanese watches worth everyday use.

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